False flag attack Westminster London

False Flag -- A horrific, staged event, blamed on a political enemy and used as a pretext to start a war or enact draconian laws in the name of national security.
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False flag attack Westminster London

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ISIS claims responsibility for the “terrorist attack” on March 22 (precisely one year after the “terrorist attack” in Brussels) in London that has killed at least 3, by their Amaq news agency: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/ho ... 45696.html

I will start by the most damaging that shows it’s a false flag attack, an article that was already removed from the internet: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/s ... clnk&gl=nl
Abu Izzadeen: Man named as London terror suspect is alive and still in prison, says brother

• Jon Sharman
• 5 hours ago
Ambulances line Westminster Bridge after Parliament was put on lockdown on Wednesday afternoon Getty
The man initially named as the attacker who mowed down pedestrians and stabbed a police officer outside Parliament is in fact still in prison for an unrelated matter, his brother has said.
The brother of Abu Izzadeen, formerly known as Trevor Brooks, called into Channel 4 News to say he could not be the attacker, after he had been named earlier in the broadcast.
Izzadeen was born in Hackney in east London and converted to Islam just before he turned 18, in 1993, originally changing his name to Omar. He has previous convictions for terror related offences.
Channel 4 said in a statement: "On tonight's Channel 4 News, senior home affairs correspondent Simon Israel quoted a source as saying that the name of the Westminster attacker was believed to be Abu Izzadeen, formerly known as Trevor Brooks.
"During the course of the programme, conflicting information came to light."
Mr Israel tweeted: “The source I trusted, but ultimately I made a mistake. This time I got it wrong. Abu Izzadeen is in prison.”
The Independent also ran a report that sources were suggesting Mr Izzadeen could be the suspect. After a short time, this was shown not to be the case, and our coverage was updated.
Needless to say the state media have already chosen a new suspect.
Here’s the dead attacker of Asian origin.

The following explores some of the more suspicious facts.
Prime Minister Theresa May has said that “the Westminster attacker” was British-born and was known to the police and intelligence services. The man alleged to be the main attacker has links to MI6.
The main GATE into the grounds of parliament was left open and reportedly nobody was guarding the gate.
There was a practice DRILL in London on 19th March 2017.
The CCTV cameras for Westminster were taken off-line since September 2016:
http://web.archive.org/web/201704191013 ... -flag.html

No doubt we will get the call for more CCTV cameras...
Here’s a picture with a summary of what supposedly happened.
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Re: False flag attack Westminster London

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The thread on this topic is going wild on the Icke forum (I posted #427 today): https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread. ... 77&page=22
By now a 4th victim has diseased, making the death toll 5 (including the attacker). The 75-year-old man Leslie Rhodes, that was hit by the car and died in hospital: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/03 ... -know-far/

No need to pay any more attention to Abu Izzadeen, as the police has named Khalid Masood (born Adrian Elms or Adrian Russell Ajao) as the terrorist.
Masood was known to police and had a range of previous convictions since 1983. Masood has been locked up in jail for his offences. He was investigated by MI5, but not at the time of this assault.
Eight people, 3 women and 5 men, have been arrested, and 6 addresses raided by the police.

Here’s information on Masood, including information on his stay at the Brighton's Preston Park Hotel the night before he murdered 4 people: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... night.html

The Hyundai car that was used was rented from the firm Enterprise and has an interesting number plate, if I read correctly EX66 RWQ.

Let’s look at this from a numerological point of view (the numbers for the letters are the position in the alphabet).
E – 5 (THE number of the Osiris cult).
X – 24 (4*6)
R – 18 (3*6)
W – VV – 2222
Q – 17 (that's the day of the month that Osiris was chopped up in 14 pieces)
This makes EX66 RWQ: 5-6666-66-666-2222-17
And this “terrorist attack” happened on 3/22/'17, which looks also something numerological...

The car with this registration number isn’t insured (maybe I've misread the number plate): https://ownvehicle.askmid.com/

The following scene looks impossible; if I understand correctly this shows the diseased woman Aysha Frade that was hit by the car, and then got trapped under the bus.
The front of the bus is to the left, so immediately stopped after crushing Frade, and then drove back for the picture? I don’t see any blood.

