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Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2013 7:42 am
by editor
I ran across an interesting alleged whistleblower Youtube video published 09/16/2013.

A man in a suit, alleges to be a former defense department employee. He says he worked on an MKUltra program since 1992, the purpose of which was to control and manipulate blacks through the use of music. He goes on to claim he has video, audio, and documentary evidence of the program, all of which evidence he was ordered to destroy. He quotes Scripture, and basically says he has found his conscience. He gives the Defense Department until Monday, 09/23, to come clean about the program, or he will start leaking on various social media.

As evidence, he plays an audio recording, alleged to be the last phone conversation Michael Jackson made before he died in 2009. The voices are subtitled, as we've often seen done with 911 calls. Jackson claims that "they" want to kill him. He says "they" could shoot him, stab him, or give him drugs and make it look as though he overdosed. The other voice, identified as "Dieter", asks "Who are 'they', the government?" Jackson responds, "More than government..."

According to our alleged whistleblower, Jackson died the next day.

I don't know if this is for real or not-- it could easily be a hoax. However, if the guy is for real, I suspect he'll either be dead himself by Monday, or else we'll see some interesting new scandals come out in the news.

Here's a link to the Youtube video: