Election Notice

In the Name of Our Sovereign Lord and Savior Jesus, the Christ, King of kings:

The People of the First House of Electors, Christ county, kingdom of God, hereby give Notice in good faith to Christ's ecclesia and all the world, that Nominations for Offices of said House are being received from Qualified Electors for the Second General Election, to be held at the Tustin Community Center, on the twenty-ninth day of the fourth month, in the year of Our King, nineteen hundred ninety-nine, between six and nine o'clock in the evening; open Offices and Nominees will be posted at Place of Election ten days prior; the People's Courts Ecclesia of competent jurisdiction over spiritual and temporal matters has been established; no timely protest against said People has been made to appear in said Courts Ecclesia; any claim, for or against said People may be heard when said claim is properly filed with the Court Clerk; future notices may be found on the Internet at www.netonecom.net/~gallan/Christ; and inquiries may be directed to the Clerk, Christ county, kingdom of God, c/o Kayo Ian, Post General, general delivery, Benzonia post office, Benzonia, Michigan.

Nominations have been made to the following offices:

The Sergeant-at-Arms shall be present during the above noticed times, to keep the peace. This notice is pursuant to resolution numbered one hundred ninety-six of the First House of Electors, Christ county, kingdom of God.

(Isaiah 33:22) For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; he will save us.