What are THEY planning for us ??

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Re: What are THEY planning for us ??

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prophecy wrote:This guy is going to get sent to get locked up for life for telling the truth ?? How can this be - he is a hero and deserves our full support

The real culprits need to be dealt with :

https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petiti ... n/sTtJndXm
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Re: What are THEY planning for us ??

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Now we know why they call it Operation "Prism" - Extract from " The Washington Post - A Story of Surveillance "

His first inkling that something was amiss came in summer 2002 when he opened the door to admit a visitor from the National Security Agency to an office of AT&T in San Francisco.

"What the heck is the NSA doing here?" Mark Klein, a former AT&T technician, said he asked himself.
In an interview yesterday, he alleged that the NSA set up a system that vacuumed up Internet and phone-call data from ordinary Americans with the cooperation of AT&T . Contrary to the government's depiction of its surveillance program as aimed at overseas terrorists, Klein said, much of the data sent through AT&T to the NSA was purely domestic. Klein said he believes that the NSA was analyzing the records for usage patterns as well as for content.

He said the NSA built a special room to receive data streamed through an AT&T Internet room containing "peering links," or major connections to other telecom providers. The largest of the links delivered 2.5 gigabits of data -- the equivalent of one-quarter of the Encyclopedia Britannica's text -- per second, said Klein, whose documents and eyewitness account form the basis of one of the first lawsuits filed against the telecom giants after the government's warrantless-surveillance program was reported in the New York Times in December 2005.

The job entailed building a "secret room" in an AT&T office 10 blocks away, he said. By coincidence, in October 2003, Klein was transferred to that office and assigned to the Internet room. He asked a technician there about the secret room on the 6th floor, and the technician told him it was connected to the Internet room a floor above. The technician, who was about to retire, handed him some wiring diagrams.

"That was my 'aha!' moment," Klein said. "They're sending the entire Internet to the secret room."

The diagram showed splitters, glass prisms that split signals from each network into two identical copies. One fed into the secret room, the other proceeded to its destination, he said.

"This splitter was sweeping up everything, vacuum-cleaner-style," he said. "The NSA is getting everything. These are major pipes that carry not just AT&T's customers but everybody's." "I flipped out," he said. "They're copying the whole Internet. There's no selection going on here. Maybe they select out later, but at the point of handoff to the government, they get everything."

Full link to article : http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/co ... 00006.html

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Re: What are THEY planning for us ??

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Now we know why the program was called "PRISM"

Operation Prism - Legal Case dismissed

"The diagram showed splitters, glass prisms that split signals from each network into two identical copies. One fed into the secret room, the other proceeded to its destination, he said.
"This splitter was sweeping up everything, vacuum-cleaner-style," he said. "The NSA is getting everything. These are major pipes that carry not just AT&T's customers but everybody's."

Full article in Washington Post : http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/co ... 00006.html

Class Action Lawsuit Filed - Case dismissed by Judge Walker

Hepting v. AT&T was a United States class action lawsuit filed in January 2006 by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) against the telecommunications company AT&T, in which the EFF alleges that AT&T permitted and assisted the National Security Agency (NSA) in unlawfully monitoring the communications of the United States, including AT&T customers, businesses and third parties whose communications were routed through AT&T's network, as well as Voice over IP telephone calls routed via the Internet....

On July 10, 2008, President George Bush signed, the FISA Amendments Act, which granted retroactive immunity to telecommunications companies for past violations of FISA

The case was dismissed on June 3, 2009 by Judge Walker citing retroactive legislation (section 802 of FISA) stating that in the case of a covered civil action, the assistance alleged to have been provided by the electronic communication service provider was in connection with an intelligence activity involving communications that was authorized by the President

Full link : https://www.eff.org/cases/hepting
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Re: What are THEY planning for us ??

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Lets see how this case develops over the years ......................

ACLU Files Lawsuit Challenging NSA's Patriot Act Phone Surveillance
By Brett Max Kaufman, Legal Fellow, ACLU National Security Project at 3:30pm

In the wake of the past week's revelations about the NSA's unprecedented mass surveillance of phone calls, today the ACLU filed a lawsuit charging that the program violates Americans' constitutional rights of free speech, association, and privacy.

Full link : http://www.aclu.org/blog/national-secur ... -act-phone
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Re: What are THEY planning for us ??

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many of us reacted with shock to a Pew Research Center poll which found that 56% of Americans supported the NSA “tracking the telephone records of millions of Americans,” suggesting that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden – who sacrificed his freedom to expose the existence of PRISM, a program under which the NSA is pulling private data “directly from the servers” of major US service providers such as Google and Facebook – had acted in vain

However this Poll which was rushed out is not in line with other more known and respected polls :


Full link : http://www.gallup.com/poll/163043/ameri ... grams.aspx

CBS News poll :

Full link : http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-250_162-575 ... americans/

More Americans see man who leaked NSA secrets as 'patriot' than traitor: Poll

WASHINGTON - Roughly one in three Americans say the former security contractor who leaked details of top-secret U.S. surveillance activity is a patriot and should not be prosecuted, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday.

Full link : http://preview.reuters.com/2013/6/12/mo ... secrets-as
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Re: What are THEY planning for us ??

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NSA = No Strings Attached! Strings would be the so-called 'chains of the constitution' that thomas jefferson
waxed poetic about so many years ago.......

So,TPTB break the law(violate the constitution),than pass a law(statute) making it legal for them
to break the law(constitutuion). No mention of ex post facto at all :?:

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Re: What are THEY planning for us ??

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Since we cannot read about here in the USA please find attached an article from the UK published in Today's Independent Newspaper ( one of the 5 big Daily Newspapers in the UK ) - incredible stuff which just goes to further prove how right Snowden was to expose this whole game :

"And as if this were not enough, NSA’s operations have been fully integrated since the end of the Second World War with those its longtime partner in Britain, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham, as well as the SIGINT agencies of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Taken together, all of these various pieces give NSA a truly global reach that is unmatched at present by any other intelligence agency in the world."

Full link to article : http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world ... 58016.html

President Obama :

Now, let’s take a look at President Obama’s Oath of Office:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Obama’s oath states: I will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

And the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States guards our right to be secure in our “persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.” In other words, according to Louis Brandeis, an Associate Justice on the US Supreme Court from 1916 to 1939, we have the right to be “left alone.”

In reality, Edward Snowden is simply defending our Constitutional rights – and he’s doing a much better job at it than Obama ever has ............

https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petiti ... n/sTtJndXm
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Re: What are THEY planning for us ??

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None of this information was published in the mainstream media in the USA - wonder why ??

A CARELESS mistake by Microsoft programmers has revealed that special access codes prepared by the US National Security Agency have been secretly built into Windows. The NSA access system is built into every version of the Windows operating system now in use, except early releases of Windows 95 (and its predecessors). The discovery comes close on the heels of the revelations earlier this year that another US software giant, Lotus, had built an NSA "help information" trapdoor into its Notes system, and that security functions on other software systems had been deliberately crippled.

Full article and link : http://www.heise.de/tp/artikel/5/5263/1.html

Giant US software manufacturer Lotus has been lowering the profile of information about how they have installed an NSA-only trapdoor into e-mail and conference systems used by many European governments, including the German Ministry of Defence, the French Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Education in Latvia.

Full article and link : http://www.heise.de/tp/artikel/2/2898/1.html
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Re: What are THEY planning for us ??

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This is just one of many reasons to not use Microsoft products.

Incidentally, the NSA is not the only agency or person who can get into any Windows machine.

A few years ago I attended a conference of security engineers. These people meet once a year, and come in from points all over the world. The event lasts two days; Saturday and Sunday. They rent out the whole hotel. Beginning Friday night they party hard, but all day both days there are various talks given. In the evening, one of their favorite pastimes in a game called "Root Wars".

There were network cables strung all over the hotel. They had their own network, separate from the hotel's. The object was, all these security analysts hook up to the network, and everyone tries to hack everyone else's machines.

I remember a poor schmuck who plugged his Windows machine into this network. Within less than ten minutes his hard drive had been completely wiped. This was apparently his main computer, with a lot of personal data, not backed up. He was really mad, but there were warnings posted everywhere, so he had no recourse. He said he was running a firewall, and thought he would be safe.

Does anyone remember the Code Red worm from a few years ago? It infected literally millions of Windows computers around the world. The worm got into computers through the Internet, using the Microsoft Personal Web Server, which by default was enabled on most new installations. Millions of people who didn't even realize they were running a web server.

The worm sent a test string to random IP addresses. When it got a response from a Windows machine it would send another string which bypassed security, installed the worm, and executed it. Then the worm disabled all security on the computer, giving administrator access to anyone who entered through the web server. Lastly, the newly infected computer began broadcasting the test string to random IPs, spreading the worm even further.

When this worm hit the Net, I was running the Apache web server, on Linux, connected to the Net through dialup. There was no way the worm could hurt my system, but it choked my bandwidth by hitting my webserver on-average about 8000 time a day. It finally started tapering off after about four months, but I was still getting hits more than a year later.

