Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

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Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Post by knorbert »

Ombudsman to Hungary (UN)

1; - In April, 2020, I called Ombudsman because I didn’t know anything about my case, and they told me on phone that they cannot tell me who handles my case because of Corona virus lockdown.

2; - From May, 2020, I started to send emails to Ombudsman, I asked them about my case because I still didn’t know anything, not even who handle my case..

3; - In 04, June, 2020, Ombudsman replied me in what they stated (lied) that they already informed me in March, 2020. And they said that they never gonna reply to me in this case..

4; - In 13, June, 2020, I sent email to Ombudsman because their June reply letter was false.

5; - In Aug, 2020, I called ombudsman on phone and after a long argument they told me I can look into my case if I visit them personally.. but they’ll move to another address..

6; - In 31, Aug, 2020, I personally visited Ombudsman and after arguments they told me that it’s not possible to give out any of documents what they stated as “they sent those to me” neither to look into my case because they are in the middle of moving and next month in September will be possible only..

7; - In 16, Sept, 2020, I called Ombudsman on phone to get an appointment for reason to get out those documents what they stated as they sent me already, and I still want to know who handle my case..
- But they told me to call them again in the end of September and the appointment cannot be earlier than in October..


So Ombudsman (UN) to Hungary rejected to tell me anything about their decisions in my case for reason of “Corona-virus lock-down”..
- Then Ombudsman rejected me again but this time for reason of their months long “moving”..

I wouldn't be surprised if they latter tell me -That person who handled your (mine) case is no more working for Ombudsman and therefore no more information, etc answers..

UN is bagging for a lot of money but got red handed on corruption and number of their all offices maybe much less than an average religion’s churches in an average country..

No wonder why Muslims said me when I gave (donate) 1 RM (0,40 $) to a “bagger”; “Don’t give money to baggers, because maybe that bagger is richer than you and you’re in trouble..”

(I edited here because the correct date is: " 6; - In 31, Aug, 2020, ")
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Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

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- 09, Sep, 2020, I sent email to Human-Rights-Watch because Russian Embassy to Hungary (Budapest) suggested me while I was protesting next to their embassy.
I asked them about they help Hungarians too or not, because I’m persecuted..
No reply from them..

On 22-23, Sept, 2020, (till morning) I protested (expressing opinion) again in Kossuth square next to Hungarian Parliament.
- I again met people who told me; Don’t give up the fight, but also were pessimistic and pro-communist too..
I used a third transparent too, “To (Swedish) Hungarian Ombudsman (UN)”.

- On 23, Sept, 2020, afternoon I protested (expressing opinion) again next to Russian Embassy to Hungary in Budapest.
I used a third transparent here too, “To (Swedish) Hungarian Ombudsman (UN)”.
- I met again people who told me; Don’t give up the fight.. Now this is your duty.. but also were pessimistic and pro-communist too..

- On 23, Sept, 2020, from morning till afternoon I protested (expressing opinion) front of Swedish Embassy in Budapest.
I protested here because (Swedish) Hungarian Ombudsman (UN) lawful duty to help people, but their help looks as their Gripen warplanes (“never was tested in wars”)..
Nobody came out from embassy, though I informed them about my protest, days before on facebook..
So one more time:
- Who would let himself to be judged by those racist butchers, and by their relatives, etc who ran persecutions and even killed in his family?
It’s like expecting from Holocaust survivor Jews that their present and past mental health will be judged by Nazi criminals or by Nazi’s children etc..”
No wonder why (even) Muslims said me in the last few years “Jews are smart people”.
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Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Post by knorbert »

- There is saying; “Don’t let the crisis to walk away.” and that’s why none of them want to stop this racist commie crime..

- Just as Swedish Ombudsman to Hungary (UN) tries with lies and lawyer tricks to push back a (screwed up) reply into hands of Hungarian authorities for reason to keep their racist crime inside Hungary as they can..
- Because that rubbish lawyer trick reply said that; “The investigation of (my) complaint (against racism) is not belong to the duty of (Hungarian) authorities..”.. Practically authorities’ lawyer trick reply disarmed themselves, so Ombudsman to Hungary started to back them (again)..

