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Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:06 am
by knorbert
Back to my earlier comment, maybe I’m wrong but by law the NEAK (Tasks of the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary) should had forwarded my request to that authority where they can help me, instead to tell me where to go for that help..
(but actually this is a difficult situation even for NEAK)

Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:24 am
by knorbert
That’s what the family doctors wrote into my health history without any psychiatric qualification and license:

1, He is paranoid in many ways. he talks about persecution erroneous, in conversation his erroneous turns on my personal too. He’s verbally threatening to report me, different authorities are watching me also, and I'm under that influence.
2, He states that organized criminals are harassing him, he tried to make report by police, but police didn’t accept it. He has paranoid persecution.

(It is the origin Hungarian version:
1, Szerteágazó paranoiás, üldöztetéses téveszméket hangoztat, beszélgetés során ráterjed a téveszméje a személyemre is. Szóban fenyegetőzik hogy feljelent, engem is figyelnek különböző hatóságok, amiknek befolyása alatt állok.
2, Állítása szerint szervezett bűnözők zaklatják, rendőrségen próbált feljelentést tenni, de a rendőrség nem fogadta el. Paranoid üldöztetése van.)


Basically below is what I sent to:
Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary,
János Hajdú, Director-General, Counter Terrorism Center (TEK)
Mr. Ervin Demeter Government Commissioner

Three kinds of outlaw acts are violating and endangering my life and human-rights:
- a; Unknown persons many times troubled me on Internet and on phone.
- b; in 2015 I tried to make report at Hungarian police, but they didn’t want to help me.
- c; I said this on a family-doctor’s examination in 2015, and after that the family doctors asked from me that kind of health care examination, in what exactly the Hungarian health care system is unable with mentally healthy mind to be suitable and to answer, for example to the purpose of proving their impartiality. Meanwhile their corrupt act is provenly danger to the public even on abroad.”
- d; And family doctors are continuously corrupting my health-documents since 2015, sometimes even when I wasn’t there, just as my health-insurance is also corrupt because doctors falsely reported cost accountings.
I’m a relative of victims of communist crimes against humans and I’ve rights by that to prevent prejudice. But family doctors illegally said that nobody cares that stupid thing, especially because it was long ago. Meanwhile they rejected to let me have that medical examination then on abroad.
- In 2016, The National Public Health Department, Government Office and the police corruptly minimized my complaints and reports and then they denied me with reason the doctors were right because nothing happened.
- The Government Office of B.A.Z. County made a decision in the name of and on behalf of Mr. Ervin Demeter Government Commissioner and it said that the Public-health Department lawfully investigated my complaint, so the family doctors didn’t do anything wrong.
(I note that the authorities corruptly minimized my complaints repeatedly by this also.)
And probably there are more corruption what I didn’t even realize yet.

((for the lawful path forums readers: Mr. Ervin Demeter was the Minister of Civilian Intelligence Services of Hungary between 2000-2002.) and in the same ruling political party of government which is also now in power))

And this corruption is Your (TEK) result, especially if we follow what You’re promising:
“Helping Hungarian citizens in Hungary and on abroad, and capturing dangerous criminals”. Meanwhile proven fact this corruption is endangering life and can even ruining tourist and other businesses, and attacks cultures too.
Because it’s encouraging, influencing organized criminals to act against me and against those who try to help me even on abroad.
I personally know what it means in the tourist or in other area of Kuala Lumpur, or elsewhere in Malaysia or for example in Thailand, etc.
Meanwhile Malaysia is called as peaceful country, and I got many help there.

** I’m showing You (TEK) in the followings the international result of the corrupt diagnosis, what the Hungarian family doctors did against me without any psychiatric qualification and license, because they falsely diagnosed my lawful protection rights as mental illness:
* Because for example in Malaysia (mostly or practically mix of foreign) organized criminals came to me with reason that “your doctors are right (in Hungary)”, and in that time they tried to steal from me. But the honest local people stood up for me there. But also in Hungary a police (though only verbally) but he called this diagnosis as violation of human rights.

