Introducing our Forum

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Introducing our Forum

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February 20th: We are pleased to announce the opening of our new Forum section. We've never run a forum before, so this is probably more new to us than it is to you. It's not very populated at the moment, either with members or with posts. We hope this will be a blessing to our readers-- a place to exchange ideas, and pool information.

In truth, one of the biggest reasons for this forum is that we receive many emails from time to time, asking pretty much the same dozen or so questions. A forum seems to be a more appropriate place to field such questions, and keep the answers more current.

The forum is also a place where you may post notices of calendar events for your own upcoming local meetings, and share news which the mainstream media hasn't covered. We're hoping for valuable discussions about fine points in law and procedure; if you just went through a traffic case, or a divorce / support dispute, please post your story here so that it may help others.

The forum also contains a private section, which will become our primary support mechanism for our exclusive books, such as "How to Survive Hospital Costs Without Insurance" and "Coverture and the Courts". If you have purchased any of these books, please ask to be granted access to the private boards. And please ask your questions there, rather than over private email, omitting any personal information you don't want to share. Over time, we expect the answers to most of your questions may be found immediately on the forum.

If you have any questions or comments, the forum has a place for them. Or, if you prefer, you can still address mail directly to our Editor. Thank you for your patronage.
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