Transgender Newspeak

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Transgender Newspeak

Post by notmartha » Thu Oct 01, 2015 12:39 pm

Pregnant Woman>>>>Birthing Individual

Hear the Twilight Zone music in your head? Ok, you're ready to read...

Midwives Can’t Say ‘Pregnant Women’, Must Say ‘Birthing Individuals’ To Avoid Offend Breastfeeding Trans Dad

Sept 29, 2015
Last year, the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) conducted a politically correct purge of their guidelines, removing any reference to fact that mothers are women, for fear of offending the transgendered. But now, an alliance of midwifes, mothers and experts have began to fight back, insisting that it is “dangerous” and “harmful” to deny the “biological reality” of motherhood.

In 2014, with little consultation, MANA decided that being a woman was not a necessary or relevant factor for being a mother. They edited their core competencies document, and in effect ordered practitioners to stop referring to clients as “women” and “mothers” demanding they say “pregnant people” and “birthing individuals” instead.

The change did not go unnoticed. At the end of last month a group calling themselves “Woman-Centred Midwifery” (WCM) published an open letter addressed to MANA, signed by hundreds of respected Midwifery experts including the revered “mother of authentic midwifery” Ina May Gaskin.

They wrote, very politely, that: “MANA’s attempts at inclusivity are commendable in today’s complex world. We are concerned, however, by accelerating trends in our culture to deny material biological reality and further disconnect ourselves from nature and the body.”

Referring to the edited core competencies document, they protested that, “women are now all but missing from the language, as if we can separate woman from mother from baby. Woman is recognized now only in relation to her baby. This is harmful to female adult humans; we women have fought long and hard to be recognized as autonomous beings.”

The MANA case is not an isolated one. The American College of Nurse-Midwives also began to recognise “transsexual” and “gender variant” mothers in 2013. However, they are yet to bow to the perpetually offended by following MANA’s lead in denying the right of non-transgendered mothers to be recognised as women.

If you’re wondering how someone who is not considered a woman could even have a baby, such that MANA might want to make the “progressive” move of severing the concept from that of mother, then here is a case study.

Trevor MacDonald is a self identified female-to-male transgendered gay man whose been campaigning against WCM, accusing them of “transphobia” in The Huffington Post. It seems that no amount of cosmetic surgery could allow him to escape the innate instincts latent in his biology, and MacDonald has given birth to two children since he transitioned. In 2012, he explain in a blog post how this is so:

“My name is Trevor and I am able to be pregnant because I am transgender. This means that I was born female but transitioned to male by taking hormones and having chest surgery.

“When my partner and I decided to start a family, we got advice from my doctors and I stopped taking my testosterone. My baby is due in April. Because my surgery removed most of my breast tissue, I don’t know how much I’ll be able to breastfeed, but I really want to try.”

MacDonald feels that, “the signatures [on the WCM letter] of midwives held in high esteem in the birthing community are especially hurtful,” and argues that, “trans, genderqueer and intersex people have been giving birth for as long as women-identified people have and we have also encountered oppression.”

MacDonald believes that the people who signed the letter merely, “fear a future where they will not be allowed to write or speak about women in their own practices,” and that, “we do not need to choose between celebrating women and including people of all genders.”

However, far from suffering from some “phobia” or irrational fear, WCM explain their quite rational reservations in the letter. “We know as midwives that biological sex occurs at the level of our DNA and the gametes we produce, and is immutable,” they write.

They acknowledge that “gender is cultural and gender norms vary across the globe,” but state that, “Sex is natural, biological and objectively factual,” and “Human beings, like the majority of other mammals, are sexually dimorphic. i.e. there are two distinct biological sexes.”

Arguing that, “by embracing the idea that any human other than those in a class called women carry offspring to term, give birth to them and nurse them, we are prioritizing gender identity over biological reality,” and that, “We are allowing gender identity to be the primary way that we refer to one another, even for a biological process like birth.”

“The very few gender-identified males that have given birth or accessed an abortion have only done so because they are female-bodied people, and that scientific fact cannot be erased,” they add.