- So that “Don’t let the crisis to walk away” is the benefit of Hungarian authorities about the; - Why Swedish Ombudsman to Hungary corruptly rejects to help me, neither to give out, nor tell me about all of Ombudsman decisions/ replies which were addressed to “me” by Ombudsman??
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Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

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04, November, 1956, the Russian Soviet-commie terror army occupied illegally Hungary..
So I protested this time on 04, November, 2020.. and commies became ultra corrupt..

1, I protested (expressing opinion) front of Swedish Embassy in Budapest from the morning.
Nobody came out as usual..This time the security guards had cheap commie style monkey business..

2, And then I protested (expressing opinion) again in Kossuth square next to Parliament.
This time racist police with guards photographed me, of course racist corruptly as commies did everything so far..
They didn’t care about the racist inhumanity nor any racist discrimination against my life, they just wanted to send the photos to the local Kazincbarcika Police station, and of course without liberating my Human rights..
And police didn’t say the reason of their acts.. even though I showed them my protest sign which states that; “I do not accept any decisions, investigations because Hungarian authorities reject to terminate their racist inhumanity in my life”..

3, And then on the afternoon I protested (expressing opinion) again next to Russian Embassy to Hungary in Budapest.
I was photographed here also, but their trick was a Russian came out in the last 15 minutes of the end of my planed protest and he photographed (only) my protest signs, then walked back to their embassy..
The dude wasn’t a polite and little bit angry or prick, he just said me in Hungarian “What is the problem??” probably to get contact with me and without any care about their ex-KGB crime in my life.. So he just made few photos then walked..

Not difficult to figure out the racist police and Russian Embassy just tried to fabricate a fake reason to stop me to protest in the future..
As they say; “First they ignore you, then laughed at you and then fight/ attack you and then you win..”

Well looks like on this 04, November the Russian commies still only belonged to the weapons/ tanks but not to the democracy where their acts can face “opinion from victims of crimes”..

Because now I really want to go back this weekend also to protest front of Russian Embassy again and the Parliament..

And I wonder how Viktor Orbán PM and the rest racist commie FIDESZ party, plus the Russian Embassy will be able to stop me to demonstrate in the future..
Well racist lobbies corruptly stopped my plan to protest in Malaysia.. but here I won’t stop because this racist crime is from them, ex-KGB commies and not from Malaysians..

This protest stile is kind of Falun Gong, Dafa.. and commie Chinese are weak by that, I saw that in Kuala Lumpur, so it works.. And there are always people who like my anti-racist protest..

I think I will make a new sign also:
“I will keep protesting in the future also, because the racist inhumanity against my life is not terminated..”
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Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Post by knorbert »

I protested more 2 times all together 3 times in November..
And as usual I met with victims of commie crimes who supported me, just as were pro-commies who hated me..

- I met a woman in 1 of my last protests and she told me that she got out a commie agent name who was watching her under communism, and it turned out that the agent became her boss after the end of communism and he was the one who corruptly fired her from her job after communism.
- Namely that “ex-commie-agent” used his power for commie political emotion purpose..

- And I also met an elder man who grew up without father because the racist criminal commies..

And a pro-commie asked the police about my protest (next to Parliament); “- Is it really allowed by law to do this without permission??” ("this" = single private person is peacefully expressing opinion against racist commie crimes)..
And the police looked like he was agreeing with the man, up until when I asked the man about the protest text on my T-shirt.. Then man just said me “you should get 30 years jail for this..” and I told the man “You’re talking about Stasi thought police..” and then the police became confused and they both walked away..
“commies don’t understand democracy“

I believe these demonstrations are reflections of commies’ racist crimes against my life, and it hurts them I guess and they aware of their crime, but they want their victims to be punished, like they fired the above mentioned woman from her job after communism..
I saw it also in Malaysia when Falun members protested and mainland commie Chinese guided strangely the rest mainland Chinese in tourist areas for example..
Chinese understand the weakness of racist commies, even though commies like Stalin tried to hide their crimes unlike Hitler did..

I love the way how Falun Gong / Dafa protest peacefully.. but it’s not that easy, as even a police told me who was able to think independently before I started my protest at Russian Embassy.. They photographed my protest placards including the new one which said that; “I will continue to protest in the future too, until you stop your racist (commie) crime against my life!”.. they said for security reason or something like that.. (Sure Russians and other pro-commies aren’t look happy for my protests at all..)
And I told the police “You cannot forward etc my case as long my human rights are not liberated..”
And before that I told the police next to Parliament that their earlier trick was corrupt and just made me came back earlier than I planned, just to prove I won’t give up my life to racists people..

