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Re: Scythians, Aryans, Ashkenazis

Post by Firestarter » Sun Feb 02, 2020 2:20 pm

notmartha wrote:
Sun Feb 02, 2020 6:42 am
Who commonly associates the Scythians with the Lost Tribes of Israel?
The (only) external link in my last post would appear to be a good place to start. Of course chapter 5 should be read in context with the rest of Livingstone's book.
Livingstone is a (converted) Muslim by the way, so it doesn't surprise me that you disagree. Earlier in this thread I have already posted a link to his book "Terrorism and the illuminati":
Firestarter wrote:
Sat Feb 01, 2020 5:10 pm
David Livingstone has a new book, website out. While I find it frustrating that the links I posted to his old website (Conspiracyschool.com) were taken offline, his new book is a decent collection of information…
I’ve just read the 17 chapters of Volume 1 of his new book Ordo ab chao. In my opinion Chapter 5 on the Haplogroup R1a is the most interesting. Maybe I’ll post more later from the following 6 volumes of his book (according to Livingstone himself compiled after 30 years of “research”).



notmartha wrote:
Sun Feb 02, 2020 6:42 am
What is an Ashkenazi Levite?
I've earlier posted on an article by the same scientist (if I remember correctly in your Ashkenazi thread).
Doron M. Behar et al. – Multiple Origins of Ashkenazi Levites: Y Chromosome Evidence for Both Near Eastern and European Ancestries (2003): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1180600/

notmartha wrote:
Sun Feb 02, 2020 6:42 am
What "Ancient Jewish sources" say the lost 10 tribes of Israel were Scythians?

Gog and Magog are not Israelites. I'm missing the connection...

More on the Ashkenazi here: https://www.lawfulpath.com/forum/viewto ... =23&t=1375
David Livingstone just like just about anybody else, doesn't know the definition(s) of Jews. Livingstone has obviously found sources that claim so (possibly written in support of the claim that Ashkenazis are Jews)...
In general I'm no fan of copy-pasting large excerpts from somebody else's text. The numbered references can be found at the bottom of the ordoabchao.ca link.
In 721 BC, when the northern Kingdom of Israel was conquered by the Assyrians, after that time the Ten Tribes who had been living there were dispersed to land of the Medes, in Iran and Armenia, and were henceforth considered “lost.” Paradoxically, the Medes, whom Herodotus called Arian, were made out by scholars of the Enlightenment to be the ancestors of the Europeans, the pure-bred Aryans. The Medes, according to Greek mythology, were descended from Medea the Colchian witch from the story of Jason and the Argonauts and his quest for the Golden Fleece. According to the legend, Medea later married Aegeas of Athens after whom the Aegean Sea is named. And though the Medes were associated with numerous theories connected with the ancient white Aryans, according to a description by Herodotus, the Colchians who dwelt in a land located along the western slope of the Caucasus Mountains near the Black Sea, in what is now the state of Georgia, were black and probably Jewish. Like the Jews of Palestine whom he referred to as “Phoenicians,” Herodotus also regarded the people of Colchis as deriving from an “Egyptian colony.” He not only pointed to the Colchians’ “black skin and woolly hair” as evidence, but also to their oral traditions, language, methods of weaving, and practice of circumcision. Saint Jerome, writing during the fourth century AD, called Colchis the “Second Ethiopia.”[17]

Although the Ten Tribes were considered “lost,” ancient Jewish sources explained them to be the Scythians situated in Southern Russia and Central Asia.[18] According to the ancient Jewish historian Josephus, “…the Ten Tribes are beyond the Euphrates till now, and are an immense multitude, whose numbers cannot be estimated.”[19] The Scythians, a people of today’s East Ukraine to the lower Don basin, commonly associated with the Lost Tribes of Israel, were the originators of the haplogroup R-M17, also known as R1a1.[20] Josephus and others have also identified the Scythians as the descendants of Gog and Magog, among whom they would have been absorbed.[21]

In the Alexander Romance, in an account that parallels a similar one in the Quran, Alexander the Great chases his enemies to a pass between two peaks in the Caucasus. With the aid of God, Alexander and his men close the narrow pass in the Caucasus by constructing a huge wall of steel, keeping the barbarous Gog and Magog from pillaging the peaceful southern lands. The Travels of Sir John Mandeville, a travel memoir which first circulated between 1357 and 1371, explicitly associates the nations confined by Alexander with the Ten Lost Tribes. The Ten Lost Tribes had come to be identified with Gog and Magog sometime around the twelfth century, and possibly the first to do so was Petrus Comestor in his Historica Scholastica (c. 1169–1173).