MANA even appeal to the arguments of second wave feminists (or trans exclusionary radical feminists / TERFS) to make their point, who have long argued that, “female liberation from patriarchal oppression, including brutal and demeaning birth practices, cannot be achieved if we are forbidden from mentioning female biology.”

Even some transgendered people have taken issue with delusional stance of MANA (see the Tweet below.)

Leading midwife and the first signatory on the open letter, MaryLou Singleton, went further still, defending those who believe the concept of gender does not exist as a separate entity to biological sex, who are so often accused of hatred. “By saying that we do not believe in gender, we are not ‘erasing’ the existence of people who strongly identify with gender any more that by saying we don’t believe in Catholicism erases the existence of Catholics,” she wrote on Facebook.

MacDonald accused her of “bizarre and hostile” “Trans hatred.”

It must be remembered, however, that this seemingly petty conflict within midwifery is not just an intellectual question of biology and social theory. It’s certainly not merely the continuation of the long running squabble between old order feminism and gender theory feminists (who deny that female biology has anything to do with women, and so feminism).

This is, primarily, about the children involved. It is a final, humiliating assault on the tradition family, and the attempt to removed the notion of women from motherhood should terrify us all – even those who support same-sex marriage.

As WCM conclude in their letter: “We must fight the forces destroying the living material world and telling us that cultural distractions are more real than life itself. There is life-giving power in female biology. As midwives we protect the lives of the life-givers: women, mothers, females, and their offsping. We must not become blinded to the biological material reality that connects us.”
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Post by notmartha » Sat Dec 05, 2015 1:48 pm



[miks, muhks]

1. a title of respect prefixed to a person's surname: unlike Mr., Mrs., or Ms., it does not indicate gender and may be used by a person with any or no specific gender identity.

Origin of Mx. Expand

1975-80; M (as in Mr./Mrs./Ms.) + x (symbol for an unknown quantity, person, or thing)
From HERE:

Here’s the Term ‘Gender-Neutral’ Advocates Want You To Use Instead of Mr. and Mrs.

By Kelsey Rupp (December 1, 2015) | Culture
Over the weekend, The New York Times drew both criticism and praise for using “Mx.” as an honorific title in an article, in the place of the masculine “Mr.” or feminine “Ms.” and “Mrs.”

In an article about New York bookstore Bluestockings, Times writer Charles Curkin introduced a staffer this way:
“Mx. Hardwick, 27, who prefers not to be assigned a gender — and also insists on the gender-neutral Mx. in place of Ms. or Mr. — is a staff member at Bluestockings.”
But this isn’t the first time the newspaper has used “Mx.” (pronounced “mix”) as an honorific title. That instance was in June when Bernard College, a women’s college in New York, announced it would accept transgender female applicants.

Transgender women are people who are biologically male but claim to identify as female.

In that article, the Times quotes Caleb LoSchiavo, whom the paper describes as:

“A student leader who was born female but does not identify with either gender and prefers the honorific Mx. …

‘I think the thing that was most surprising was how supportive and gung-ho a lot older alums were,’ said Mx. LoSchiavo.”

Apart from appearing in the Times, the gender-neutral honorific “Mx.” has had a string of recent successes.

Just last month, added “Mx.” to its body of words and the Oxford English Dictionary accepted it in August.

“Mx.” has taken off in a way that “ze,” as a gender-neutral substitute for “he” and “she,” has not. Instead, copy editors have noticed an increase in the apparently grammatically incorrect use of “they” as a singular pronoun to describe a person who does not want to be described as “he” or “she.”

For better or worse, the language we use to describe gender impacts how we think about and conceptualize gender. The same is true for anything we have words to describe.

By adding “Mx.” to the English language reservoir, advocates of a gender-neutral language scored an important victory. Other gender-neutral changes, not in the abstract like with language but in the concrete with restrooms and dorm rooms and sports teams, may soon follow.
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Re: Trangender Newspeak

Post by notmartha » Mon May 16, 2016 12:48 pm


Chicago Public School (CPS) mandates all students and employees to use the pronouns and names requested by the transgender and "gender non-conforming" individuals, or face consequences

May 13, 2016 ... stigiacomo
The Left is now dictating our speech, specifically our pronoun usage.