Interesting is Mark Palmer former USA Ambassador to Hungary was supporter of Falun and when I first heard that I had bad feelings, but he was right Faluns are good at it..
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Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Post by knorbert »

1, - Today, on 03, December, 2020, I took a man to the hospital in the morning, and soldiers were at hospital’s gate (first I thought they were police or security guards etc)..
1 of them just started to measure my body temperature without saying anything to me.. meanwhile I repeatedly asked “Who are you?”, then he replied he’s soldier..

2, - Then back way I stopped at the gate with the car, and I asked the soldiers about what would they do with me if the temperature test would be positive.. And I told them because the authorities have been falsified my health documents and public health insurance (TB) since years..
- But the soldiers didn’t want to answer, 1 of them just yelled/ shout with playing words “What do you want!!”, “We don’t care politics”, and they yelled/ shout “Go away!!”..
- But I kept asking them again “I want know what could happened with me and what would you do with me?”..
- They just repeatedly yelled/ shout that “What do you want!!” and “Go away!!”.
- A minute later a soldier said “Then you should had to park there and we would be repeating the test on you few more times.”..
- Then I asked them again “And then what would you did with me ?”..

- Then maybe a security guard or police ran out and he together with soldiers kept yelling/ shouting at me “What is your problem !!”..
- And I told them “Human rights problem.”..
- But they just repeatedly yelled/ shout at me “Go away!!”..

- Then I told them “Ok, does it mean I’m banned to enter this hospital area ??”..
- But they just repeatedly yelled/ shout at me “Go away!!”..
- And in the end I told them again “OK, so it means I’m banned to enter this hospital area!! Right?”
- They just yelled/ shout again “Go away!!”.. then I drove away..

This is the biggest state hospital in the BAZ- County (Szentpéter kapu in Miskolc)..

Literally even soldiers rejected my human rights, and they also proved that I cannot enter even that “hospital” area as a human being..
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Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Post by knorbert »

New pandemic regulations are in Hungary which are slowing my protests against the corrupt-commie authorities racism, so instead of stopping my self, (finally) I put protest placard on my home’s garage-door on 17, Dec,2020..
On the 1st part of placard I’m demanding to stop their (authorities) racism against my life and in the other part I addressed my demand to Ombudsman to Hungary to give out me those documents what they state as those were sent to me, and to tell me who handles/ handled my case and how they (Ombudsman (UN)) registered it, and what happened with other victims in this kind of racist crime since 1989..

- And of course I still want to protest again in Budapest next to Parliament, Russian and Swedish Embassies. So now I’ve to ask information again how it can work..
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Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Post by knorbert »

Budapest Police replied fast again and they said me I still can express my opinion in Budapest in public areas..

30,Dec, 2020, Again I protested (expressing opinion) front of Swedish Embassy in Budapest in the morning.
I protested here because (Swedish) Hungarian Ombudsman (UN) lawful duty is to help people, but their help looks as their Gripen war-planes (“never was tested in wars”).. Nobody came out from embassy.

***** *****
30, Dec, 2020, Again in Kossuth square next to Parliament. I protested (expressing opinion) 1,5 hours long.
- Police and guards told me to inform them in email next time, if I go to there again, their reason was to prevent conflicts if there will be other protesters too. (Pandemic Laws only let single person to express opinion, but they maybe afraid of German kind of demonstration when a lot of individual person went out)..

***** *****
30, Dec, 2020, Again next to Russian Embassy to Hungary in Budapest, I protested (expressing opinion) about 2 hours long, on afternoon. Nobody came out..

- This time a military policeman was the guard and he said my protest doesn’t disturb his job and he looked as who respects his duty.
But bit later he came to me and said the Russians asked him to send me away to the other side of street (just as a police tried it in August,2020).
- I told him if Russians can come up with a lawful reason then I’ll have no other choice just to go (to find a new place)..
He said the Russians think I’m blocking them, but the FUNNY was he also was wondering how is it possible, because:
a, I protested at the street corner far away from their gate in the same place where I was always, as even my photos prove that too..
b, The entire area was almost empty..
c, Not just bicycles could pas me easily on the pathway and nobody ever complained me.. not even the Russians..
*** But sometimes an old blind lady is walking there and pases me easily always.. Literally even a disable person was passing me few times without any problem since my first protest..

