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Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Wed Apr 22, 2020 9:48 pm
by knorbert

Most stupidest letter from Hungarian police, and they keep pushing to do that what they lawfully cannot do that at all.. *********************************, Quote from letter what BAZ County Police Headquarter sent me..

in Hungarian: “Tájékoztatom hogy több címzettnek küldött beadványát a Kazincbarcikai Rendőrkapitányságnak küldtem meg”

Google translation from Hungarian to English:
“I would like to inform you that I sent the submission sent to several recipients (my e-mail which was addressed to multiple authorities) to the Kazincbarcika Police Headquarters..”
It sounds like; Police want to inform me about that: my e-mail which was addressed to multiple authorities was forwarded by them to my city’s Police station..
But police cannot do that, because:
My e-mail was addressed also to:
1, Sergei Naryshkin, Director of Foreign Intelligent Service of the Russian Federation (here after SVR).)..
2, and Ombudsman (UN) too..
3, - Meanwhile police has no rights to forward my e-mail / petition (report) in the name of Ombudsman to another police station especially to be investigated..
4, - And would be interesting to hear if the local Hungarian police think they have rights to make investigation or to answer in the name of SVR, about that racist corruption in what ex-KGB has openly benefit..
5, *** - And the remain part of their letter didn’t talk anything about the racist corruptions and my oppressed human rights, meanwhile my e-mail was about that. - ***
6, Meanwhile even the UN, and Act of Rome laws say authorities first duty is to liberate my human rights..

Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 3:51 pm
by knorbert
1,- I called Russian Embassy to Hungary on phone on April 23..
To question them about the police letter because the letter means that the police forwarded my e-mail in the name of others, including Russian Embassy to Hungary..
At the Russian Embassy a woman answered me that they didn’t authorize the Hungarian police to forward my e-mail or act in their name..

2,- And right after that I called the Ombudsman to Hungary (UN)..
And woman told me my email to them is about only harassment, then I told her my case is about racist corruption against my life.
Then I told her the racism is also a harassment if you want it that way.. she didn't answer..
- Then the woman rejected to give me any information about whether Ombudsman allowed the police to forward my e-mail or act in their name or not..
- Her reason was she doesn't know it “Because everybody is working from home since corona virus lock-down, and no mobile, etc phone contacts just e-mail exist”. And she told me to send e-mail and wait till they answer (one day or not)..
- She even told me that I cannot contact anybody on phone but her because nobody has mobile phone at Ombudsman.. But irony for her I found a mobile phone number and after I called that number she answered to me.. I told her she lied to me, or her colleges forwarded their mobiles to her..

Here in Hungary the cornered corrupt authorities are suggesting Ombudsman if their victims is not quiter, but the public knows Ombudsman as a useless corrupt joke, even in TV many times they had bad critics from public..

3, - Then my next phone call was to B-A-Z County Police, because of their corrupt letter which answered in the name of everybody..
Police said they didn’t include the SVR (Russian Secret service) but they rejected to correct anything their letter.
- And they kept changing the subject when ask them about whether they included the Russian Embassy to Hungary, or Ombudsman.
- Just as they kept changing the subject when I told them my e-mail was about the racist corruption against my life and not a “simple-harassment” case what they corruptly try to forward.

And I sent a rejection letter again, to reject the corrupt police forwarding, because my human rights are not liberated by their racist corruption..

Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Sun May 31, 2020 8:12 pm
by knorbert
A month ago I talked on phone with the Dr. Richárd Bakk police chief of my city (Kazincbarcika), and he said me that this is not racism against me and he doesn’t have letter about my case.. and I (me) don’t understand the law.. and I just talk about history to him.. (But interesting is there is Hungarian law against communism and against the denying of communist crimes against humans, so this part of history is in law)..
Practically he rejected everything, but he sounded like he knows everything but scared to talk (I don’t know why because he’s brave to be police and brave to let me in trouble like others do)..


But what kind of persecution is this if it’s not based on racism?