Then the pictures of the (dead) attacker and the knife (or knives?).
First look at the action photo, where a cop points his rifle at the terrorist, while having his right foot on the knife. Although I’m not sure what this cop is doing with right and left hand...
Why is he pointing his gun, as the attacker has already been shot several times?
Why is there no blood?

In the following picture the knife can still be seen in the left red square, but it looks like a second knife has emerged, in the other red circle.
What is the white thing on the body of the “terrorist”, did they electrocute him after shooting him?
Why were his shoes taken off? There is another picture where his clothes are off; why are they put back on?
Why is there no blood?

Here’s a close-up of the long kitchen knife, with a black handle; no blood.

The following video makes some interesting comments on what happened, but most of it can better be written down.
The main reason to see this video is from timestamp 5:05 – 5:56. This looks like a group of actors waiting for the signal to start running: https://youtu.be/rDzqwEVVcMo

I remember that paparazzi were blamed for obstructing paramedics on the scene in the tunnel where Princess Diana died.
Here’s MP Tobias Ellwood being a hero in helping the cop, giving him CPR, and NOT hampering the medical personal. Of course all of the people in uniform, including medical personnel, had nothing better to do.
Ellwood even has a little blood on his forehead, but fortunately his clothes look fine.

Possible motives for this false flag attack:
Police chiefs have ordered a major increase in the number of armed officers on duty in the wake of the Westminster attack.
Closer surveillance of “dangerous” people.
Prohibition for “dangerous” people to buy sharp (kitchen) knives.
More money for CCTV surveillance.
Last week Prime Minister Theresa May announced that the real Brexit will start on March 29. It didn’t get much attention that Tim Farron proposed a bill for a new referendum on Brexit: https://hansard.parliament.uk/commons/2 ... opeanUnion(Referendum
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Re: False flag attack Westminster London

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The 52 year old Khalid Masood (aka “Adrian Elms“ and ”Adrian Russell Ajao”) doesn’t fit the description of a Muslim extremist at all. He went to a school for relatively rich kids.
Masood was a school teacher: 2008-2009 in Saudi Arabia, 2009-2012 at a “language school” in Luton (England), and in 2012 set up his private tutoring company in Birmingham. He supposedly turned radical while teaching in Saudi Arabia…
Masood had a child in 1992, and had more children with his (first and only?) wife Farzana Malik.

If I understand correctly his previous convictions were for vandalism in 1983, in 2000 jailed for 2 years for a bar fight, and in 2003 jailed for 6 months for possession of a knife.
All of us expected that this terrorist attack would be blamed on a Muslim extremist. Headlines could’ve read: schoolteacher turns mass murderer out of revenge for being wrongfully jailed for 2 ½ years.
What’s also interesting is that Masood was born 25 December 1964. This could make him a symbolical Jesus Christ.

Here’s a close-up of the attacker.

I’ve found a better picture of Masood. To me he looks older than the killer.

In this picture of when he was young his complexion is much darker (than in the previous 2 photos).

I have done an internet search for “Khalid Masood” before March 21; this isn’t a common name, only some Pakistani politician goes by this name on the internet.
Strangely I get some old hits (going back to 15 December 2003) about the “Westminster terrorist attack”.
It’s strange that I get no results at all for the mass murdering Masood, because most people these days are present on the internet, especially with a private company.

Here’s a picture of the attacker when they had taken his clothes off.

Here’s a video taken just after the attacker was shot. We can see Keith Palmer (the “hero” cop that died) and the attacker being surrounded by uniforms (these look compatible to some of the pictures): https://youtu.be/DFRq19yHYVQ
Maybe somebody can spot our “hero” Member of Parliament Tobias Ellwood…

Our hero Ellwood has been selected by Queen Elizabeth to join the Privy Council (remember he wasn’t obstructing the medical personnel!). His “hands and face smeared with blood” (luckily nothing on his clothes).
Also security minister Ben Wallace joins the Privy Council (for his role in making this tragedy happen?): http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/ho ... 49191.html

Here’s a video that shows that no damage has been done to the fence and the railing of the bridge: https://youtu.be/f25EMLkw574

Here’s a picture of the damage to the car, but none to the fence.
There is also another video where smoke comes from the front of the car.

According to the official story the car sped over the sidewalk on Westminster Bridge. So supposedly he suddenly drove on the road (not hitting any of the cars...) and then back to the pavement to avoid hitting this.

