Sleepy Joe and Kamala Hoe

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Biden's green screen appearances

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I'm certainly not saying that anybody should believe that Biden has done several shows from a studio with a green screen background that was added to other footage, but that is the "conspiracy theory" in this post. This would explain the "glitches" in president Biden's on screen appearances.
If my conclusion is correct than maybe this was done because now that Biden is president, they can't afford to make a fool of himself. I guess that as Biden still can't do an interview without risking disaster, we can expect more of these...

In this CNBC interview, really throughout the whole interview, Biden's face is very white, and there is a glitch between the white face and the light brown neck (of somebody else actually in the studio?).


I'm afraid I don't even understand how Reuters "debunks" this glitch: ... SKBN26S310

In this clip, Biden’s white hair blurs out as he is walking in front of the white background - timestamps 26:31 and 26:33.
Even with all of this fakery, he still forgot her name - at 25:52.

Also check the brown doors!
Image ... fake-mode/

Another green screen f*ck up, Biden's hand "IS" behind the microphone but his hand is shown in front of it twice - timestamps 0:07 and 0:09.

Some "conspiracy theorist" made a GIF of President Joe Biden's hand going through the microphone. At the very least this looks very strange!
Image ... a2a0d1.gif ... creen.html

Thanks Reuters for once again "debunking". Pointing to a C-Span video which covers the glitch with a blue bar, too bad the second glitch also shows at 0:22 in the C-Span video: ... SL1N2LH199

The "reputable" Independent did such a poor job at "debunking" that they actually deleted the article in which they called it a "brief optical illusion": ... 19295.html
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Re: Sleepy Joe and Kamala Hoe

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Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) has boasted about being the “Case agent in the Branch Davidian Trial”.
That was using tanks and chemical weapons so "save" the children... killing a total of some 82 Americans, including 2 pregnant women and 25 children.

See Chipman proudly standing over the burning pile of rubble where the Branch Davidians lived before this massacre.
Image ... fast-.html

The following looks like a scandal that can easily compare to Donald Trump's sexual escapades...
While Joe's son Hunter Biden was dating his brother's widow Hallie, he also had sex with stripper Lunden Roberts. Would she without getting paid?
In 2018, Lunden Roberts gave birth to Hunter's lovechild. In 2019, Hunter was sued by Roberts because he refused to pay child support, which was settled.

In 2019, Hunter married Melissa Cohen, after a 6 days "romance": ... requented/

And then it gets really strange. There have been stories like these going around since October 2020 about Hunter Biden, but this time it comes from the "reputable" Dailymail.
In September 2020, Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani gave a whole copy of Hunter Biden's drive to Trump's former advisor Steve Bannon. The Trump team insinuated things, but why wasn't this made into a campaign winning "October surprise"?

Hunter Biden was heavily using all kinds of drugs and was having sex with many, many prostitutes, which he filmed and photographed and then posted on adult website Pornhub under the username 'RHEast'.
Having sex with underwear on?!?

This all came from Hunter Biden's hard drive that also contained innocent family pictures and email conversations with his daddy Joe.
The Dailymail even had "top cyber forensics experts Maryman & Associates to analyze its data and determine whether the laptop's contents were real" that concluded that,
"The operating system timestamps appear to be authentic, and no evidence was found to suggest that the timestamps or data were altered or manufactured".

There are also some email exchanges (boring in comparison) between Hunter's laptop (?) and Joe Biden.
Something about asking sleepy Joe to run for president to "save" Hunter or asking for money, for example to pay his dentist bill.

It seems to good to be true, but here it is: ... ealed.html

Still no public apology from the Dailymail, but instead they published a "new" story with more of the same...
A censored nude photo of Hunter Biden (why would this be on his laptop?).
Image ... -cars.html

Hunter Biden doesn't even deny that the laptop was his, but that he doesn't remember, because he was high on crack (or was he only kidding?)!
I really don't know.
And the fact of the matter is, it's a red herring. It is absolutely a red herring.
I absolutely think within my rights to question anything that comes from the, from the desk of Rudy Giuliani. And so, I don't know. Is the answer. ... crack.html
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Re: Sleepy Joe and Kamala Hoe

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In December, Hunter Biden hired the attorney Christopher Clark for his defence.
Clark as a partner in Latham & Watkins worked in the white-collar defense and investigations division, with his fellow partner Nicholas McQuaid. McQuaid and Clark worked together on several cases at Latham & Watkins.