The really bad thing was, I could look in my server logs and identify each Code Red hit by its unique string. The line in my log contained the computer's IP address. So every day, thousands of computers were advertising to me, saying "Look at me! I am infected with Code Red and, therefore, all my security has been disabled. I am an open book. And look, here is my IP address! Come and see what secrets I contain!!!"

I logged into a few of these, just to confirm for myself what I had read about the worm. Sure enough, without any "hacking" whatsoever, I could have read and/or destroyed anything on any of these computers. I didn't, but I could have.

One of them belonged to a school system in Florida. I looked up the email address of the school administrator, and told her the school's system was infected. I never received a response.

After awhile, someone on a list I subscribed to wrote a script that would execute in the Apache server. When a Code Red infected computer tried to access the server, this script would send the offending computer the command to simply turn itself off. I had the script installed on my server for awhile. It was fun to know I was turning off thousands of computers a day, thereby possibly alerting all those people to the fact they had a problem. But it did not help to relieve my bandwidth problems. Of all those thousands of infected computers hitting my server every day, their IP addresses were unique, at least on a day-to-day basis. So when people turned their computers back on, they just started broadcasting again.

It did make me laugh though, when people I talked with actually told me their computers had started just turning themselves off at random times.

I can understand people using Microsoft products, if they have never heard of Linux. They can and should be forgiven their ignorance. But it's hard for me to understand why people would ever continue to use Windows, after they learn they have a choice.
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Re: What are THEY planning for us ??

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OUR FUTURE has already been planned for us :

The elite believe that the "big decisions" are far too important to be left "to the people", and so most of the "international institutions" that have been established by the elite operate independently of the democratic process.

The Chinese Government is being used as a testing platform for the UN Agenda 21 program - this may sound far fetched but please see the attached communique from the BRICS Country grouping ( Brazil , Russia , India , China and South Africa )

5 th BRICS SUMMIT Communique :

"The Fifth BRICS Summit concluded the first cycle of BRICS Summits and we reaffirmed our commitment to the promotion of international law, multilateralism and the central role of the United Nations (UN)."

20.We reiterate our strong commitment to the United Nations (UN) as the foremost multilateral forum entrusted with bringing about hope, peace, order and sustainable development to the world. The UN enjoys universal membership and is at the centre of global governance and multilateralism

40.We welcome the establishment of the Open Working Group on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in line with the Rio+20 Outcome Document which reaffirmed the Rio Principles of Sustainable Development as the basis for addressing new and emerging challenges. We are fully committed to a coordinated inter-governmental process for the elaboration of the UN development agenda.

Full link to the 5 th BRICS Summit held in South Africa on March 27 , 2013 :

http://netindian.in/news/2013/03/27/000 ... ction-plan

New York Times Headline in Asia Pacific Region for June 15 2013 :
Leaving the Land
China’s Great Uprooting: Moving 250 Million Into Cities
BEIJING — China is pushing ahead with a sweeping plan to move 250 million rural residents into newly constructed towns and cities over the next dozen years — a transformative event that could set off a new wave of growth or saddle the country with problems for generations to come.

The government, often by fiat, is replacing small rural homes with high-rises, paving over vast swaths of farmland and drastically altering the lives of rural dwellers. So large is the scale that the number of brand-new Chinese city dwellers will approach the total urban population of the United States

Across China, bulldozers are leveling villages that date to long-ago dynasties. Towers now sprout skyward from dusty plains and verdant hillsides. New urban schools and hospitals offer modern services, but often at the expense of the torn-down temples and open-air theaters of the countryside.

On the ground, however, the new wave of urbanization is well under way. Almost every province has large-scale programs to move farmers into housing towers, with the farmers’ plots then given to corporations or municipalities to manage. Efforts have been made to improve the attractiveness of urban life, but the farmers caught up in the programs typically have no choice but to leave their land.

“In a lot of cases in China, urbanization is the process of local government driving farmers into buildings while grabbing their land,” said Li Dun, a professor of public policy at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

“For old people like us, there’s nothing to do anymore,” said He Shifang, 45, a farmer from the city of Ankang in Shaanxi Province who was relocated from her family’s farm in the mountains. “Up in the mountains we worked all the time. We had pigs and chickens. Here we just sit around and people play mah-jongg.”

Full link to article in The New York Times : http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/16/world ... bJjo5bw/PQ

Government fiat is a process whereby a decision is made and enforced without the participation of other political elements or involvement of the people. The Latin term fiat, translates as "let it be," and suggests an autocratic attitude
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