Here’s a story on how the terrorist could enter through the Carriage Gates because of lapse security (an open gate): http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... -kill.html

Here’s information on the terrorist drill on the Thames, London on March 19: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/vid ... ship-video

Here’s information on shutting down the Westminster CCTV cameras: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/po ... 58671.html
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Re: False flag attack Westminster London

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Here’s my summary of the most important facts (or at least as I understand them).

1) No damage to railings on the bridge or blood seen.

2) I thought that all the pictured victims don’t have visible injuries, and the blood is fake (but I have found 1 picture that makes me doubt this).
The picture of Aysha Frade under the bus is completely ridiculous. When we see that this picture has been blurred, the state media sort of acknowledge that it is a set-up (why else would they censor it?).

Here’s a picture of the American Melissa Cochran, please look at her legs. I wouldn’t hold them like this if one of them was broken.

Just when I had my mind made up, that everything is fake and nobody got hurt, I found the following picture of the dead US tourist Kurt Cochran (his left leg is certainly broken).

3) Supposedly 40/50 victims were injured by the car driving over the pavement. People would certainly get out of the way (running into the street). Although I can imagine that a 75 year old like Leslie Rhodes wouldn’t be fast enough.

4) The car supposedly crashed into the fence leaving much damage to the front of the car, but none to the fence. Why would the driver crash it at this spot? This crash doesn’t make sense.
The car shouldn’t be at a distance from the fence...

5) The whole terrorist attack reportedly took 82 seconds (until the attacker was shot).
First driving over the pavement in 30 seconds, until crashing the car.
Then 13 seconds to get out of the car.
And then 38 seconds before getting through the gate, stabbing cop Keith Palmer and being shot: http://www.itv.com/news/2017-03-25/west ... 2-seconds/
This scenario fails in (at least) 2 ways:
a. The (lone wolf) terrorist could only have one attack in mind, that’s either driving over pedestrians with a rented car, or going through the gate to attack Parliament.
Apparently they had 2 terrorists in mind, see the following Twitter message by BBC-journalist Dominic Casciani from March 22 (this has been deleted since) “BBC understands from multiple sources two assailants in vehicle on Westminster Bridge”.
b. By first driving on the pavement mowing down pedestrians, it would be known that a madman killer is on the loose, no way would anybody could get through the gate (and especially not the murderer with a long knife). Stabbing a young cop wearing body armour sounds too difficult for a 52-year-old: https://www.safeguardarmour.co.uk/suppo ... dy-armour/

6) Medical personnel is quick on the scene in a helicopter bought with a donation from the London Freemasons of 2 million pounds: http://www.londonmasons.org.uk/news/1/% ... helicopter
Doctors stand around while MP Tobias Ellwood gives the stabbed cop that’s bleeding to death CPR, so Ellwood can be hailed a hero. I would expect that the most important treatment would be to stop the bleeding. Ellwood has blood on hands and face, but none on his clothes.

7) Attackers clothes are taken off and put back on before being transported in an ambulance. No blood on or near the attacker, not even on the knives. A second knife is planted on the scene.

8) Two media outlets name Abu Izzadeen (that fits the description of a Muslim terrorist perfectly). After the brother of Izzadeen calls Channel 4 news, saying that his brother is still in prison; Channel 4 admits they were wrong the same night. How could Channel 4 know that the caller is reliable?

9) New attacker is named as Khalil Masood (born Adrian Russell Elms, adopted the name of his stepfather, which explains Adrian Russell Ajao). The picture of the 52-year-old Masood doesn’t match the attacker that looks 10 years younger and has a different nose. They both don’t look like the younger (darker coloured) Adrian Elms.

10) When I look for information about the Westminster terrorist attack I get lots of results of before March 21, including several results for 15 December 2003 (in December 2003 Masood was convicted for 6 months for possession of a knife), the oldest date is 1 January 1970. This looks like they have been using tools to put information on the internet that can alter timestamps (and made some mistakes).
Basically this means that the dates of internet pages are manipulated.
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Re: False flag attack Westminster London

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A possible motive for a false flag attack is distracting us from what’s really happening. One of the most horrible chapters of modern history is the ongoing genocide in Yemen: http://www.lawfulpath.com/forum/viewtop ... =130#p3676

In January 2016 the “hero” of Westminster Tobias Ellwood answers critical questions about Britain’s support of the genocide in Yemen, based on a report of the United Nations.
Tobias Ellwood at first refused to answer questions about this report, because:
He's got a copy of it, I do as well, but it is a leaked report, it was received to the UN on Monday, not to us.
We haven't officially received it.