In January, Hunter's president daddy Joe Biden hired former federal prosecutor Nicholas McQuaid, as principal deputy assistant attorney general in the criminal division of the DoJ. He was also installed as the acting assistant attorney general...
It’s not clear to what extent the main branch of the Justice Department is involved in the Hunter Biden investigation. But it seems obvious that McQuaid would have to recuse him from business related to Hunter (or in general cases handled by Latham & Watkins).

Lying Donald's son, Eric Trump, seems to think that it's unfair that his "poor" president daddy couldn't appoint his cronies, because of the mean media. I have reasons to believe that Donald DID appoint his cronies to his "drain the swamp" administration (just like sleepy Joe, or just about any other US president in recent history): ... orney.html

It is tempting to argue that if even the Trump-supporting CNN reported on Hunter Biden's laptop this "proves" that it must be "fake".
In December, CNN reported on Biden's laptop, but not quite like the Daily Mail or New York Post. It for example doesn't include the allegations that Hunter was making porn that he uploaded to an adult website.

In short, in 2018 the FBI started an investigation of Hunter Biden over possible tax evasion and money laundering. The FBI and prosecutors in Delaware refused to confirm the investigation.
They reportedly halted the investigation in 2020 to not interfere with the presidential election...

It must be true that he is under investigation, because more recently Hunter Biden admitted he's being investigated (by the Biden administration, really?). Hunter Biden said he learned about it for the first time in December 2020, and "I'm fully cooperating, and I'm fully confident that at the end of the day it's all gonna be fine".

The investigation reportedly focuses on Hunter's dealings in China, where Hunter Biden worked on a deal with CEFC China Energy. In 2017, Hunter Biden received a 2.8-carat diamond from CEFC's founder and former chairman Ye Jianming after a Miami business meeting. This seems suspicious (to say the least).
According to Hunter's ex-wife the diamond was worth $80,000, but Hunter told it was worth about $10,000.

Now the part of the laptop...
In late 2019, the FBI confiscated Hunter Biden's laptop that he had dropped off at the repair shop in Delaware in April 2019, according to the subpoena the computer repairman showed to the press

If the FBI confiscated Hunter's laptop in 2019, how did Rudy Giuliani get a copy of it? So it was either (deep) faked, or Giuliani violated the law to obtain this information and then leak it to the press in 2020 (wouldn't that be obstruction of an investigation or something?).
Either way this doesn't look good for Giuliani and Trump (but for some reason CNN forgets this last analysis): ... index.html

Who needs a (probably fake) story on Joe Biden's son, Hunter, making porn, or getting money from the Ukrainian Burisma or his dealing with CEFC China Energy? Could this have been pushed into the spotlight to cover up the following real-life scandals?!?
It was reported in Augustus 2019, and the most important criminal in this scheme is not Hunter Biden, but Joe's brother, James Biden.

Paradigm was founded by James Park in 1989, son-in-law of the billionaire founder of the Unification movement, Sun Myung Moon, of the cult whose members are known as Moonies. Sun Myung Moon was associated with the World Anti-Communist League, CIA, George Bush Sr. and Ronald Reagan.
Paradigm was an early example of a funds of funds — a hedge fund that investes in other hedge funds.

In January 2006. James Biden called New York financial adviser Anthony Lotito to get help to get a respectable job for Joe's misfit son Hunter Biden. Lotito, James and Hunter were soon exploring acquiring Paradigm. Still in 2006, James and Hunter brought in Larry Rasky, a lobbyist and longtime Biden adviser, who would bring $1 million in financing.
Lotito's firm Globex Financial Advisors began doing business with James Biden's Lion Hall Group. Lotito and Biden later co-founded private security firm Americore International Security.
Eventually in August 2006, James and Hunter Biden acquired Paradigm Global Advisors without Lotito, leading to a lawsuit and counter lawsuit. They purchase Paradigm without cash, but for an $8.1 million "promissory note".

James and Hunter Biden soon began taking millions of dollars out of Paradigm.
Paradigm reached an arrangement with New York investment firm Longship Capital Management, which put James and Hunter in business with Longship partner Brian Mathis, a veteran of the Clinton Treasury Department and a Democratic bundler who was friends with Barack and Michelle Obama at Harvard Law School.

In September 2008, “Paradigm Stanford Capital Management Core Alternative Fund” was registered with the SEC - a partnership with the firm of multibillion-dollar Ponzi schemer Allen Stanford.
Paradigm also rented space to the fraudulent Ponta Negra fund of Francesco Rusciano, who in April 2009 was accused by the SEC of a multimillion-dollar fraud.
After the adverse publicity over their association with known fraudsters, James and Hunter began unwinding the Paradigm fund in 2010.

