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Brainwashed in psychiatric hospital

Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 4:05 pm
by Firestarter
If I tell people, I’ve been tortured in 2005 for half a year in a psychiatric hospital; they do not believe me, because it’s not in the newspapers.
I have lodged an official complaint against the 4 state psychiatrists of Mentrum that were responsible for this abuse; the judges in first instance and appeal decided these psychiatrists acted according to the medical regulation in the Netherlands. The decisions of these courts have been published (in Dutch), but conceal important facts, while components of my complaint were not even judged. My most important conclusion is that I can never function at my old level again because of being poisoned with psychiatric drugs.
This story has nothing to do with health care but is really a legal description. It’s based on my original complaint that in turn was founded on violations of the Wet BOPZ (this is the law in the Netherlands for forced psychiatric treatment). I’ve tried to make it readable by only writing down the most important facts, while I’ve added some interesting facts not in the complaint (and some of which I cannot prove).
I’ve good reason to think that treatment of psychiatric patients in the whole “civilised” world (Europe and North America) is similar, while I saw also the other patients/prisoners were more or less tortured into obedience. The only way I could escape from psychiatry was by acting like I was brainwashed (although part of the brainswashing was probably more succesful than I admit).

In the summer of 2003 ABN AMRO bank (my employer ) started a reorganisation to get rid of employees as cheap as possible (formally the law in the Netherlands protects the personnel), because they wanted to outsource the activities to TCS in India (component of Tata Group). On September 1, 2005 (when the reorganisation had already been finished) the outsourcing was made public:
In September 2003 I had to work in 6 ICT-projects in 3 different functions simultaneously. In December 2003 “colleagues” brought thea enriched with toxic . Examples of harassments: stealing my wallet, middle fingers, throwing a cup of coffee over my clothes, yelling, intimidations, calling names and a reprimand. As from the beginning of February 2004 the office building was already deserted. On March 1 I refused to go to work anymore and was fired. In 2004 the government repeatedly broke into my house while I was out (I have proof that both Mentrum and ABN AMRO entered my house). From my tap came poisoned water and in supermarkets they sold me toxic drinks, as a result of which I had to spit terribly for literally hundreds of times a day. As from May 2004 Mentrum made monthly house visits with a large group. If they rang my doorbell I opened the window on the third floor and shouted that I didn´t want to speak to them.
On December 22, 2004 psychiatrist T. contacted ABN AMRO, which told him I had to be locked up ASAP. On December 27 psychiatrist T. established (without personally examining me) that I am dangerous as a result of the mental disorders: schizophrenia, syndrome of Asperger and psychotic; with the dangers: social destruction and setting my apartment on fire. On January 27, 2005 they convicted me to forced psychiatric treatment for 3 months (I wasn’t even informed of the trial). The attorney who had been assigned to me (Mr. J.D. van der Heijden) pleaded that I must be treated, because he hadn´t spoken me. That evening the police broke down my door, sprayed pepper spray in my eyes, before locking me up.

Brainwashing – January 27 till July 18, 2005
From January 28 up to February 24, 2005 I was kept in isolation. Three times a complete team of some 15 cops of the riot squad in full battle gear was used against me that injected me with drugs. In the isolation cell there was no toilet or running water. I protested against this treatment by stopping to talk and a hunger strike (I lost some 60 pounds of weight). From the time I was locked up the spitting (because of poisoned drinks) abruptly stopped.
On March 10 the psychiatrist and Doctor-director (Geneesheer-Directeur) asked for authorisation for coerced antipsychotics. On March 17 I lodged a complaint with the help of the “PVP” concerning isolating me and forced antipsychotics, this was the last time I ever saw the PVP (the PVP is a specialist to help psychiatric patients lodge complaints). On March 23 they injected me with antipsychotics (Zyprexa), with the effects sleepy, no energy and insomnia. On April 4 my complaint was treated orally by the “independent” complaint committee. Psychiatrist B. told that the antipsychotics worked really well and I had been kept in isolation because I appeared to be “charged”. The complaint committee judged that the isolation had been unnecessarily long (complaint component founded), but that although coercion antipsychotics is dubious at best, this complaint component cannot be granted. Also the complaint committee observed Mentrum had falsely written in my medical file that I was isolated until February 22 (instead of February 24), but this is irrelevant for the complaint. Because I had been injected with long working depot medication there was no need to decide yet if I should be coerced to antipsychotics again. On April 4 and 21 they injected me again. These facts have been completely ignored.
As from mid-March I acted just as “normal” as the average person walking the street, but on March 22 a new medical declaration was established (probably with diagnosis schizophrenia) to prolong the forced psychiatric treatment (the complaint committee established that no diagnosis had been finalised).
It was terrible to have absolutely nothing to do, there were some 5 hours organised activities all week. On April 8 for the first time I was allowed outside the hospital (for a maximum half an hour a day) and from April 19 I could take a walk outside whenever I wanted (I just needed to ask permission).
On April 27 the legal authorisation to keep me locked up was finished. When I rang the attorney, he said he could do nothing for me.
At the beginning of May I offered to swallow the antipsychotics “voluntarily” (so I could stop when I would return to my apartment). I was pressured to change to Risperdal (Riperidon, 4 mg daily). This had even more terrible effects: fever, Parkinson, no energy, impotence, incontinence, sleepy, lack of control over bodily movements, blurred eyesight, etc. For Parkinson I got Akineton (Biperiden), which made me demented.
On May 18 was the court day at the higher Court (Gerechtshof) concerning the new legal authorisation for forced psychiatric treatment. My attorney argued I had be locked up, because I suffer from a mentally disorder, what is clear from that I think the treatment is a violation of my constitutional rights. The judge emphasised I had to be locked up, because: normal people do not stop working without a reason. The court of appeal ruled on May 20 to another year of forced treatment.
In June 2005 I went to another part of the psychiatric hospital, where in principle I could leave the clinic without asking for permission. By now I had serious mental and physical problems because of the psychiatric drugs. Up to July 17, 2005 I had to stay in the psychiatric hospital; on returning to my apartment I abruptly stopped taking the antipsychotics. It took until April 2006 before I could function at an adequate level again. While I could live independently again, I had to participate in the daily treatment program on another location, with a lot of talking groups where they said that good people: don’t cause trouble, listen to the psychiatrist and take their drugs.
On October 12 and14 I was finally examined by an “independent” psychiatrist (If I possibly suffer from either schizophrenia or autism). The test consisted of some 50 multiple choice questions and some 10 drawings that I had to describe. They concluded conclusively that there were no signs of schizophrenia or autism. Because this was not the desired result: Mentrum took up to November 11 to conclude that because I’m able to disguise my mental disease in a subtle manner, I could still be narcistic and it was really important to keep me on the antipsychotics for a long time (obviously the risk was high I could escape from the claws of psychiatry).
As from June 6, 2006 I had a normal job in ICT again (university level). Only then the new psychiatrist gave me permission to taper off Risperdal (I had already stopped for 10 ½ months).