He was passed a piece of paper and gestured to it, said: "Yes of course I've got it, but I haven't received it, and I haven't had time...".
British politicians have such a wonderful sense of humour - calling the ruthless dictatorship of the House of Windsor the oldest democracy in the world - so some Labour Members of Parliament starting laughing out loud.
Ellwood added: "I haven't received it officially, if the honourable gentleman can hang on to his seat. We haven't officially received it".
To make himself even more ridiculous (implicitly admitting that it was read) Ellwood questioned the evidence behind the UN report.
The following site also has a short video with the before quoted statements of Ellwood: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/wa ... ry-7263263

Also interesting is the video of the car driving over the pavement of Westminster Bridge (mowing down pedestrians).
It looks like it was taped from a helicopter. Can we conclude that the BBC had prior knowledge?
The car in the video looks see-through; it looks completely fake.
Then we something falling in the water (supposedly a woman), which in turn looks relatively too large: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ht9AlO-FjbI

I sometimes have the idea that everybody (except me) walks around with their cell phone. Where are the hundreds photos and videos?

Here’s another picture with the face of the attacker.

Here’s another photo of Adrian Elms/Ajao; he doesn’t look like Khalid Masood at all.

Here’s a photograph of the attacker (in the red circle) being shot and falling down after being shot.
On the right is Keith Palmer, that’s about to fall down because of his wounds. I would expect to see some blood on his neck, face and on his hands.

If I understand correctly the first medical doctor on the scene was Dr. Jeeves Wijesuriya that was already in Westminster Palace; he told the BBC:
We gave the officer cardiac massage and spent 52 minutes trying to resuscitate the other man”.
What makes this interesting is the number 52: 4*13.
Khalid Masood was 52 years old.
After the attacker crashed the car it took him precisely 52 seconds to walk through the gate of the Houses of Parliament, stab PC Keith Palmer to death, and be shot and killed himself.

I’ve got a video with some witnesses of the Westminster terrorist attack. The video starts by criticizing some of the high-profile witnesses that were just coincidentally there to watch.
For me the most interesting is 26-year-old Portuguese national Francisco Lopes that has lived in London for 15 years (6:12-7:12):
He started to move towards the pedestrian pavement and started to take out the people that were in front of the car.
So, literally when I realised this, the car was literally just about one metre away, so I had no, literally, no time to get out of the way.

So, basically what I did, I just put myself… I just tried to defend myself as I could.
So I put my arms forward, and the car just tumbled me over and that was it basically.
The adrenaline just started to take over me, I didn’t want to die so I was just like ‘yeah, I’m going to be okay, I’m going to try to convince myself that I’m going to be okay’ and that my legs were going to be okay.
I was scared but luckily after a while the police and paramedics they came and they started attending me and wrapping me up.
Right now, my emotion is pretty sad because I have to be in a bed and recovering.
But I’m also grateful that I’m alive. I am grateful that I can see my family.
I’m happy to be alive but sleep is more difficult, difficult because I see the car hitting me, I see it all the time so it’s difficult to sleep.
The most damaging from this statement are the first 2 sentences. He was watching other pedestrians being smashed by the car, and then waited till it was “literally just about one metre away”, and was too late to get out of the way.
Lopes had surgery on his legs and hands after being rushed to hospital.
During the video we can see that there’s nothing wrong with his right hand (usually when a right-handed man tries “to defend myself”, he injures his right arm). Maybe there’s some terrible injury on his left arm under the bandage. This doesn’t look like the face of a “pretty sad” man to me.
And surgery to his legs, this doesn’t look like the injuries of a frontal hit by a fast moving car. Why is Lopes (still) in hospital.
The video ends with 2 women that speak about a whole bunch of gunshots, which is clearly not what happened: https://youtu.be/bJwiEzb9C7Y

Here’s a story with pictures of the crash site of the Hyundai car used (including a video). There is a man lying in front below the car. His shoe is off, and I don’t see any blood.
If he was hit by the car while standing I wouldn’t expect him found like this.
There’s another body lying at some distance to the right of the car by the way: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... crash.html
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Re: False flag attack Westminster London

Post by Firestarter »

Here’s Francisco Lopes in a rare instance not smiling (already the third in the Westminster story I see with red shoes!), showing the injuries covered by bandages on his legs (he was smashed full frontal according to his own statement).