** Honest people (who helped me in Asia) asked from me “Do you have enemies?”, like they had reason to ask that question.

* Once a man (probably foreigner) who was described by others as evil, troublemaker, etc decided to come with us (like a stalker) to the National Mosque of Malaysia, and there he told me he’ll teach me Islam and he’ll go to talk with the Imam about me. Not just me but my company were shocked, but we said this: “We don’t know yet why this happened but we’ll know it”. Minutes later he came back and he said me; he’ll now pray once and then he’ll go away, meanwhile he looked like being scared, ashamed and cried.
This man tried to use the Hungarian family doctors’ corrupt diagnosis openly against me elsewhere too, (But sometimes he falsely acted like a police while others' money, phone etc disappeared next to his friends.)
* But a nice thing was there for me and for him in the Mosque. We were being under control of the law for human beings even if for example that law doesn’t exist in Hungary.

** Could TEK tell me: Why did Hungarian family doctors and police call my asking for help as nothing but paranoia instead of giving me that result what I got for example in Malaysian Mosque? I’m waiting for Your official reply.

* And in Thailand (Buddhist country) also not just in Malaysia mix of foreign organized criminals came to me few times to tell me “Give it up (the lawful protection) and let us help you”..
* And after when I said “no” to them, then they restarted the “He’s crazy” or “We (the criminals) are that what we got paid for”..

* And in Hungary I cannot even get a legal job because my health history and health insurance are corrupt, because I don’t even have real health-care protection in Hungary since September,2015.

That’s my experience in my life since 2015 what NEAK (Tasks of the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary) somehow (with or without will) sponsor and even export to abroad via my corrupt health insurance against me too, meanwhile I like to live freely anywhere. All because the corrupt part of authorities, doctors, police got mad with their local power in Hungary.
Practically doctors arrogantly gave green-light to the MAFIA against me, and against those who try to help me, and the organized criminals don’t even deny that result.
These are absurd and unacceptable cost accounting reports by NEAK, and by my Human rights title I reject to accept to do this with my health insurance.

And I like to inform You, I don’t recognize dr R. Zsigmond Jenő as my doctor because he violated my human rights always.
As don’t recognize neither dr. L. Márta Erzsébet as my doctor since 2015.

I state that I never was on any psychological examination in Hungary, and doesn’t exist any kind of lawful psychological examination result which proves “mental illness” about me, neither on abroad nor in Hungary. And I’m mentally healthy person.

I’m waiting for Your official reply.

This is my comment to Lawful Path forum readers:

And people in the local area of Kuala Lumpur told me stories, they even showed me photos about unusual things which didn’t happen with them before I was there.. Anyway I like those people there and we so far always liked each other, and I look them as my family..

So this corruption is seriously abnormal..
- Just think about it’s not really possible for Hungarian system to bribe the local people there because they can ask a legal settlement which is way better for them.
- And what will they tell to the public if their corruption (influences) triggers bigger crime for example in a Mosque and cannot be solved nicely, peacefully because their influenced “fan” was seriously under drug? or somebody gonna use these doctors names in a terror attack like it happened in New Zealand?

- And what they gonna answer if local authorities decide to summon someone from the Hungarian embassy, because people got tired or they captured a gangster (after he naively used this corruption)?

Probably that’s why an old Chinese man (a Singaporean Methodist) said me in Kuala Lumpur “These (nonsense) diagnosis have to be removed from your health-history or need a new health history..”

Well Hungarian authorities have to response how they think about this situation.. and I wonder if TEK (Counter Terrorism Center) and Mr. Ervin Demeter Government Commissioner (former secret service minister) will let this stupid corruption to go on or not (especially) with their own name on it..

Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 7:12 pm
by knorbert
and I forgot the last part from the corrupt health-history:

- 1, After I got out my health-history (they held it back 1 year long), I went to the police to show them what the doctor wrote in it:
“He states that organized criminals are harassing him, he tried to make report by police, but police didn’t accept it. He has paranoid persecution.”

- 2, The police wrote a minimized police report, what they suggested to me as it will be enough for the family doctor too. Meanwhile I told these police I was strongly harassed, gang-stalked..

- 3, After that I took the police report to this family doctor dr. R. Zsigmond Jenő and he wrote a certification:
“Diagnosis: We saw the introduced police report, we acknowledged it. We are not involved in law suit and on bad terms with our patient. We'll inform the former family doctor about it.”

- 4, But dr. Rácz Zsigmond reported this “introducing police report” service as a cost accounting diagnosis of paranoia by NEAK (Hungarian health-insurance).

- 5, And days later the police denied their minimized police report as nothing illegal act happened.

I was hoping in a naive good faith for peace even when dr. R. Zsigmond Jenő with arrogant laugh verbally rejected my human rights meanwhile he handed to me his certification on 07, October, 2016.
But this peace never happened, and I never visited dr. R. Zsigmond Jenő again, and I don’t because days later the police denied my report, just as the Public-Health Department denied my complaint against the family doctors, in other words they used my good faith against me.


Hungarian authorities should apologize to people who faced problems because of the Hungarian corruption result even in Asia.

Malaysia helped me a lot, and without the help of Muslims I would be dead already.

Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 6:37 pm
by knorbert
The NEAK (Tasks of the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary) sent me a reply.
But as always they talked differently than in their earlier documents.. in other words they just lied again with changing their stories always and beating around the bush..
Probably because Hungarian (Islam phobic) authorities have no political power in Malaysia (just as they're weak in Thailand also) meanwhile their corruptions have bad international results..

But this time NEAK (Health insurance) realized it's able to talk about those dates also what earlier they rejected to tell me with reason "Ask those informations from other authority because it's outside of our duty.."
I wonder who or what forced them to talk about those dates also this time ?!

And NEAK (Hungarian health insurance) said they don't have any more power to investigate anything any more in this case.. Maybe because it is outside of that border what the ex-KGB can control easily any time..

Just as earlier the Swedish Ombudsman (UN) said "I'm not saying you're the first one with problem like yours but we don't have records like yours.." (Ombudsman was a corrupt joke in Hungary always as the health care in Hungary)


So 1 more time "Innocent is until proven guilty" and they reject to prevent prejudice and reject to investigate the corruptions of these doctors, meanwhile authorities illegally protected the corrupt doctors always..


Hungarian authorities should apologize to people who faced problems because of the Hungarian corruption result even in Asia.

Malaysia helped me a lot, and without the help of Muslims I would be dead already.

Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 5:54 pm
by knorbert
There are 2 letters below what I got in the in the last months, and nothing but nonsense corrupt reply where they lied and ignored to reply to the important part of my complaints. And they even used the law to violate my human rights..
And the 3rd is what I sent back to them as my rejection:


1st reply:
You sent complaint report in e-mail to my office on 18, April, 2019, in what you found injurious the activity of your family doctors health services.

Based on your sent report it’s determined able that, You’re referring to your earlier complaint report, arrived on -14, September, 2016, what the District Office (authority) of Edelény Public Health Department already investigated.
You complain in your earlier report that, your family doctor doesn’t give you your driving license for you without professional psychiatric opinion, and also the asked laboratory tests were billed for the health-service.

Based on the Complaints and Public interest reports Act of 2013. CLXV. Article 2/A, (1) << in Hungarian 2013, évi, CLXV. törvény 2/A § (1) >> the same complainant’s or same whistleblower’s repeated with the earlier same content complaint’s or report’s investigation can be ignored.

I established that the present report about the health-care providers has the same content with the earlier report. Because you don’t make report against other service, therefore based on the above law I ignore the investigation.