In Asia, the development of the Romance was profoundly affected by the so-called Christian Legend Concerning Alexander, an apocalyptic work not known in the West, until a Syriac version was published only in recent times.[22] The contents of the legend, describing Alexander’s exploits in the land of the rising sun, are summarized in a brief introductory heading:
An exploit by Alexander, the son of Philip the Macedonian, how he went forth to the ends of the world, and made a gate of iron, and shut it in the face of the north wind, that the Huns might not come forth to spoil the countries: from the manuscripts in the house of the archives of the Kings of Alexandria.[23]

Kevin Alan Brook, among others, has speculated that the legend of the Red Jews was actually based on a vague memory of the Khazars, descendants of the Scythians who converted to Judaism in the eighth century AD. Christian of Stavelot, a ninth-century Christian monk, in Expositio in Matthaeum Evangelistam refers to the Khazars as Hunnic descendants of Gog and Magog, who had been “enclosed” by Alexander, but who had since escaped.[69] Arab traveler ibn Fadlan also reported this belief, writing around 921 AD, he recorded that “Some hold the opinion that Gog and Magog are the Khazars.”[70] Several Medieval rabbis and Jewish Torah scholars began to locate the Ten Lost Tribes, but the location greatly varied. Maimonides wrote: “…I believe the Ten Tribes to be in various parts of Europe.”[71] Moses ben Isaac Edrehi (1774–1842), a Moroccan-born rabbi and Kabbalist, also believed the Lost Tribes of Israel were located in Europe, writing in his Historical Account Of The Ten Tribes (1836):
…Orteleus, that great geographer, giving the description of Tartary, notices the kingdom of Arsareth, where the Ten Tribes, retiring, succeeded [other] Scythian inhabitants, and took the name Gauther [Goths], because they were very jealous for the glory of God. In another place, he found the Naphtalites, who had their hordes there. He also discovered the tribe of Dan in the north, which has preserved its name. …They further add, that the remains of ancient Israel were more numerous here than in Muscovy and Poland - from which it was concluded, that their habitation was fixed in Tartary [ie Scythia] from whence they passed into neighbouring places… it is no wonder to find the Ten Tribes dispersed there; since it was no great way to go from Assyria, whither they were transplanted, having only Armenia betwixt them.[72]

In the Fourth Book of Ezra, the Ten Tribes were said to have been carried by Hosea in the eighth century BC to the Euphrates, at the narrow passages of the river. From there they went on a journey of a year and a half to a place called “Arzareth,” referring to the Araxes, a river that borders Armenia, Iran and Azerbaijan. The Araxes river is related to the legend of Sambatyon, which according to rabbinic literature, is the river beyond which the Lost Tribes were exiled, observing the laws of Moses, until the time of the restoration. The river rages with rapids and throws up stones six days a week, but stops flowing every Sabbath, the day Jews are not allowed to travel. According to the twelfth century Arab historian Muhammad al-Idrisi, who lived in Palermo, at the court of King Roger II of Sicily, the city of Sarmel (Sarkel-on-the-Don) was situated on the River Al-Sabt (Sambat), which is the River Don. The name for Kiev, as given by Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus (905 – 959), is also Sambatas.[77]

Arzareth or Arsareth is likely the same as Asgard, the legendary home of the Scandinavians and Saxons. Some etymologies proposed that the word Scythians, from “Sacae,” in turn is derived from “Isaac Sons” or “Sons of Isaac.”[78] Strabo asserts that the most ancient Greek historians knew the Sacaea as a people who lived beyond the Caspian Sea. Ptolemy finds the Saxons in a race of Scythians, called Sakai, who came from Media.[79] Pliny said: “The Sakai were among the most distinguished people of Scythia, who settled in Armenia, and were called Sacae-Sani.”[80] Albinus, the learned tutor of Charlemagne, maintained that: “The Saxons were descended from the ancient Sacae of Asia.”[81]
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Gunpowder Plot false flag (1605)