In the following video the bearded man on the stretcher, with some bandages on his right arm is taken to the Marriott hotel instead of hospital (0:45-1:55): https://youtu.be/c5QWDidkH7M

Prince Charles visited some of the survivors in hospital: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3170967/p ... -atrocity/

Here’s Charles with the 19-year-old student Travis Frain that had been in Parliament to watch Theresa May’s questions (he posted it on Facebook on March 24).
It’s hard to see if the official story that Frain suffered a fractured leg, fractured left arm, cuts to his thigh and two broken fingers is correct. His right hand and arm (that would be first injured for a right-handed) and left leg show no visible injuries.

EDIT - 2 "new" videos
Here's the woman (Andreea Christea) falling of the bridge in the video. It appears she falls too late after the see-through car has passed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ht9AlO-FjbI

The following video makes 10 points most of chich are strong. The strongest in my opinion: The yellow sign that’s on the pavement of Westminster Bridge, that can be seen in the video of Radoslaw Sikorski, would be smashed by the Hyundai car.
I’m not sure though - maybe there’s just enough room for a car to pass through...


Firestarter wrote:Here’s another picture with the face of the attacker.
Somebody on the Icke forum pointed out the obvious: the face is photoshopped...
Surely not everybody will agree that the face stands out in an unnatural way. But I hope most will agree that when putting a patient on a stretcher, the medical somethings would make sure that the head is supported (especially if the patient is unconscious).
The picture is from Press Association (PA); I found it in a story by Metro: http://metro.co.uk/2017/03/22/keith-pal ... d-6527902/
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Re: False flag attack Westminster London

Post by editor »

Firestarter wrote:
Somebody on the Icke forum pointed out the obvious: the face is photoshopped...
I agree. Try doing as I did-- I saved the photo, then opened it with a graphics program (GIMP) and enlarged it to 800%. The work done around the head is sloppy-- obviously edited, and not even done very well.
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Re: False flag attack Westminster London

Post by Firestarter »

The post that the head of the attacker was the “worst photoshop ever” was swiftly removed from the Icke forum (but not before I had read it!).

The following picture is also weird. I would expect them to move the stretcher with the corpse of the attacker into the ambulance. It looks like they’re discussing what to do (this is after they tried for 52 minutes to resuscitate him).
What’s also odd about the picture with the photoshopped face is that all the other pictures have his head to the right and feet to the left.
What is the man standing in the ambulance doing with his hands? Is he tired, so needs to rest on the chest of the attacker? Or is he hiding the face of the attacker?

The thread on the Westminster “terrorist attack” on the Icke forum has yesterday or today been removed to the members only False flag section…
Better be fast before it’s off the internet.
On 5 November 2016 (4 ½ months before it happened last March 22) a forum member on Davidicke.com predicted a False Flag attack at the UK parliament: https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=312954

My prediction is that the thread that predicted the Westminster false flag attack will be taken of the internet; here are some excerpts.
UK Parliament Plot Prediction - False Flag in the Pipeline

(5-11-2016) What are the odds on something like this happening in the next five years? 2021?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHcFMuv ... pp=desktop

A costly renovation is needed what better time for a FF when everyone has been moved out?

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/09 ... enovation/
The Cameras ???? are switched off...
Westminster council CCTV cameras in London to be axed
Its in the "pipeline" for warmongering, if it happens by so called "Muslim" extremists to lobby support for war in the Middle East or against Russia, think twice...
For further symbolic representations of this warmongering agenda consult your new £5 notes, Winston Churchill, Parliament and within 5 years would appear to be more symbolic for this to take place.

This is by no means factual, it is a prediction on current events and symbolism. If something like this happens perhaps give it some thought...
Who took away the security?
Who removed people from the building for renovations during this time?
Who would gain from such an attack during this time?
Would the use of such an attack be directed to lobby support for a war/retaliation?