A “Class persecution” in what a foreign race (Russian) with its ideology and its traitor Hungarian puppets have benefit ?
How is it not racism in what the Hungarian commie, etc puppets are just front man of Russian race ??

The ex-KGB (including present Russian secret services) with its Hungarian under group agencies openly have benefit from the corrupted health documents, health/ social insurance with their persecution against me from first moment and this corruption is helping the Russian system.
And Hungarian authorities told me: “Better if you leave the country,” and “Nobody cares that “stupid” law”, when I talked about my human rights to prevent prejudice because of ex-KGB etc agents.. and they still ignore to prevent ex-KGB prejudice in my life..

By the way under communism the Russian supported Hungarian communists called people like my parents, grandparents as “egyébszármazású” in English “other origin” , (”egyéb” means other / else; and ”származás” means origin, descent) even though my parents are/ were native Hungarians from Christian families.
Russian supported Hungarian communists said that prejudice by job, profession, etc or roots of families and so on.. like a “class persecution” reason.. But a part of stolen money went to Moscow and that happened what Moscow wanted..
And there were commie agents from all classes of Hungary, even were red-nobel who switched to KGB and killed not communists..
- Practically commies persecuted, killed those who didn’t belonged to their ideology and it was controlled from commie Moscow.. and they are still protected and in power..

Even after ww2 there was election and communists lost it but then Russians put the commies in power then many Hungarians were killed..
Hungary had revolution against communism in 1956 but then Soviet/ Russian army moved in and put back to power its communists.. meanwhile Hungarian people said to Russian invaders to go home.. And Russian/ Soviet army deported Hungarians even to Siberia to work as slave..


Sadly I cannot find any information about other persecuted Hungarians, and very hard to meet or find other persecuted people’s stories.. I just wonder what happened with others or how other persecuted Hungarians are talking about this..
And I was told I’m not the only one by this kind of persecution..

Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2020 9:49 am
by knorbert
According to the 1965 UN International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination:
Article 1
1. In this Convention, the term "racial discrimination" shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.

I’m not fully sure who cannot belong to “descent” or what “descent” means by UN law, so UN maybe allows or not to persecute people with using:
- What Russian supported Hungarian communists called people like my parents, grandparents as “egyébszármazású” in English “other origin” , (”egyéb” means other / else; and ”származás” means origin, descent) even though my parents are/ were native Hungarians from Christian families.
Russian supported Hungarian communists said that prejudice by job, profession, etc or roots of families and so on.. like a “class persecution” reason.. But a part of stolen money went to Moscow and that happened what Moscow wanted.. And KGB had agents even from noble Hungarian families, like Péter Medgyessy PM of Hungary..
- Practically commies persecuted, killed those who didn’t belonged to their ideology and it was controlled from commie Moscow.. and they are still protected with power..

But sure ex-KGB with present Russian secret services represents and make benefits for Russian system (Russian race, descent, nationals) from this persecution on me with using their commie ideology, meanwhile I’m native Hungarian and citizen of Hungary and not Russian..
And their friends prefer to say me “Nobody cares that “stupid” law..”, and “Better if you leave the country..”.. instead of stopping their prejudice in my life..

(Russian oppression over Hungary)

Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 5:27 am
by knorbert
Head of Ombudsman to Hungary (part of UN) Dr Ákos Kozma replied to me, and he talked with ignore like 1 of the (2nd/ 3rd generation of) “Russian Submarines” what the Swedish had/ have but they cannot terminate for some reason..

- 1, He said that they informed me earlier in date of 19, March, 2020, letter..
- 2, He said also that they answered me fully earlier and they did correctly everything and therefore they not gonna reply me anything anymore by this case/ problem.

- A; - But in reality I never got any letter from them, and that’s why I requested them to tell me what happened with my case and who handles it by their Ombudsman.

- 3, This man also said my (racist) case isn’t a crime of (Hungarian) authorities, but a PRIVATE BUSINESS CONFLICT between people..
And I just have to contact (again) the BAZ-County police then police will give me information about the opportunities..