Taking a page straight out of George Orwell’s 1984, the Chicago Public School (CPS) system released new guidelines mandating all students and employees to use the pronouns and names requested by the transgender and "gender non-conforming" individuals, or face consequences. Trans and gender non-conforming students may also use the restroom and locker-room of their choice.

The CPS system released two sets of extremely similar guidelines; one for “Adults” and one for “Students.” Both explicitly state that “appropriate consequences” will be divvied out if an individual “intentionally” fails to use the requested pronouns of another individual. Kindly, they gave us examples of “common” pronouns: “’they,’ ‘their,’ ‘ze,’ ‘he’ and ‘she.’”

Per the student guidelines: "[T]he intentional or persistent refusal by students or school staff to respect a student’s gender identity (for example, intentionally referring to the student by a name or pronoun that does not correspond to the student’s gender identity) is a violation of these Guidelines, the Student Code of Conduct, and Comprehensive Non-Discrimination, Title IX and Sexual Harassment Policy. Such violations will result in appropriate consequences for offending staff and students.”

Similarly, per the adult guidelines: “The intentional or persistent refusal by school staff or students to respect an individual’s gender a violation of these Guidelines the Student Code of Conduct, and Comprehensive Non-Discrimination, Title IX and Sexual Harassment Policy. Such violations will result in appropriate consequences for offending staff and students."

As The Daily Caller notes, “Under the guidelines, schools cannot require transgender individuals to obtain a court order or gender change before forcing the new vocabulary upon students.”

So, on Monday, when Johnny claims to identify as Gabrielle, and wants to be referred to by such name, and by the pronoun “ze,” the teacher and students must capitulate or face “appropriate consequences.”

Plus, Johnny—I mean Gabrielle—can use the girls' locker-room and restroom, too.

Oh, and the school can’t inform Johnny’s parents about his new “identity” without the “student’s permission.” “[W]hen speaking with other staff members, parents, guardians, or third parties, school staff should not disclose a student’s preferred name, pronoun, or other confidential information pertaining to the student’s transgender or gender nonconforming status without the student’s permission, unless authorized to do so by the Law Department,” read the guidelines.

This should go swimmingly.

The CPS system released a statement on their webpage, proudly standing by their Orwellian guidelines. “The guidelines released today will help ensure every student and adult in the CPS family can participate in an environment of complete tolerance and respect,” said CPS Chief Education Officer Dr. Janice K. Jackson.
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Re: Transgender Newspeak

Post by notmartha » Mon Aug 22, 2016 1:06 pm

Gender oppression is not a joke, xe told zie ... e-told-zie
In an attempt to prevent oppression, a homosexual-rights group at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has developed a helpful chart with 12 acceptable pronouns.

Per, fae, ve, xe, ey may look like an eye chart at the optometrist’s office but it’s the pronoun chart listed on the website of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center at the university.
prounouns_univ_wis.jpg (16.75 KiB) Viewed 9556 times
Approximately 20,000 students attend UWM, where students and faculty are being urged to respect each person’s “personal gender pronoun,” or PGP.

“Grammar is not constructed in order to make people feel good about their lives,” observes Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute. “The grammar is intended to make communication easier. This is an unworkable situation. It’s self- indulgent. It’s absurd.”

The pronoun chart was first reported by education watchdog Campus Reform, which noted the LGBTRC website claims it’s “oppressive” to fail to respect another person’s gender identity.

The oppression-fighting students at UMC may have been outdone by Weslyan University, however, which is accommodating 14 categories of students.

National Review Online noticed last year when the Connecticut university announced campus housing for self-identified “LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM” students.

If a student feels they don’t belong in one of those categories, there is also room for “people of sexually or gender dissident communities,” the NRO story explained.

Much like those “dissident communities” at WU, the Resource Center at UWM noted that it may be missing some gender pronouns, too. The 12 pronouns are not an “exhaustive list” so it’s a good idea to ask people, when you meet them, what pronoun they prefer to use.