From 6 November 2016 -20 March 2017 no posts were made in that thread, then on March 21 suddenly the threadstarter made a post to revive it (as if expecting the false flag attack coming soon).
We know this is a scam as you say article 50 hasn't even been triggered yet. They need it to look to us like the will of the people has been carried out.
What I suggest is a backdoor is being created within Scotland.
Further to that I suspect a "terrorist" attack will take place to thrust us into a "Common International Interest" that we all need to work together to remove.
This is how we will be sold this and that those behind the "terrorist attack" will be U.K. Nationalists that have been "indoctrinated into Islamic Extremism" carrying out the will of terrorists from the Middle East due to grooming over the internet, probably by means of encryption very sophisticated "terrorists". Censorship of the internet comes into place and is justified. We no longer can communicate such information and the big bad problem of "fake news" is taken care of. More than likely Iran will be this mastermind country, Iran will have been supporting terrorists within Iraq and Syria also. Undermining our joint efforts under coalition forces to "restore order".

Vault 7 - Privacy or Censorship?-Internet
https://storify.com/Danny1UK/privacy-or ... p-internet

CIA False Flag: Iran - China - North Korea - Russia Accused of hacking by the US?
https://storify.com/Danny1UK/iran-china ... rea-russia

This will be sold on two levels.
One that this is an attack on the British people and their decision to leave the EU by people's who wanted us to stay within the EU, perhaps this British "Islamic Extremist" has family within the EU and the Middle East etc.

Also that it's an act of terrorism by the likes of Iran, thrusting the majority of people within the U.K. behind a response on these people. This is a threat to our democratic rights and will of the people and all that BS. Plus all the Islamic hate and hysteria that is being created is let loose and the mainstream media beats the drums of war once again.

While at the same time the EU smoke and mirrors will be put on hold, money will be pumped into the EU/NATO army merger that Britain will then get behind and all those NATO bases surrounding China and Russia prepared for will suddenly start to make sense, as those two nations will respond should the west attack Iran. The Pivot from the Middle East to Asia.
Korea will probably disappear within a mushroom cloud, as could a few other places but Korea almost within an instant.

I suggest that such a terrorist attack to achieve a response based attack on Iran etc. will take place upon Westminster.
Of course it could be blamed on anyone Saudi Arabia then later said to have been funded by Iran, Saudi Arabia was just a cover. That's been done before then attack Saudi Arabia, move on to Iran later. Its all "Order out of Chaos" subversive tactics and propaganda is in place to confuse many.

Such an attack on Westminster would be very symbolic...

I have posted about this before here:

UK False Flag Coming Soon - Join the EU/NATO army - WWIII

UK Parliament Plot Prediction - False Flag in the Pipeline

Something is going to happen there and why not all these birds with one Zionist stone or controlled demolition. Again it's worked before within the US. That's how these things work.

Of course I have no proof of this or knowledge of such an attack otherwise I would be the first to paste it here, saying look this is true not just a conspiracy based upon actual events that may seem unrelated and difficult to make sense of. Such an attack even if you did have advance knowledge of, you have no place to report it. The establishment is behind this and will be the ones investigating and arresting patsies of a crime the establishment themselves have committed...

That must hurt! Reportedly Melissa Cochran broke a leg (I guess her left one) and a rib…

Also something to think about is that Khalid Masood reportedly went to jail for 2 years in 2000 and was again imprisoned for 6 months in 2003.
After his spells in prison he went for a teaching job to Saudi Arabia in 2005 and 2008, 2009. He also worked at a language school in England from 2009 to 2012.
How could he get a working permit for Saudi Arabia after being imprisoned?
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Re: False flag attack Westminster London

Post by Firestarter »

Here’s another strange picture of the injured Francisco Lopes being transported in a wheelchair and is given a wheelie for his amusement.

All of these photographs just look strange to me.
The black, bald woman wears only one glove. It looks like she points to an oxygen mask (?) as if asking what to do with it.
In some pictures of Lopes in a wheelchair, there’s a bearded man with a tattoo on his left arm that works for the London ambulance services has a function of “Loading” (this is written on his jacket). What kind of a function is that?
It becomes even more sinister when another man working for the “London ambulance” does “Clearing”…

Again a large crowd in the following picture. Around Travis Frain on a stretcher.
To me it looks like the man with the black cap, dark glasses and clipboard in his hands is in charge. He’s wearing a cap and sun glasses. Does he want to keep his identity concealed? – EDIT “new” picture.