I’m asking to acknowledge my information.

(Hungary) Edelény, 24, April, 2019.

Sincerely: Dr. Zita Hudák, Head of District Office
2nd reply:
Dear Sir !

I’m informing You in the followings with connection to your “subject: Protest against Corruption” letter (e-mail), arrived to Government Office of Borsod Abauj Zemplén County on 15, April, 2019.

The above protest letter was sent also to the District Office (authority) of Edelény. This unit of authority informed You in their letter of 24, April, 2019, about that you are referring to an earlier complaint report (14, September, 2016) in your protest, what the District Office (authority) of Edelény Public Health Department earlier full scale investigated.

I established that the units of Government Office investigated your earlier reports and they gave the necessary information to You.

I’m informing you about that in case you’re sending the same content protest letter to the Government Office, based on the Complaints and Public interest reports Act of 2013. CLXV. Article 2/A, (1) << in Hungarian 2013, évi, CLXV. törvény 2/A § (1) >> the same complainant’s or same whistleblower’s repeated with having the earlier same content of complaint’s or report’s investigation can be ignored.

I’m asking to acknowledge my information.

(Hungary) Miskolc 08. May, 2019

Sincerely: Mr. Ervin Demeter, Government Commissioner

Ha ha:
(This Ervin Demeter was earlier the secret service minister, and he ignores to prevent prejudice by comie crimes against humans. And an irony by comie (KGB) agent list, because law allows to know them but this man rejects to answer also..


And below is what I sent back to them as my rejection:

To.: - Mr. Ervin Demeter, Government Commissioner; B-A-Z County, Gov. Office, Reference number: O/19/00094-8/2019.
- Dr. Zita Hudák, Head of District Office; District Office of Edelény, Reference number: BO-02/NEO/01947-5/2019.

Subject: 1, - By my human rights title I reject to accept your corrupt reply. Reason: - A,
2, - And by my human rights title I request you to response me, why do you always ignore the important parts of my complaint and my protest. Reason: - B,
3, - And by my human rights title I request you to response me, What is your purpose to ignore prejudice and human rights violations in this “psychiatric examination suggested” case?

Dear Sir, Madam.

Reason: - A,
1, a) - I started to send protest letters to you, because your corruption are continuously endangering, making impossible and violating my human rights.

2, a) - Then you sent me two reply letters, in what you said that you did earlier a full-scale investigation in 2016 and you gave me the necessary information already in 2016.
- But it is fake answer, because you always rejected to answer to the important parts of my 2016 complaint. Therefore I don’t have lawful health care protection in Hungary.
- Abusing power to hide the human-rights violation, (act of Rome forbid that).

3, a) - And then you finished your reply letters with using the Act of 2013. CLXV. Article 2/A, (1) << in Hungarian 2013, évi, CLXV. törvény 2/A § (1) >> to ignore my protests against your corruptions, meanwhile you ignored to answer for anything about my continuously violated human rights.
- You used here the law to ignore my violated human rights, (act of Rome forbid that).

Reason: - B,
This is a political motivated psychiatric fraud in what you’re continuously ignoring the following outlaw acts against me, meanwhile I always reported complaint against the followings too:

1, b) - Family doctors called paranoia even that when I said I’m a relative of victims of communism and I’ve rights by that to prevent (political) prejudice.

2, b) - You also rejected and ignored my request to prevent (political) prejudice in Hungary, and it benefits only communist criminal ideology against their victims and against relatives of victims (against me)..

3, b) - You also rejected to answer to my request for foreign psychiatric examination, if you were unable to prevent (political) prejudice in Hungary..

4, b) - You rejected to answer me that why family doctor wrote a “Psychiatric Urgent” referral and gave it to a 3rd person (to my mother) without any of my knowledge about that.

5, b) - You rejected to answer me that why family doctor rejected to give, and to show me my health history for 1 year long.