It’s also “inappropriate” to apologize too much for using the wrong pronoun, which can further embarrass a misgendered person, the website explained.

It was unclear from the website if that causes oppression or just hurt feelings, or both.
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Re: Transgender Newspeak

Post by editor » Tue Aug 23, 2016 3:52 am

I think it's hilarious you posted this in Terms of Art.
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Re: Transgender Newspeak

Post by notmartha » Tue Aug 23, 2016 11:59 am

editor wrote:I think it's hilarious you posted this in Terms of Art.
Careful, Editor, stereotyping is considered hate speech. Just apologize to all the “LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM” people out there for insinuating they have artistic talents, and everything will be oooookaaaaaayyy.


I find it hilarious that this topic has been viewed more times than most of the others. Tells where people's priorities are. :roll:
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Re: Transgender Newspeak

Post by notmartha » Mon Oct 03, 2016 6:09 am

This will probably be the last I post on this craziness. Y'all get the idea...

From HERE:
The U.S. Marine Corps may have to change its motto from Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful) to “Always gender-neutral.”

Nineteen military occupational specialties will soon be stripped of the word “man” as the Marine Corps comes into accordance with Navy Secretary Ray Mabus’ mandated changes.

The Marine Corps Times published a list of the new job titles on Monday, which include:

•Basic infantry Marine.
•Riverine assault craft Marine.
•Light-armor vehicle Marine.
•Reconnaissance Marine.
•Recon Marine Parachute Qual.
•Recon Marine CMBT Div.
•Recron Marine CMBT and Parachute
•Infantry assault Marine.
•Antitank missile gunner.
•Basic field artillery Marine.
•Field artillery fire control Marine.
•Field artillery operations chief.
•Field artillery sensor support Marine.
•Fire support Marine.
•Basic engineer, construction and equipment Marine.
•Basic tank and assault amphibious vehicle Marine.
•Armor Marine.
•Amphibious assault vehicle Marine.
•Amphibious combat vehicle Marine.

“As we achieve full integration of the force … this is an opportunity to update the position titles and descriptions themselves to demonstrate through this language that women are included in these MOSs,” Secretary Mabus wrote in a January order to Commandant Gen. Robert Neller, the newspaper reported. “Please review the position titles throughout the Marine Corps and ensure that they are gender-integrated as well, removing ‘man’ from the titles.”

Sgt. Geoff Heath, a Marine rifleman with multiple combat deployments, told the Washington Post on Wednesday that such changes are emblematic of America’s changing culture.

“On one hand, the name changes from ‘man’ to ‘person’ or whatever they want to call it doesn’t really matter. They could call mortarmen bakers for all I care,” the non-commissioned officer said. “But on the other, it’s a direct reflection on society’s crybaby political correctness.”

A Marine Corps Times reader echoed that sentiment, saying, “We have reached peak crazy.”

From HERE:
All 91 of the U.S. Navy’s enlisted job titles are headed for Davy Jones’ locker.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus prodded the Navy and Marine Corps early this year to look for ways to create gender-neutral rating titles. The Marines responded with new job titles in June, but the Navy ultimately decided to go with a complete overhaul of its system.

“We’re going to immediately do away with rating titles and address each other by just our rank as the other services do,” Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Robert Burke toldNavy Times for a piece published Thursday. “We recognize that’s going to be a large cultural change, it’s not going to happen overnight, but the direction is to start exercising that now.”

The move, which officials say will make service members more employable post-service, does away with titles like airman and fireman in favor of Navy Occupational Specialties (NOS).

“Under this new system, for example, Gunner’s mates will be identified as B320 and quartermasters will be B450,” Navy Times explained.

The title seaman will remain the last nonrated rating remaining for those with a rank of E-3 and below.

Vice Adm. Robert Burke told the newspaper that NOS will be configured into broad career fields within 13 communities of service. The new system aims to give sailors a greater number of duty stations and more flexibility in terms of how their careers advance.

A spokesman for Secretary Mabus denied any “direct line” between the directive for gender-neutral job titles and the Navy’s decision to overhaul its system, the Washington Examiner reported.
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