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Embedded Videos in the Forum

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Members are welcome to embed videos in their posts. Please read this brief announcement and take note of the best way to handle embedded videos.

Since the beginning of this forum we've had the ability to embed video. This is not a native function available within the forum software, it requires a "plugin" or "extension".

Videos embedded in posts prior to Nov. 2017 used the "video" tag. After having upgraded the software I find that the plugin which used that tag has not been updated to keep up with the software, and is no longer available. This means if you have made posts with embedded videos, they will no longer be properly displayed.

You are welcome (encouraged, actually) to edit your posts to use the new tag, at which point your embedded videos will work as they should.

The new tag is "BBvideo", and it seems to require width and height fields which are automatically added when you select the correct icon in the Composer. What I'm saying is it won't be enough to simply insert "BB" in front of the word "video" in the tag. Remove the prior "video" tag, select the text of the video's URL, and click the proper icon in the toolbar of the Composer.

I apologize for this, but using the old plugin was not an option for reasons of security.

Considering this may conceivably happen again in the future (I hope not, but who knows?), I suggest you adopt the following policy when embedding videos-- paste the URL into your post TWICE, on separate lines. Mark it the first time as a BBvideo, and the second time as a URL. That way, if the display of the video ever becomes broken, readers can still click on the URL link to see the video. Like this:


I've been doing this anyway, so my embedded videos should be easy to follow, even though I might not get all of them edited.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.
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