In November 2010, James Biden became executive vice president of construction firm HillStone International, a subsidiary of New Jersey-based construction firm Hill International.
I guess it's just another one of those strange "coincidences", that in June 2011 HillStone was awarded contracts worth an estimated $1.5 billion to build homes in Iraq. At the time, Vice President Joe Biden was leading the Obama administration’s Iraq policy. HillStone landed the deal through the South Korean firm TRAC Development Group, that was awarded the contract to build 500,000 homes by the Iraqi government: ... democrats/

In March 2020, an Americore Health hospital was raided in a federal criminal investigation. Americore was of course co-founded by Joe's younger brother, James Biden.
Two medical firms have accused James Biden of fraudulently transferring funds from Americore “outside of the ordinary course of business”.

A former Americore executive stated that James Biden had more than half a million dollars transferred from Americore as a personal loan that was not repaid. James Biden arranged a bridge loan from his business partner Michael Lewitt’s hedge fund to Americore that then made a six-figure loan to James Biden for his personal use.

In 2020, Americore was in bankruptcy court (does this mean that James Biden won't repay the "loan"?): ... res-123159
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Re: Sleepy Joe and Kamala Hoe

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In this photo, current US president Joe Biden and First Lady Jill look like giants towering over former President Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalynn at their home in Plains, Georgia, last week. Carter also looks to have huge feet.
Without masks (this must have been done intentionally)!

Some people might think that I take it too far when suggesting that some of the appearances by Joe Biden are greenscreened from a studio in the White House...
I guess they don't know that the current state of technology even makes it possible to artificially computer generate realistic looking human faces.
Image ... syndicate/

During the 2020 elections campaign, Joe Biden promised to end the controversial child migrant detention facilities. But he was lying.
Biden is reopening a child migration prison in Texas to lock up 700 minor teenagers.

Some "progressive" Democrats have been trying to get some good publicity by criticising this policy of the Biden administration.
The best known of these is Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is joined by Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley, who together are known as "The Squad" (and have some genuine American-sounding names): ... 06510.html

Sleepy Joe’s press secretary Jen Psaki worked as a "consultant" for the Israeli firm AnyVision.
AnyVision has been accused of violating the human rights of Palestinians under Israeli military occupation as it “powers a secret military surveillance project throughout the West Bank”.

Microsoft had invested $74 million in AnyVision, but withdrew from involvement with AnyVision, after an investigation led by former US attorney general Eric Holder: ... i-spy-firm

After "stealing" the election, President Joe Biden has also blatantly taken Donald's plan to create a “new biomedical research agency” health DARPA (modeled after the US military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) for his own. Biden started promoting this idea during his campaign in June 2019 to research "treatments" for cancer and Alzheimer’s, ARPA-H.

In 2019, the same foundation and individuals now backing Biden’s ARPA-H had preciously lobbied then president Donald to create “HARPA”. At the time, the plan was to stop mass shootings before they happen through monitoring Americans for “neuropsychiatric” warning signs.
This suggests that the real intention has nothing to do with "health care", but everything with the surveillance state.

Big tech companies like Amazon, Palantir, and Google will be involved in ARPA-H’s privacy violating activities. In particular, Google will have a major role in this new agency due to its long-standing ties to the CIA and Biden’s top science adviser, Eric Lander.
The military is currently developing COVID-19–related mandatory biometric "wearables" to monitor health (I thought the plan was to implant chips under the skin).

This new health agency, to be called ARPA-H or HARPA, will raise the the National Institutes of Health (NIH) budget to over $51 billion. ARPA-H will not allow these projects to meet "scientific" standards, like peer review, but instead the program managers would make all decisions.
This is really the "end of science as we know it": ... tatorship/

President Joe Biden promised to replace the entire US government’s fleet of roughly 650,000 vehicles with electric models.
In one of the greatest frauds of modern times, these "clean-energy" electric cars are of course more polluting than "dirty" diesel motors...

Tesla and other American electric automakers will benefit from the more than $20 billion it will cost the taxpayer to make the government fleet fully electric
In 2019, the U.S. government spent $4.4 billion on federal vehicle costs.

Biden said (almost Trump-like) he'll make the rules that decide whether vehicles are considered "American-made" more restrictive:
We're going to change that as well. The executive action I'm signing today will not only require the companies make more of their components in America, but that the value of those components is contributing to our economy, measured by things like a number of American jobs created and supported. ... SKBN29U2LW
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