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Long ago and far away . . .

Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 6:35 am
by A_McBeth
In the Dark Ages a group of English soldiers were traveling through Scotland, they came across a fog filled valley, a voice emanated from the fog "One Scotsman is the equal of any Englishman", "Fighting words" says the Captain of the English, he sends one of his best fighters into the fog. They hear sounds of a sword fight then it goes silent. The voice from the fog now exclaims "One Scotsman is the equal to two Englishman", hmm says the Captain he sends two of his best fighters into the fog. Again they hear sounds of sword fighting and it goes silent again. The same voice comes from the fog "One Scotsman is the equal of four Englishman", this continues and the number keeps doubling after every fight. Until the voice from the fog cries out "One Scotsman is the equal of 64 Englishman", the Captain counts up his men and with himself included they number 64, he commands his troops to follow him into the fog. Just as they reach the edge of the fog one of the previous English soldiers is crawling out, even though he is suffering horrendous wounds he grabs the leg of the Captain. The Captain bends down to hear his final words, which are, "Don't go in Sir it's a horrible trap, there are two of them in there!"