6, b) - You rejected my request to offer me that kind of family doctor who accept my human rights. Meanwhile you protected the corrupt acts of family doctors. And that outlaw decision of your investigation put my health care rights in a “catch 22”.

7. b) - And now you also rejected to answer for the horrible international result of your corruptions (in Malaysia, Thailand).
- Family-doctors corruptly also stated; “He has paranoid persecution. He states that organized criminals are stalking on him, he wanted to make report at police, but police didn't accept it.”
- Mix of foreign organized criminals (in Malaysia, Thailand) didn’t even deny that the Hungarian family doctors corruptions are helping them. (Meanwhile normal people were helpful and nice with me.)

Name: family and given: Kimar, Norbert

Hungary, 03, June, 2019.
Sincerely, Mr. Norbert Kimar


And TEK (Counter Terrorism Center) never dared to reply to me.. even though the law says they should in 30 days..

So So 1 more time "Innocent is until proven guilty" and they reject to prevent prejudice and reject to investigate the corruptions of these doctors, meanwhile authorities illegally protected the corrupt doctors always..
Communist China calls it “re-education suggestion”, and the communist crimes protector corrupt Hungarian authorities call it “paranoid examination suggestion”, and civilization calls it “politically motivated psychiatric fraud”..

Hungarian authorities should apologize to people who faced problems because of the Hungarian corruption result even in Asia.

Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Sun Aug 25, 2019 9:09 am
by knorbert
I like to update my experience about Malaysia,
In my earlier comments I talked about it as a helpful and useful place, but now I just came back from South-east Asia. Anyway many things changed there because of new interior politics and that's not would be foreigners business, but for example lot of people (almost all foreigners) left Malaysia.
And many of those (foreigners) earlier were somehow useful there for example by compensating the corruptions in a good, useful way but now it's gone.

Reason I'm saying it because this forum is about to give and receive information for example whose life are persecuted like mine.

And please other people who think it is good for racism and to brainwash people, I'm not divided by Muslims or with others who helped me earlier :D

Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 12:06 pm
by knorbert
This is what happened with me in Malaysia:

I wanted to protest at front of Hungarian embassy in Kulal Lumpur Malaysia, I even sent e-mails to Hungarian authorities from Hungary months before:
“… If this corruption is not going to be officially stopped in my health-documents then I will protest against it for example front of at Hungarian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and then elsewhere too...”

Then I did this in Malaysia :
- 1, I visited and asked Falun Dafa (anti commie China) protesters about how to protest lawfully in Kuala Lumpur, and I told my reason. They gave me some advice and critics without being scared from Malaysian government etc..
And English, Australians and Muslims (who had good English skill) corrected my English grammar in my protest document before I took it to translator..

- 2, Then I found and personally visited without any appointment a translator company. They accepted the translation as I asked it.
- But their translation was corrupt (missing signatures, stamps, translator serial numbers, etc). When I went back to complain then they told me “This is how it is working here in Malaysia”..

Question is who had benefit to change translator company’s mind to be corrupt against me (against persecuted person’s protest documents)?

- If Malaysian Falun (anti commie) protesters; and English; Australians; Muslims wanted to fool me, then why did they give me honest, useful advices, critics and correct the English grammar in my protest document before I wanted official translation of it to other languages ?
Because they had chance to ignore me, to let me fool myself with those bunch of mistakes front of anywhere..

When I told Falun protesters look at me as this can happen here (in Aisa) also if communism ended in China... They just simply replied me as others “Because they (commies) don’t want to change..”

- By the way Malaysian system let Falun many times to protest against commie China in Kuala Lumpur though they protested always next to Mainland Chinese tourists..
And Hungarian tourists are at least 1000 times less than Chinese tourists in Malaysia (no place for tourist business protection excuse here)..
And Muslims too protest against dangerously evil commies and Islam phobics if they needed that.