I was hoping for some nice videos with claims that witnesses are in reality actors.
I really can’t tell how a “normal” person would answer questions (as opposed) to a “real” witness. In the following video is a longer interview with (my favourite) Francisco Lopes (EDIT - new video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3uHkp0MEog

What is strange is that one of the witnesses, Rob Lyon, is also involved in producing videos (or something like that); EDIT - new video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jldv5yCKEj8

In my post of March 30 I showed the 19-year-old student Travis Frain that was visited in hospital by Prince Charles. Apparently he was there visiting with a group of 5 politics students.
Another injured student of his group is Owen Lambert. In one of those strange coincidences Lambert’s father, Greg, is content editor at The Visitor and Lancaster Guardian.

Owen told the press that they were with a group of 5 students walking on Westminster Bridge.
I’m small and as I was behind my friends I didn’t see the car until the last second. The next thing, it was like a flash. I remember being hit.
Travis was sitting across from me clutching his arm, lying with his legs out. I asked my friend Harmen Van Arragon to get some tissues out of my bag to stem the blood but he was shaking and said he couldn’t move his hand.
These statements are weird, especially the first where he explains that he was too small to see the car.

The story continues, with that Lambert had no idea where his other 2 friends had gone.
I heard somebody saying that people had gone over the bridge into the water.
So at that point I thought my two other friends were dead.
This is just ridiculous: Lambert didn’t see his friends (because he’s small?), so immediately thinks they’re dead. I believe that Lambert is making the whole story up.

Maybe it isn’t that strange that Lambert was taken to the Marriott Hotel for a couple of hours. It isn’t even claimed that he had a more terrible injury than a relatively small wound on his forehead.
Lambert was then taken to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital by ambulance. Then what was he doing at the Marriott? For a small head wound he would only need some stitches (according to his own statement this wasn’t even necessary).
The following is also ridiculous.
They did an X-ray on my leg, I then got a CT scan on my head and finally they did an ultra-sound on my leg.
Lambert had no internal injuries, so with a great many wounded (50 according to the latest numbers) they ran some useless tests on him.
Lambert expects to stay at home for a few days to recover. From what? A small head wound…

What’s also strange is that Lambert knows 5 names of people that had helped him: Alice, Dean, Emma, Ash Rashid and Simmonds.
Of course it’s not impossible, but if I had been in such a situation I couldn’t: http://www.thevisitor.co.uk/news/moreca ... -1-8458182

In one of those strange coincidences 3 boys of 15 and 16 years old, from the French St Joseph’s in Concarneau, Brittany were injured last March 22 on Westminster Bridge.
On 13 November 2015, former St Joseph's pupil Estelle Rouat, was at the Bataclan in Paris when it was struck by an ISIS terrorist attack: http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest- ... ls-victims

Surely it’s possible that somebody that survives in London could have been both near the 7/7’05 attacks in London, and now again at the Westminster on 22/3/’17 in London.
Greg Strolenberg was visiting Parliament with his wife Jenny, Gareth Doherty, his wife Nicola, and Andy Gleed when the London attacker struck. They were heading to the steps of Westminster Palace for a photo.
Strolenberg was also near the 7/7/’05 attacks in London; he’s not from London but from Lavenham: http://metro.co.uk/2017/03/25/butcher-o ... 7-6533182/

Strolenberg was part of a group of 5 (like the politics students)…
On 7/7/’05 - 52 people were killed. Again the number 52…
Firestarter wrote:If I understand correctly the first medical doctor on the scene was Dr. Jeeves Wijesuriya that was already in Westminster Palace; he told the BBC:
We gave the officer cardiac massage and spent 52 minutes trying to resuscitate the other man”.
What makes this interesting is the number 52: 4*13.
Khalid Masood was 52 years old.
After the attacker crashed the car it took him precisely 52 seconds to walk through the gate of the Houses of Parliament, stab PC Keith Palmer to death, and be shot and killed himself.
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Re: False flag attack Westminster London

Post by Firestarter »

I have found a 2:47 minutes video of the Westminster Bridge that looks “real”. It looks like it was shot by a “real” tourist surprised at what he sees.
This video is hard to find by a regular internet search, and impossible to find an unedited version without a whole bunch of blurred people (I found it after looking at hundreds of posts on the Icke forum).
This video is valuable because it goes along the whole bridge at a constant slow walking speed.