- B, - The same BAZ-County police keep trying to forward my emails/ submission to another police station with even in the name of SVR, and Russian Embassy.. and without liberating my oppressed human rights..
- And these police keep reducing to a harassment case the racist crimes against human what authorities do against my life.

- 4, And he said Ombudsman not gonna investigate any of my future letter by this case, so they just gonna file my letters..

- C, - This is why people in Hungary call Ombudsman a corrupt useless joke which does nothing investigations for human beings..

By the way Dr Ákos Kozma the head of Ombudsman was the “Deputy of the Independent Police Complaints Board” from 2010 until his Ombudsman position.. so he's connected to police agents..
“.. it isn’t a crime of (Hungarian) authorities, but a PRIVATE BUSINESS CONFLICT between people..”
- No wonder for example why many Hungarian gypsies (under racist segregation) preferred to attack Hungarian authorities.. Probably this man told gypsies the same “it’s private business”..
The “official” end of segregation of gypsies just started this year meanwhile this man’s duty is to help the victims of the ignored crimes against humans too, since 2010..

***, - Dr Ákos Kozma the head of Ombudsman lied to me like a racist communist (neo-ex-KGB does) in his reply letter, but earlier I met with many people who knew UN corruptions..
Not just for example Falun Gong/ Dafa or Beijing’s virus pandemics were ignored by UN/ WHO..
- But many Muslims who helped me a lot warned me with anger about UN, they told me “Norbert don’t give money to baggers because you don’t know how much money that bagger has, maybe that bagger is richer than you, and you’re in trouble, and that bagger doesn’t have any trouble..”
just as Immigration of Malaysia was angry with me only when I said “UN” and not before or after that..

Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 4:54 pm
by knorbert
I sent the following e-mail and in it I asked the Ombudsman to Hungary (part of UN) because of their misleading corrupt reply.. and I also asked the rest of them too about the old same question "What happened with others in this kind of racism..".
Usually they (Hungarian authorites) ignore to do anything in first weeks/ months but then they send letters with dating back and claiming that they did everything correctly and in the future they won't do anything for me..

To.: - Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary,
- Sergei Naryshkin, Director of Foreign Intelligent Service of the Russian Federation (here after SVR).
- Russian Federation Embassy to Hungary,
- Sir, Zsolt Kiss, Director General, Tasks of the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary (here after NEAK),
- NEAK: Dr. Virág Kádár, Data-Protection Officer, - Dr. Roland Patay, administrator,
- Dr. Cecília Müller, National Chief Medical Officer, National Public Health Center (hereafter NNK)
- NNK: Dr. Rita Paphalmi, head of department, - dr. Róbert Wágner, administrator,
- Dr. Tamás Szentes, Office of the Chief Medical Officer (OTH), National Public Health and Medical Officer Service (ÁNTSZ),
- Medical Chamber (in Hungarian: Orvosi Kamara),
- Mr. Ervin Demeter, Government Commissioner; B-A-Z County Government Office, (and former Secret-Service Minister)
- Dr. Ágnes Asztalos, B-A-Z County’s Government Office, National Public Health Department,
- dr. Gyöző Perédi, Administrator, B-A-Z County’s Government Office, National Public Health Department,
- Dr. Zita Hudák, Head of District Office; District Office of Edelény,
- Dr. Mária Király, District Office of Edelény, National Public Health Department,
- Péter Szitka, Mayor of Kazincbarcika,
- János Szaniszlo, Government Office, District Office of Kazincbarcika,
- Mr. János Fortuna chief of department, Employment Department (Job-center),
- János Hajdú, Director-General, Counter Terrorism Center (TEK),
- Dr. János Balogh, Chief commissioner of the Police (here after ORFK),
- ORFK: - Dr. Zsolt Oletics, (r. alezredes) ; - Dr. Heléna Nagy, (r. ezredes),
- Dr. Vereckei Csaba Iván Police Chief of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Police Headquarters, (here after BAZ-C-Police)
- BAZ-C-Police: Mr. Alfréd Csoma, Mr. Gyula Andrási, Mr. András Leskó,
- Dr. Richárd Bakk police chief of Kazincbarcika (Hungary).
- Dr, Szabolcs Holló, judge, District Courthouse of Kazincbarcika (Hungary),
- Dr. Ákos Kozma, Ombudsman, Office of The Commission for Fundamental Rights, (UN), (Reference number K-3277/2020/1; K-3278/2020/1; K-7491/2020/1),
* If any of above named people is no longer working there then to the people who are in his/her place, or to the responsible superior.
Registry/ Case number of my letter: KIMAR-2019-09-22-B-BAZ /23
Attachment: 2020-Marc-07_Kimar_email_BAZ_12.pdf ; 2020-May-03_Kimar_email_BAZ_18.pdf
2020-Apr-05_Kimar_email_BAZ_14-15.pdf ; 2020-Apr-25_Kimar_email_BAZ_17.pdf ; Tajekoztatas-AJB-2007_2020.pdf ; AJB_2007_2020.pdf ;
Subject: Protest and Demand because of Racism.

