Letters to Jessica
Letter Ten - The Lessons; Introduction

Dear Jessica, Halley and Rachael,

Now you have finished the letters, but you still don't have all the information that you'll need to live your life with a free mind and spirit. Here is a series of lessons for you to study when you are older, maybe ten or twelve. These lessons are meant to give you girls more information about the ideas you first read for young children. Adults use big words that children don't really understand. Your Mom and Dad can read them very well, maybe they will help you understand them. I'm passing on to you my ideas and the ideas of people who lived many years ago. Learning about these ideas will help you think your own thoughts and find a new and kinder world. I hope you will study these thoughts very carefully and learn them well. After you have read them we can talk about them if you like.


Uncle Bob

We hope you enjoyed part one of this wonderful book, it is one of Our all-time favorites. Please do yourself the favor, and do the author the honor, of ordering the printed version. When you see the lessons in part two, you'll be glad you did.

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