It’s on Google map the distance, it’s about 30 meter between my place and their gate: ... m2!4m1!3e0

Unless if the guard was wrongly informed, or it was scam call, then I believe Russians’ problem was their reflection in my protests: “racist communist crime”..
And interesting was the military policeman read my protest placards, the “UN” too, maybe that’s why he also was wondering how is possible to follow that order lawfully..
30 minutes after that 2 men came, well they acted like they were police, meanwhile they had nothing knowledge about any law nor about what is lawful expressing opinion/ protesting.. Practically they just wanted to send me away without stopping this racism, but in the end luckily they gave it up..

** Probably Russians forgot it’s still known for example before Srebrenica massacre started the UN soldiers (rumors say they even were drinking with Serbian soldiers when) got an order to reject to help Muslims and send them away (to be killed)..

Well good news was, not all military policemen are the same (this guard wasn’t racist).. just as not all police was racist evil against me so far, like this time they were polite at Kossuth square..

** Anyway I’m persecuted by racist commie authorities since 2015, meanwhile Russians saw me to protest next to them only 7 times for few hours so far, all together less than 24 hours.. And now “brave” Russians asked a NATO member military policeman to help them against a single unarmed peaceful, lawful protester meanwhile their SVR is unable to answer to my letters.. Wow !
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Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

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06,January, 2021,
I protested (expressing opinion) again front of Swedish Embassy in Budapest in the morning for 1,5 hour long..
Nobody came out from embassy.

***** ***** ***** *****
06,January, 2021,
I protested (expressing opinion) for 1,5 hours long in Kossuth square next to Parliament.. Police and guards were polite..
***** ***** ***** *****

06,January, 2021,
This time I went to House of Terror Museum to express my opinion, but the story here was interesting..
This Museum is exhibiting the crimes of commies and nazis..

Months earlier I met and talk with a security guard here, he was open and polite, and he was shocked after I told him the persecution against me and I talked him about my protests..
And I was confused because this Museum didn’t reply to my email years ago, when I asked certification about communist crimes what the family doctors denied and rejected to acknowledge..

** But now there was a different security guard (woman) and when I told her about my will to express my opinion in the pathway, side-walk next to the museum then she wasn’t ok with that idea.. I asked her where the right person/ boss was, and she showed me a person who was a boss, but he wasn’t either open for it..
I showed them the letters with laws what police gave me, and I told them I did this elsewhere too, but the man just tried to get rid of me..
It was even hard for him to tell me where the pathway belonged “to the Museum or not”..
And he told me to protest in the second/middle pathway to be far away from Museum..

** Then I told him about the racist persecutions against me, and also that when years ago I asked certification from this museum but they never replied me, meanwhile the family doctors have been denying the communist crimes and my human rights..

- Funny was to hear his silly answer “Museums are not giving, making certifications,”..

But the fact is Museums are doing it also if there is a request (even to police, court etc), because museums are officially working as and with professional experts, historians and they collect evidences and checking everything, for example to not make false exhibitions..
And if they aren’t on that history field or don’t have those information then they know where to turn, so they help that way..
And the building of House of Terror Museum was earlier the headquarters of evil nazi then commie secret -police / -services in Budapest.. and then became a museum.

- Then I told him racism is terrorism and there are 3 kinds of authorities the “Racist”, the “Not racist” and the “Sheep, and sheep are always on the winner’s side..”

And in the end I just realized I’m wasting my time.. and I should do again what Falun protesters target (the public, tourists, foreigners) and in my earlier protest a man told me “Be there where tourist and many people are.. foreigners have to see this”.
(This man said me commies arrested his mother at home for “attempt of dissident”, because the USA Embassy in Hungary had color TV in that time and they the children went there to watch it).

- Then I saw the busy part of street was the second/ middle pathway, sidewalk, so I picked the “Let them win to show them how stupid they are”..
Then security woman was confused and watched me like a dog (walked into my camera to be background).. I wasn’t happy for her but luckily I had photos without her too.. I think they just realized what they won..

