Alexey Kovalev and his "Doomed Colleagues" article

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Alexey Kovalev and his "Doomed Colleagues" article

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A participant in a list to which I subscribe just sent out a link to an article by a Russian journalist named Alexey Kovalev.

Kovalev doesn't like Donald Trump and he obviously wishes we won't like him either, which is the point of his article. In the course of a few searches it seems Kovalev's article has gained a good bit of traction in mainstream media (MSM) circles, which is no great surprise considering MSM's liberal leanings.

Here is my response to Kovalev, for what it's worth:
I read the Kovalev article, and I found it interesting, though probably not for the same reasons you did.

The author, a Russian named Alexey Kovalev, obviously has a low opinion of Donald Trump, and the job he is doing as president.

I myself am reserving my opinion on Trump and what kind of job he's doing, especially since he doesn't even HAVE the job yet! There will be plenty of time to criticize once he's had the job for awhile.

In Mr. Kovalev's first paragraph he calls Trump "authoritarian". An interesting description since, as I've said, Trump is not even president yet, and hasn't signed a single Executive Order.

Barack Obama has written more high-level executive actions (many of them not actual Executive Orders but technically "executive memoranda", still either having the force of law or directing policy) than any president in the past seven decades.
( ... n-history/)

Just in case Mr. Kovalev was right on top of that issue, I did the following search: "Alexey Kovalev obama authoritarian".

Odds are pretty good that your esteemed author is less than seventy years old. Surprisingly Mr. Kovalev has never criticized Obama for being the most authoritarian American president in his lifetime.

Kovalev then goes on to describe Russian press conferences as "carefully choreographed", and wants us to believe that Trump's conferences will be the first of those kind we'll ever have seen.

He tells us the Russian press seldom throws Putin anything but softball questions, and then apparently wants us to believe that the American press which fawned all over Obama for eight years, did everything in their power to elect Hillary Clinton, and has shown nothing but vitriol for Trump:
  1. Played hardball with Obama
  2. Asked Hillary all the tough questions (you know, like "What's your favorite color?"), and
  3. Won't continue to try and do everything they can, including tell outright lies and spread Fake News to bring Trump down (The popularity of Kovalev's article is in itself a good example).
Kovalev has the nerve to write the boldface sub-⁠heading,

"Welcome to the era of Bullshit"

as though the Whitehouse has cornered the market on bullshit? The mainstream media (MSM) to which Kovalev is obviously pandering, offers us NOTHING BUT BULLSHIT, which is why they failed so miserably to install the QUEEN OF ALL BULLSHIT into the president's office this past election. Most of the people in this country who do not live within a half-dozen large cities are finally getting wise to what's causing that distinctive odor.

At least Kovalev shows us he really is a mainstream journalist when he points out how quickly they turn on their own kind. MSM journalists have proven time and time again they are the worst kind of whores and sycophants.

Fortunately for the growing awareness of the American public, it doesn't always take one to know one.
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