Post by Firestarter » Sat Feb 22, 2020 5:20 pm

Firestarter wrote:
Sat Feb 01, 2020 5:10 pm
David Livingstone has a new book, website out. While I find it frustrating that the links I posted to his old website (Conspiracyschool.com) were taken offline, his new book is a decent collection of information…
A flaw in his book is that Livingstone argues that Ashkenazi “Jews” are really Israelites (which according to him are Jews), while at the same time using the sources that the Khazars (Ashkenazis) were really a Turkish tribe to argue something else. This looks like a dubious strategy to me, cherry picking from contradictory sources to argue your point.

A more important flaw in his book is that I can’t follow the main point(s) he’s trying to make. For this reason the sum isn’t greater than its parts (separate chapters can be read separately just as well) and I lost interest by the time I reached Volume 3.

There are some recurring themes, mentioned in several chapters, but as I don’t understand the context, the book never becomes more than a collection of information. The recurring themes include:
Jews and crypto-Jews;

Only by the time I reached Volume 6, I got interested again. This part doesn’t fit in with the rest of the book, and is mostly about Donald Trump: https://ordoabchao.ca/volume-six/from-russia-with-love

As there is so much information in this part of his site that I’ve previously posted about, even using the same photos, I think that Livingstone has been using information from my (admittedly) good thread on Donald Trump: https://www.lawfulpath.com/forum/viewto ... 4872#p4872

In 1605, English King James I's spymaster, Robert Cecil (Earl of Salisbury, KG in 1606) staged the Gunpowder Plot to discredit Catholics and unify England and Scotland to create the United Kingdom.

See a picture of the patsies, including Guy Fawkes, Catesby, Percy and Tresham.

In the months before Queen Elizabeth's death on 24 March 1603, English Secretary of State Robert Cecil, secretly negotiated with King James VI of Scotland, so he could succeed Elizabeth.

In 1604, Robert Cecil blackmailed Robert Catesby to organise this false flag that involved (not) blowing up British parliament on 5 November 1605 (and kill King James and as many MP’s as possible).
Robert Catesby's servant on his death-bed said that Robert Cecil and Catesby met 3 times shortly before 5 November 1605.

At the Duck and Drake Inn, Catesby explained Cecil’s plan to Guy Fawkes, Thomas Percy (another agent of the British government), John Wright and Thomas Wintour.
In the following months, they were joined by Francis Tresham (also a British agent), Everard Digby, Robert Wintour, Thomas Bates and Christopher Wright.

Guy Fawkes was a guest at the wedding of Cecil's niece, along with Cecil AND King James!
Immediately prior to 5 November 1605, Thomas Percy visited the house of Robert Cecil.

After the plot was “discovered”, on 8 November 1605 government troops arrived at the Holbeche House in Staffordshire to shoot and kill the patsies Robert Catesby, Thomas Percy, Christopher Wright and John Wright that were gathered there.
Digby, Robert Wintour, Thomas Wintour, Bates and Fawkes were tortured into signing confessions and in January 1606, after being sentenced to death, were executed by hanging.
Dead men tell no tales...

Francis Edwards in his book “The Gunpowder Plot: The Narrative of Oswald Tessimond”, claims that Francis Tesham escaped from the Tower of London, probably with government aide, went abroad, and changed his name to Matthew Bruninge.

R. Crampton, in his book The Gunpowder Plot (1990) wrote:
If Guy Fawkes case came up before the Court of Appeal today, the… judges would surely… acquit him…

…no-one has ever seen the attempted tunnel. Builders excavating the area in 1823 found neither a tunnel nor any rubble.

Secondly, the gunpowder… In 1605, the Government had a monopoly on its manufacture… The Government did not display the gunpowder and nobody saw it in the cellars.

Thirdly, these cellars were rented by the government to a known Catholic agitator…

Fourthly, the Tresham letter… Graphologists [handwriting experts] agree that it was not written by Francis Tresham...