Seeing the uncensored version, I really don’t understand what could be the reason for blurring. Nobody at all has horrible injuries unbearable to watch.
All in all I see one spot that has something red that could be blood (timestamp 0:55).

Furthermore I don’t see or hear anybody in shock, yelling, crying, or what else I expect as “normal” human behaviour when a madman in a car has been mowing down pedestrians.
All the injured people lie on the ground (mostly on their back), suspiciously still and silent.
Nobody inspects the injuries, tries to bandage wounds, gives first aide, or anything like this.
None of the people sitting or lying on the ground are in the middle of the pavement. If the story of the terrorist attack were true, they wouldn’t care about blocking pedestrians.

At the beginning of the video somebody yells “switch it off” repeatedly.
According to the official story, Khalid Masood starting racing over the pavement of Westminster Bridge at 2:40:08 PM and crashed his car at 2:40:38 PM (local time).
At 0:40 the bells of a tower clock sound (2:45 PM); so the video runs from 2:44:20 – 2:47:07 PM. It starts more than 4 minutes after the attack began.

Here’s the "real", raw, uncut and not blurred video of the aftermath of the "terrorist attack" at Westminster Bridge.

One reason why I “had to” see this video is to check the amount of injured people.
When I first read the “independent” Wikipedia on March 23, there were 5 people dead and 40 injured reported.
Since March 30 (probably even earlier), the numbers are constantly 5 dead and 50 injured: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Westminster_attack

In the video, I count a total of 10 people that act injured, none of them is unattended. All of them lie on the ground; at the following timestamps:
0:03 (Aysha Frade), 0:08, 0:15, 0:46 (maybe Korean), 0:49, 0:55 (maybe Korean, with red that’s supposed to be blood), 0:55, 1:08, 1:59, 2:03.

Kurt Cochran is understandably missing; he’s reportedly down the stairs.
Melissa Cochran is missing, but she could be to the left before the video starts.
Andreea Cristea was the woman that jumped off the bridge (so can’t be in the video).
The video stops before the crash site of the car, where a reported 2 more victims are found.
Inside the gate of the Westminster Palace the attacker Khalid Masood and cop Keith Palmer were killed.
When I add this up, there are 5 dead people, and 12 injured in total.

I would expect that the injured people are at the beginning of the video, as they could have been caught off guard, while the rest could get away before being hit.
From 0:20-0:40 and 1:10-1:59 in the video, no injured people are seen at all.
I’m especially surprised at the 2 injured people (on the pavement) at 1:59 and 2:03; as according to the official story, the car should have already gotten off the pavement (to avoid hitting the rotating gates).

From 0:46 on, the pavement becomes crowded, as if actors walk intentionally in front of the camera to frustrate making this video.
From 0:55 on, some debris (supposedly from the Hyundai car) are scattered on the pavement and road. Maybe the crowd was in front of the camera so the cameraman couldn’t see the debris being planted.

In this video I don’t see anybody that resembles the injured: Francisco Lopes, the political students Travis Frain and Owen Lambert or the bearded man on the stretcher (that was taken to the Marriott Hotel).
I don’t see the 3 injured French schoolboys.
I see only 2 injured Asians, there should be 5 injured Koreans.

You can watch the 30 second video of the Polish politician Radoslaw Sikorski, who reportedly made this immediately after the car had passed, for comparison (including the yellow sign that would have blocked the car going over the pavement): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHkWPoy8GE8
For the first 20 seconds Sikorski focuses on 1 injured victim, that isn’t in the other “real” video. The only other injured person in this video is at 0:25, this one isn’t in the “real” video either.

I’ve found 2 other snippets of only a few seconds, but they’re of such a low resolution that there is not much to see.
This one shows 2 injured persons (and some debris of the car); I believe this shows 0:49-0:56 in the “real” video: https://twitter.com/newsfoxie/status/844590482764283906
This shows one injured person (there is an Asian woman in a pink jacket, while there is an injured Asian woman in a pink jacket in the “real” video); maybe this is 1:08 in the “real” video: https://twitter.com/newsfoxie/status/844917180676362240

I conclude that all of the people lying and sitting on the pavement are actors that are waiting for make-up artists to make them look injured.
There was no car that smashed pedestrians on Westminster Bridge on March 22…
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