Dear Dr Ákos Kozma, and to other recipient.

I still protest against your racist corruption, and I demand to stop it.

- A -
And by my human rights title; I DEMAND Dr Ákos Kozma, Ombudsman, Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, (here after Ombudsman):
1,- Send me all of those letters what Ombudsman states as those were sent to me earlier, except the date of 04, June, 2020, letter, (reference number: K-7491/2020/1. Case number: AJB-2007/2020).
2,- And in a reply letter to name all of those letters (with case/ reference numbers and with dates of them) what Ombudsman states as those were sent to me earlier.
3,- And I still want to know who handles / handled my case and how he/she registered it.

- In my earlier emails I requested Ombudsman to tell me that who handles my emails/ submissions by this racist case, and how it was registered by Ombudsman, because I don’t know anything about my case.
- And then I got a reply letter from Ombudsman: date of 04, June, 2020, reference number: K-7491/2020/1. Case number: AJB-2007/2020. (I attached it to this email as; AJB_2007_2020.pdf ; Tajekoztatas-AJB-2007_2020.pdf) And this letter says that they will ignore to reply me in the future by this (racist crime) case, for reason because it’s only a private business, and that Ombudsman sent me earlier also a date of 19, March, 2020, letter in what they told me everything.
- Namely I got only one document-letter from Ombudsman so far, meanwhile Ombudsman states that they sent to me earlier also.

I don’t need your bureaucratic recommendations, not even with your misleading lawyer tricks for that “police information” which rejects its help on a continuous racist, corrupt way since 2015, and even their police Central-Complaint-Office tries to mislead me with lawyer-tricks in this racist corrupt case. Surely (you) Dr. Ákos Kozma tried to do the same with some other victims of racism at the Independent Police Complaint Board too, maybe even with gypsies too in Gyöngyöspata (by segregation).

- B -
And with my human rights title I repeatedly DEMAND all of you to answer that:
“ ** - Since 1989 what happened with those people who have been victim of that racist corrupt crime, which I’ve been also a victim of in Hungary since 2015?
- Did they (successfully) left Hungary (namely emigrated)? - Or did they die in your racist, corrupt oppression? - Or did court of human rights maybe give back their rights, and need to sue you in each of this kind of racist inhumanity / corruption, and hoping that they’ll care about that “stupid” law unlike you do? ”
The reason I ask this because former Hungarian communist agents (under group of ex-KGB) openly have benefit from that racist corruption, and I want to know how that affects my chances in life.”
(I can understand for example when in Malaysia and Thailand people told me this is not their dirt and it’s a bubble to divide me and them, meanwhile they were helping me, unlike you.)

1, - I swear and I state that I’m mentally healthy person and I never was on any psychiatric examination in Hungary, and doesn’t exist any kind of lawful psychiatric examination result which proves “mental illness” about me, neither on abroad nor in Hungary.
2, - I also state that I don’t recognize any kind of Hungarian authority decisions, etc. My reason is that because my human rights are continuously oppressed on a racist corrupt way by Hungarian authorities since 2015. And they had enough time to liberate my human rights but they never did that (so far), meanwhile what I keep doing is that I’m fighting for my human rights since first moment.