Guy Fawkes was at a wedding of Cecil’s niece, along with Cecil AND King James.
…Why didn’t Fawkes kill the King there, and isn’t it mysterious that all figures in the plot went to a wedding together?
http://falsificationofhistory.co.uk/fal ... plot-1605/

The Catholics themselves suspected foul play:
Lord Castlemaine tells us that “the Catholics of England, who knew Cecil’s ways of acting and their own innocence, [Pg 49] suspected him from the beginning, as hundreds still alive can testify.

Father John Gerard, who was not only a contemporary, but one of those accused of complicity, intimates his utter disbelief of the official narrative concerning the discovery, and his conviction that those who had the scanning of the redoubtable letter were “well able in shorter time and with fewer doubts to decipher a darker riddle and find out a greater secret than that matter was.
The Powder Treason.—Propounded by Satan: Approved by Antichrist [i.e. the Pope]: Enterprised by Papists: Practized by Traitors: Revealed by an Eagle [Monteagle]: Expounded by an Oracle [King James]: Founded in Hell: Confounded in Heaven.
Note the “Honi soit qui mal y pense” at the bottom left...

Supposedly the conspirators obtained 72 barrels of gunpowder, each containing 90 kg (200 lbs), and stored them in a cellar, right under the House of Lords. Copious evidence was compiled of the plotters’ movements, lodgings, associates, porters, carpenters, boatmen, swordhilts engraved, hats purchased and the iron bars laid atop the barrels to maximise their destructive capacity, but nothing on the gunpowder...
The “cellar” was not a cellar at all but was at ground level.
The mine/tunnel to the Parliament has never been found.

According to The Debenture Book:
From the Parliament Howse Septimo die Novembris 1605 anno Regni Regis Jacobi tertio Receaved into his Majesty’s Store within The office of The ordenaunce from out of the vault undernethe the Parliament howse Come powder xviii hundred weight decaied which was there laide and placed for the blowing up of the said howse and destruction of the kings Majestie, the nobilitie and Commonalitie there assembled. Receaved as aforesaid Corne powder decaied: xviii hundred weight.
After the first 36 barrels of gunpowder had been left in the cellar for 8 months, the “Corne powder” was “decaied”, which means it was separated into its 3 components and/or decayed by damp, which would make it unusable.
Of course since then it has been “proven” that the gunpowder could’ve been used...

It doesn’t seem possible that transporting the gunpowder, digging the tunnel and getting rid of the mass of soil dug out went unnoticed by both the government (especially by “suspicious” Catholics) and the entire neighbourhood, thickly clustered as it was with the dwellings of numerous officials.

The following anonymous letter to William Parker, 4th Baron Monteagle, was instrumental in revealing the plot. Its author's identity has never been established, some of the suspects include Francis Tresham, Monteagle and Robert Cecil...
My lord out of the love i beare to some of youere frends i have a caer of youer preseruacion therfor i would advyse yowe as yowe tender youer lyf to devys some excuse to shift of youer attendance at this parleament for god and man hath concurred to punishe the wickednes of this tyme and think not slightlye of this advertisment but retyre youre self into youre contri wheare yowe may expect the event in safti for thowghe theare be no apparence of anni stir yet i saye they shall receyve a terrible blowe this parleament and yet they shall not seie who hurts them this cowncel is not to be contemned because it maye do yowe good and can do yowe no harme for the dangere is passed as soon as yowe have burnt the letter and i hope god will give yowe the grace to mak good use of it to whose holy proteccion i comend yowe
After Fawkes was arrested on the eve of 4 November 1605, it took the authorities 3 days, to identify the other 8 “conspirators”, Percy, Catesby, Rokewood, Winter, Grant, John and Christopher Wright and Ashfield (Catesby’s servant) to issue an arrest warrant on 7 November.
This is despite the fact that Fawkes only revealed the names of his fellow plotters, 2 days later on 9 November after he was put to “gentler tortures”: https://bakerstreetrising.home.blog/201 ... annequins/
(http://web.archive.org/web/202002221601 ... annequins/)
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