We get a lot of mail asking if we know of a group in Texas, or Alaska; lots of places. If you are part of a group that wants to give notice of its existence, so others can find you, please post your info here. If you're looking for a group in a particular area, ask here. If you're just looking to meet like-minded friends, this is also the place.
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Just introducing my-self. I have been self-studying the "nature of the beast" for approx. 3 years now have done some filings both with the state and county as to create a public record of separation from me and my person. Currently working on setting up an Expressed Trust under the common-law. While taking a break from the aforementioned I was surfing youtube and ran across John Quade's, GOD rest his soul, "Rights v. Privileges" and "Common Law Abatement" which spaked hope in my Spirit again, for, you see I am in an extremely rural area littered with tradition and the good ole boy mentality therefore, I am for all intents a lone ranger, which is a very dangerous situation giving our current climate in this country, therefore, I am hoping that this is, in deed, that same "The Lawful Path" that was/is in some way linked to a True Patriot as John Quade.
In the interest of time, both mine and any readers I will end now.
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You'll find many articles by John Quade here:
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