Name: Mr. Norbert Kimár
Address: Hungary, 3700, Kazincbarcika, Tardonai ut 56.;
Birth place, date: Hungary, Kazincbarcika, 19, May, 1972,

13, June, 2020. Hungary,

Sincerely: Mr. Norbert Kimár

Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 3:23 pm
by knorbert
Nothing answer so far from Ombudsman to Hungary (UN) to my request, so far they didn't want to tell me who handles/ handled my e-mails and how did they registered my e-mails/ submissions.. and for some reason they don't want to show me that letter what they stated as it was sent to me earlier already and they told me everything in that reply letter.. Maybe they wait for something to be expired or to be forgotten..

Well instead of feeling myself left alone, I try to be strong and positive with looking the works of Ombudsman/ UN in Hungary just as the works of Chinese UN where authorities controlled racist crimes can exist without any answer for decades.. Maybe that's why south-east Asian authorities and simple people were angry when they heard or saw UN asking for money etc..

And of course none of other authorities replied to me about what happened with other victims in this kind of racist crime..

Maybe the truth is disturbing the east European communists, so instead of proving their innocent (if they had at all) they just arrogantly turn away from answering..

Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Fri Aug 07, 2020 8:34 pm
by knorbert
1, - I put the following texts on white T-shirts: “Kimár Norbert vagyok, magyar etnikumú
és követelem, hogy a korrupt (magyar, stb) hatóságoknak abba kell hagyniuk
az életem elleni rasszista (kommunista)
I’m Norbert Kimár, Hungarian ethnic
and I demand that corrupt (Hungarian, etc) authorities must stop their racist
(communist) crimes against my life.”
And I’m wearing them many times when I’m going out..

2, ******************,
- And I sent e-mail to Swedish embassy, I asked them to tell me why is difficult for (Swedish) Ombudsman to Hungary (UN) (Dr Ákos Kozma) to answer to my simple question, and to give out to me the Ombudsman documents about my case, meanwhile they bravely, arrogantly try to mislead me?
But no answer from them so far..

3, ******************,
- I got reply letter in basic postal envelop from local police (Kazincbarcika) and they too used “electronic” signature instead real stamp with real hand signature on paper documents.. (but earlier BAZ-county police used this kind of mailing also and they said that’s how it works now by police in Hungary)..

**Maybe ex-KGB / Russian lobby invention is “printing electronic signature” on simple paper documents with simple printers and sending them in simple postal envelops.. by proving their innocence..**

And the content of police reply letter was misleading corrupt just to ignore/ hide their “racist oppression against my life”.. Namely they picked a part from “my protest against racism” letter (when I told them it was 1 of them who sent the threatening message to me and that's why they protect that too) so they replied that the courthouse closed the “harassment case”, so they've nothing to do with me..

But in 2017-2018 the local courthouse made its decision (without trial and no contacting/listening me) and it was only about the “harassment report” meanwhile authorities knew that I'm fighting for my life because my human rights have been oppressed by Hungarian authorities already since years..

So it was no trial etc just commie lobby decision, (though I had chance to apply by that corrupt decision but I rejected it because it was much more than a “harassment case” and I was warned by other people just as authorities already told me “Nobody cares that stupid law” and “Better if you leave the country”..
- Namely police, judge, etc knew already the racist oppression against my life but they protected the ongoing racist crime..

Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2020 6:58 pm
by knorbert
Today I called Ombudsman to Hungary (UN) on phone and “finally they picked it up”, and a guy first just arrogantly wanted to get rid off me with “mhh, mhh (yeah, yeah)...” and after I told him I want those documents what they stated as they sent me but I never got it.. and when I cornered him then he just said me “Go elsewhere to find your justice..”.
Then I called them again on another number (because usually authorities block my number everywhere) and a woman in the end told me I can look into my documents if I visit them.. I still don’t know, neither understand why they won’t send me those documents in e-mail, etc..