But later I found that:
The translator company had business connection for example to German companies.
Hoops earlier even German Catholic Caritas rejected with their bully hate to help me in Germany (they aided ex-KGB), and also some German hostels etc simply showed me their discriminative hate against me in Germany (But Austria is the same for me).

And some Germans always acted as powerless commie-nazy can against me in Japan, Thailand (Buddhist), but in Malaysia (Islam) as desperate guilty spy.

And Germany colonized Hungary again with help of Russia (ex-KGB) and with cover of Italy (Catholic Church). Same colony games in Hungarian history book.

So this translation corruption can lead back to Germany, Hungary, Russia, (former KGB world) or Roman Catholic Italians..
My enemies simply paid off or ordered some translation from that company..


And then next morning I was stalked by a stupid Malaysian homeless woman in the hostel where I stayed, right after the translator company handed their corrupted translation to me.

But there were always some people who tried to stalk on me in hostels, etc in Asia, and in some EU countries the staffs, etc employments stalked on me..


I sent an e-mail to Royal Malaysian Police, and to Ambassador of Hungary in Kuala Lumpur, and to the translator company.

“ I'm Hungarian citizen and I got many help, treat in Malaysia between 2015 and 2019, but I never was liberated from former Hungarian communists' persecution.

And because of that I wanted to protest at front of Hungarian embassy in Kuala Lumpur in August 2019.

Therefore on July 2019 I asked Elite Asia translator company to translate my ''Asking permission from police to protest'' letter.
And then I went to the Mosque to pray on Friday after they agreed to translate my letter.
And I whished that in my pray: ''Please Allah help me to protest, but if this help, treat etc for me in Malaysia is just a bubble then please Allah burst it.''

I paid the translator company correctly, but me and many others think that the translator company (Elite Asia) did a corrupt job.. because of missing stamps, signitures, documents' serial numbers etc..
I complained and Elite Asia said me ''This is how it is working in Malaysia''.

Could you please tell me how should I think about the result of my wish by that pray? “

But so far they didn’t reply to me.

I'm not reconverted as a Muslim but I still respect them.
But one thing sure now I agree with commies when they told my parents "This child/ toddler (me) cannot be Catholic"..

Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 9:05 pm
by knorbert
Today I talked on phone with a lawyer of NEAK (Hungarian health insurance).

He was quiet when I told him that it seems like the Hungarian National Security was waiting with hope Malaysia maybe will reject my entry.. but after when they learned I’m alright by Malaysia then they told him/NEAK to send immediately their rubbish e-mail to me (a rubbish reply as try to keep their human rights violation inside Hungary) on date of my arriving..
Because months before that I informed them I will protest in Malaysia against their corruptions, (human right violations) if they won’t change.

NEAK’s lawyer was quiet when I told him it was their shame and could be bigger shame if I could protest front of Hungarian embassy in Islam Malaysia as I wanted..
And NEAK, etc Hungarian authorities have benefits from the corruptly translated protest documents in Malaysia..

Too many corrupt luck, coincidence which are benefiting only former commies and not me..

And I told him you commies, ex-KGB are doing this to me because you don’t want to change..
And the NEAK lawyer was still silent..

And I asked also from NEAK’s lawyer, Who are moving better their limbs? People like me who are writing complains, protests etc or the Hungarian Gypsies who are beating the corrupt Hungarian authorities (even police chiefs) when those were corrupt?
But the lawyer wasn’t able to answer me..

And I asked from the lawyer what if I ask again political asylum and they deny me with reason “Unlike you the Hungarian gypsies can move their limbs to solve this kind of corruptions even though many of gypsies had serious reading, writing problems.” ??
And again the lawyer was silent..

And I asked from NEAK’s lawyer: Do you have family?
Because “we know where you live, we are watching you, we do not forget, we do not forgive, expect us..” Because I got this message earlier but police said this sentence is not crime and family doctor said this is just paranoia of those who take it seriously.. But Islam law says it is Haram..
The lawyer was quiet again..
I told the lawyer it was funny when my Internet was blocked for years to find any photo from that police chief who said the above message is not crime.

