Where Are Our Priorities?

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Where Are Our Priorities?

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I received an email today soliciting me to post a link to a site which offers information on "Education Degree Programs". However, this was not the usual spam, which is why I'm writing about it. These folks are using the only kind of internet advertising which (in my opinion) works. They give away something valuable, in hopes you'll find something else while you're there. What's more, they're not blatant about trying to get your money. I'm not even sure exactly what they're selling.

They have created an infographic which very effectively shows how much money the United States spends on education; how that compares with other countries, and how effective that expenditure is in terms of graduates. The chart is interesting to contemplate.

It would be a better chart if it also measured the quality of education given, vs. money spent, in the various countries. I realize such a statistic is difficult to measure accurately.

Anyway, here's the link. I think you'll like the chart.

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