Vehicle / Motor Vehicle

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Vehicle / Motor Vehicle

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KJV References


Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language, 1828
VE'HICLE, noun [Latin vehiculum, from veho, to carry.]

1. That in which any thing is or may be carried; any kind of carriage moving on land, either on wheels or runners. This word comprehends coaches, chariots, gigs, sullies, wagons, carts of every kind, sleighs and sleds. These are all vehicles. But the word is more generally applied to wheel carriages, and rarely I believe to water craft.

2. That which is used as the instrument of conveyance. Language is the vehicle which conveys ideas to others. Letters are vehicles of communication.

A simple style forms the best vehicle of thought to a popular assembly.
Black’s Law Dictionary, 1st edition, 1891
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Judicial and Statutory Definitions of Words and Phrases, West Publishing Company, 1904
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49 U.S. Code § 13102 - Definitions
(16) Motor vehicle.—
The term “motor vehicle” means a vehicle, machine, tractor, trailer, or semitrailer propelled or drawn by mechanical power and used on a highway in transportation, or a combination determined by the Secretary, but does not include a vehicle, locomotive, or car operated only on a rail, or a trolley bus operated by electric power from a fixed overhead wire, and providing local passenger transportation similar to street-railway service.
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