Oh he said only that “He gave all information to me” and I told him I informed NEAK in first moment last year about that I reject to accept that corrupt information.. and I even showed evidences to prove that.
Lawyer was silent..

A MAFIA boss in 1990s said this to a journalist in TV report:
“There are new people with whom I cannot talk, unlike with the earlier people..”

Now I know what he said and I thing the TV report was censored..
Because I had also situations like the above with the corrupt government controlled lawyer..
I think there are 2 ways to change these corrupt people’s mind:
1, with force,
Like the Hungarian Gypsies are capturing and beating them without fear from any consequence and it is working for them..
2, on paper,
Cornering them on paper but I think neo ex-KGB Hungarian government is too corrupt so it’s good only from abroad..

For example even German agents were scared, desperate when I was in Islam, Buddhist countries instead of Catholic or their Lutheran or former commie world..

Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2019 7:07 pm
by knorbert
Finally I could reach Dr. Ágnes Asztalos on phone (took it while) she is one of those who ignores my human rights with corrupt papers.. By the way I tried to meet with her in 2016 and the receptions called a woman but that woman started to talk me like she maybe would be third person and not Dr. Ágnes Asztalos, then later I saw her as “Dr. Ágnes Asztalos” on TV news complaining about another corruption..

Any way she let me talk about her and others corruptions which are violating even my basic rights in life, but then her reply was lies and she said she did everything correctly, (a typical long talk when they don’t want let you response to their lies..)
Then she was mute (like corrupt attorneys) when I interrupted her talks with asking her, about why is she rejecting to answer to my questions in my complains and protest letters.

I even told her these on phone:
1, - You and Family doctors and police said me “We know where you live. We are watching you. We do not forgive. We do not forget. EXPECT US.” is harmless message and not threat, etc crime (confession of committing crime)..
2, - You rejected to answer me that why family doctor wrote a “Psychiatric Urgent” referral and gave it to a 3rd person (to my mother) without any of my knowledge about that.
3, - Now tell me; What would happen if I would go to your house and push the doorbell and hit the face of that person who opened the door ?

4, - Well Dr. Ágnes Asztalos reply was “Do not threat me !”.

5, - So she tried to twist my words with her reply, so I let her and I told her “Report me at police or Counter Terrorism Centre”, (Would be interesting because I’m sending protest letters even to Counter Terrorism Centre because of her and others corruptions with bad international results against me..)

Well to push the doorbell to hit the face of that person who opens the door is quiet the same when the corrupt family doctor called my old mother, to give her a “Dear psychiatric, Urgent !” referral with my name on it, meanwhile I didn’t know anything about that, and I wasn’t even there.. And after my mother “handed to me” I ran down to Malaysia and there I contacted the Hungarian consul who “advised me” to stay in Malaysia if I don’t trust in the Hungarian authorities..

For example after that many times I and my mother are divided and angry with everything even by this illegally created and handed referral..

Just as that police chiefs photos were blocked on my Internet who said the above message “We know where you live...” is harmless..
These are the commies, and the brave neo-ex-KGB..


No wonder why many Hungarian gypsies prefer to capture and beat the corrupt racist authorities..
These corrupt authorities even told me better if I leave my own country, and also “nobody cares about that ‘stupid’ law”.. Meanwhile they run anti refugee campaign..

And this crime is going on against me since 2015 and it is nothing but a racist, slow murdering process..
Because my health protection is corrupt in the health care system, (including my lawfully industrial safety rights) therefore I’m even discriminated from any kind of lawfully work, so no money, “Black listed”.

Meanwhile those who hit corrupt racist authorizes in 2015 are already spent their jail time if they got prison for that at all..