* This protest event now just made me to restart my request for certification from this Museum, about crimes what commies did against their victims and what family doctors deny, minimize..
- Stalking, watching, spying on others, rape, force-moving (forced displacement), taking people to forced labour, not letting to go school, and so on which happened with my family also.. My father side had harder life, but my mother’s side was also in target of racist commies. They took my mother’s father to forced labour (for “only” 1 week, after they let him out).. They didn’t let my mother to study further because of her “other-origin”, later she went to evening school..
And my father’s mother was victim of psychiatric fraud too..
They also took lands from my mother’s family.. actually they made them to give voluntary their lands to commies..

***** ***** ***** *****

06,January, 2021,
Again next to Russian Embassy to Hungary in Budapest, I protested (expressing opinion) about an hour long, on afternoon. Nobody came out..
***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****
***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****
My experience; It doesn’t matter when I meet with good or racist commie etc people, because racist always want to carry on with their same arrogant lies, and crimes even when people are standing front of them with facts. Their racist stubborn act is what Falun members told me “Because communists don’t want to change”..

And now I know why some people decided to invite authorities into their home to live with them just to face them with their ongoing inhuman acts..

Job!?!!??? And I lost my job, actually I left it because this persecution problem started to move into there..
The owners wanted me to carry on with taking the old owner to the hospital, then they changed their mind and again..
Problem was earlier I had problem with that, because soldiers and security or police arrogantly rejected to tell me what they would do with me if the body-temperature test would be positive..
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Re: Another ethic problem by psychiatric examination,

Post by knorbert »

I repeatedly sent a “Request for Museum Certificate” letter to the House of Terror Museum, the below is the English version of it.
And then I found out I coincidently translated to English (I used google translate version and) the „Egyébszármazású” into“Of other-origin” instead of “other-descent”, but I guess both has the same meaning what sure a magic-lawyer with grammar-police can segregate..
“7- Discriminatory social classification for example “Of other-origin” and “Enemy”,”
„7-Diszkriminatív társadalmi minősítés például „Egyébszármazású” és „Ellenség”,”

Anyway I hope this time they will answer to me and their answer won’t open any other door here..

To: House of Terror Museum,
Request number: 2016-Jul-04_Kimar_3
Attachment: 2016-Jul-04_Muzeum_Kimar-1-2.pdf , Kimar_Protest_8.JPG
Subject: Request for Museum certificate.

Dear Sir, Madam,

I request for a museum certificate about the existence of following communist crimes what the communists did against their victims in Hungary under communism.

1- Harassment, 2- Spying/ Watching, 3- Rape, 4- Forced displacement, 5- Forced labor, 6- Nationalization of private property. 7- Discriminatory social classification for example “Of other-origin” and “Enemy”, 8- They didn’t allow the children of victims to further study. 9- Psychiatric crimes against those who were critics of dysfunctional communism.
10- Many of victims committed suicide because of communist crimes against them.

Reason: Because the doctors considering “paranoia” sign these knowledge and facts too. The authorities don’t recognize my rights, and they deny, minimize, (they call) unimportant this history. Unfortunately I was born into a family of victims of communist crimes, on paternal and maternal branch.
- I expressed my opinion because of this in many places, for example about 10 meters away from your Museum in 06,January,2021, and I will repeat it until this racist inhumanity against my life is not terminated.

Comment: a,- I swear and I state that I’m mentally healthy person and I never was on any psychiatric examination in Hungary, and doesn’t exist any kind of lawful psychiatric examination result which proves “mental illness” about me, neither on abroad nor in Hungary.
b,- If there are above mentioned “communist crimes” what your museum cannot prove, then please name those professionals or institutions where the investigation of these crimes belong.
c,- I tried to ask your Museum to certificate these in 2016 and 2017, but you never replied to me, but I need this certificate.

Name: Mr. Norbert Kimár
Address: Hungary, 3700, Kazincbarcika, Tardonai ut 56.;
Birth place, date: Hungary, Nationality, Kazincbarcika, 19, May, 1972; Hungarian,
15, January, 2021. Hungary,
Sincerely: Mr. Norbert Kimár
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