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Letters to the Editor

This section attempts to provide partial answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Partial? Yes.

If you're looking for solid, well-researched essays on your favorite topic, you're in the wrong place. Occasionally we have time to write a piece like that, in which case you'll find it in our main library, the Reading Room. Here, you're sure to find opinion, conjecture, and at least one or two half-baked ideas. You might even find some valuable information.

We provide this information in the same spirit as the open-source software movement: sharing ideas and information, to help give others a leg-up. We hope to point you in the right direction, and possibly save you some time on the way to your own research.

Naturally we assume no liability for any damage or injury which might occur from your actions based on what you read here. We make every effort to write the truth as we see it, but you must be responsible for your own actions.

If you have a question which doesn't seem to be answered here, or in our Reading Room, please address it to We can't promise when or if we will answer it, but we'll do our best.

Later on, we may convert this section to a members' discussion board, so readers may contribute and give faster and/or better answers than this Editor can do alone. So for what it's worth, and without further interruption, we present...

A bit about land rights, property taxes, and use-restrictions such as zoning.
HP and Corporate Plunder
A comment from the editor about Hewlett Packard's policy of ripping off customers by making inkjet cartridges that expire before they're really used up. Shows a simple fix.
Constitutional Plunder
Is plunder Constitutional?
About the Reaffirmation of Oath of Office
How to use it? What good is it?

(Isaiah 33:22) For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; he will save us.

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