// ps, This Dr. Ágnes Asztalos reminded me on phone to that foreigner criminal who even came after me while I went into the National Mosque of Malaysia for peace.. //

Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 7:00 pm
by knorbert

In October they (Hungarian authorities) friendly way told me to change again to another family doctor and problem will be over.
Well I agreed with them on first moment but later I realized that is just a lawyer trick where only they have benefits.
They played that “change family doctor” with me in 2015, and the “new family doctor” just simply rejected my rights in the first moment as the earlier..
So I made a kind of form with some questions to prevent the next lawyer trick scam from the racist former commie system.. Asking family doctors to answer me in written if they agree with my human rights or not even by commie crimes against humans..
But I sent it back to there where they suggested me “change family doctor”, and I told them:

“- Practically your minimized response is equal with that, I will go to find a new family doctor with that hope he/she will accept my human rights, unlike the last two family doctors.
- Isn’t this equal with that I’m asking evidence against the last two family doctors racist, corrupt acts, and against your and others’ corrupt investigations?
Because it doesn’t matter how the next doctor will reply, because it will prove racism and corruption.
I don’t want to use our agreement against you, neither to step back immediately from it, therefore I’m asking from you:
- Doesn’t this agreement make more conflicts between us, and grab other doctors, etc too in it?
- Wouldn’t be easier for you also to solve lawfully that problem, as the human rights law says it too?
- For example to eliminate the racist corrupt acts of two family doctors because those are against my life?
Because so far every time when I put my trust and accepted any kind of agreement in this case, after that someone else always used it against me.”


- Anyway I just stepped back from their lawyer trick “change family doctor again” suggestion..

- But later an e-mail came from the centre national public health department (NNK), though I never sent to them anything about this change family doctor suggestion..
- Anyway they (NNK) said I sent a postal letter (hoops) meanwhile I only sent e-mail about this but not to them..
- They (NNK) told me it’s not their case and therefore they forwarded my letter there where it belongs, to the BAZ county’s government office.. (hoops) meanwhile I addressed that “change family doctor” e-mail to BAZ county’s government office too..

** Namely they fabricated something in my case.. **

- So I asked this centre national public health department to show me that letter what they referred as they received it from me in postal letter.. (I’m waiting for there reply since)..


Then I got a rejection letter from the BAZ county’s government office and they said the center health department (NNK) forwarded to them..
- But in their rejection letter referred to a reference number as the center public health department forwarded (NNK) to them, (hoops) that reference number didn’t match with that case number what I got from NNK as I sent it to them in postal letter..
- And the BAZ county’s government office letter didn’t quote anything neither said enough to know what report/ complaint they rejected against me..
** Namely they faked something in my case.. **


But the BAZ county’s government office said the investigation of my report, complaint doesn’t qualify nor belong to authorities duty and has no place to forward it.. only private, labour court..
So they lied and minimized, because corrupting health documents, health insurance on a racist way is serious crime..

I wonder if they’re aware of that their decision means only that the “Hungarian” authorities have no duty, and not qualified to investigate that.. Anyway I wrote “Hungarian authorities have no duty.. ” in my reply e-mail and have.
I think that’s their nightmare when a case especially a racist case goes abroad and they cannot do anything..

- So I replied to them to show me that letter what they used, referred as from national public health centre (NNK).. Namely that letter is unknown for me..
- And also to show me that document what they referred as my report, complaint, Because the content of their letter says nothing about my report/ complaint, neither about that what they’re rejecting in my report/ complaint, it only says that the investigation of my on 14, October, 2019, relating to family doctor’s primary care report/ complaint doesn’t qualify, neither belong to the duty of Hungarian authorities. And they cannot forward that anywhere as the official case of Hungarian authorities, because it doesn’t have official/ duty place anywhere in Hungary.

*** And I also addressed my reply e-mail to Foreign Intelligent Service of the Russian Federation (SVR) also..

I wonder if they ever dare to show me officially and correctly that of my e-mails what they referred as “from me on 14, October, 2019” ?