Well just like the National Public Health Department (NNK) said me last year: “the investigation of this case doesn’t belong to (Hungarian) authorities’ duty..” just as here “Go elsewhere to find your justice..”


And yesterday I sent e-mail to Hungarian police about do I need permission or not if I want to protest alone, but as much I found is I don’t need permission as long I’m doing it alone..

**************** Angolra fordított, Translated to English. ****************
To: Budapest Police Headquarters,
B-A-Z County Police Headquarters,
Miskolc Police Headquarters,
Kazincbarika Police Headquarters,

Subject: Asking information to protesting.

Dear Sir, Madam,

I’m Hungarian citizen, and I want to protest alone in different places; in Kazincbarcika, Miskolc and Budapest (in Hungary). The reason of the will of my protest is because the authorities racist crime, corruption is oppressing my human rights and endangering my life in Hungary since 2015..
I read the“Act LV of 2018 on the right of assembly (in Hungarian 2018. évi LV. törvény a gyülekezési jogról)”, and it said “if 2 or more people want to protest then need to ask permission”; but I’ve some questions, does permission need to protest if:
- 1, I want to protest only alone and peacefully without blocking etc others there.
- 2,a; Can I use protesting transparent ? And which law is regulating it? (I don’t want anybody to join my protest, and if they try it then I will send them away or call the police.)
- 2,b; But can I answer to anybody if they ask anything from me for example what I’m doing there, or the reason for my protest, etc?
- 3,a; Is it allowed by law to protest (alone) at (Russian, Swedish) embassies? (Of course without anybody it would be blocked.) If it’s not allowed to protest there then how far do I have to be from them?
- 3,b; And at government/ authorities buildings (for example Police station, Foreign Ministry, Ombudsman, etc), at parliament in Kossuth tér/ square.
- 4, Can I stay there to protest 24 hours long ?
- 5, I want to respect the covid-19 (corona virus) distance regulation by my demonstration.

* Please answer me in e-mail, *

Name: Mr. Norbert Kimár

Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2020 3:14 am
by knorbert
on 13, Aug, 2020, I got reply (only) from Budapest Police Headquarters; Their reply meant there is no need permission to protest alone.
Meanwhile other police headquarters (Miskolc, Kazincbarcika) didn’t reply so far (but that doesn’t mean I gave up my will to protest against racist commie authorities crimes). These are the brave commies "brave enough to be racist criminal but coward from a single person when he wants to transparent his opinion"


On 30-31, Aug, 2020, I protested (expressing opinion) in Kossuth square next to Hungarian Parliament.
I met people who told me; Don’t give up the fight, but also were pessimistic and pro-communist too..

- On 31, Aug, 2020, I protested (expressing opinion) next to Russian Embassy to Hungary in Budapest.
I was tired because it was second day of my protest. Police tried to stop my protest here but it didn’t work out for them.
- A man came out from Russian Embassy and talked with me, I believe I met him earlier already on phone (or he reminds me that man), when I called Russian Embassy few times in last months.
Anyway he listened, talked gentlemanly and flexible way about the situation (he tried to protect Russia and their Embassy but wasn’t a stubborn to deny my rights by prejudice, etc), and in the end he suggested me that I should try to turn for help to human-rights organization, like Human Rights Watch.
I sent email to Human Rights Watch, and hopefully they’ll answer, but I don’t trust in hope, etc..

I met people here also who told me; Don’t give up (the fight), Thanks for protesting, but also were pessimistic and pro-communist too..


And I learned that in my protest (while talking with people):
“- Who would let to be judged by those racist butchers, and their relatives, etc who ran persecutions and even killed people in my close family?
It’s like expecting from Holocaust surviver Jews that their present and past mental health will be judged by Nazi criminals or by Nazi’s children etc..”

No wonder why (even) Muslims said me in the last few years “Jews are smart people”.