Medical complaint
On August 5, 2014 I lodged a complaint against the 4 psychiatrists responsible for torturing me from February till June 2005. In first instance the RTG of Amsterdam ruled that the complaints were unfounded and this was reaffirmed in appeal by the CTG of The Hague. Both the RTG and CTG have ignored important facts and ignored some of the 14 components of the complaint. The 4 decisions of the CTG of May 26, 2016 have been made public (in Dutch); this is the most interesting one:
Part 1 – not informing me about my rights: I should have been informed about my rights.
Part 2 – lies in medical file: They lied that I was separated up to February 22, 2005 (instead of: February 24).
Part 3 – improper treatment complaint / not suspending coerced medication: They never sent me the decision of April 4 on my complaint. After lodging the complaint on March 17 coerced medication should have been suspended, instead I was injected on March 23.
Part 4 – no access to PVP: After lodging my complaint I never saw the PVP again.
Part 5 – unlawfully keeping me isolated / limiting freedom to move: According to the Wet BOPZ I have the right to move freely in- and outside the psychiatric hospital, whereas I was only allowed this freedom from April 19 on. There was no reason to isolate me.
Part 6 – no treatment plan: They never even discussed the treatment or showed me a treatment plan (aimed at preventing social destruction?). This is a criminal offence.
Part 7 – medical statement with lies: By lying that I was a schizophrenic, the psychiatrists misled the court in order to keep torturing me. Later several psychiatrists confirmed that I am not schizophrenic, for example on November 11, 2005. This evidence has been completely ignored by the courts.
Part 8 – medical statement by a not independent psychiatrist: A medical declaration can only be established by an independent psychiatrist.
Part 9 – locked up without legal basis during 24 days: On April 27 the legal authorisation for 3 months forced psychiatric treatment had expired and just on May 20 this was extended for another year. I was locked up without legal grounds from April 27 up to May 20 (24 days). This is a criminal offence.
Part 10 – no communication: The psychiatrists had the duty to inform me. The communication was extremely bad.
Part 11 – poisoning with drugs: The known “side” effects of Risperdal and Zyprexa prove that the treatment was not aimed at diminishing the danger of social destruction because of a mental disorder. These drugs are not intended for someone who suffers from burnout, thus administering these drugs was poisoning. After giving me Risperdal the effects were even worse (than of Zyprexa), thus should have been immediately stopped.
Part 12, 13 – crimes against humanity / torturing; Making me crazy: The period in the isolation cell from January 27 up to February 24 is torture. This isolation cell did not even meet the minimum legal requirements: no toilet or a curtain to shield me from the cameras. Poisoning with drugs with only negative effects (among which a shorter life expectancy), is torture. Locking me up without legal grounds from April 27 up to May 20 is a crime against humanity.
Part 14 – violating medical responsibility: There was no treatment whatsoever. The prisoner must at least have the possibility for some activities, or they become crazy from boredom. Even the meals were too little.
Complaint components 2, 3, 4, 11, 12, 13 and 14 have not been assessed yet. All of the following articles of the Wet BOPZ were violated (not even considering the Hippocratic Oath): 5, 14a, 17, 37, 38, 38a, 38b, 38c, 40, 40a, 41, 48 and 59.

The trial in the complaint
Just after lodging my complaint, I received the report of November 11, 2005 (that proves I’m not schizophrenic or autistic), I submitted these on October 1, 2014; on October 2 this was refused. On December 8 I submitted the report for the 4th time; only on December 23 the reception was confirmed (this important evidence is missing from the judgements).
Only on August 25, 2015 the judgement of the RTG (dated July 1) on my complaint was sent. This should’ve been sent within 1 week (art. 72 Wet BIG). The RTG had not only concealed important facts, but even adapted the description of my complaint and didn´t assess several complaint components. On October 2 I lodged an appeal with the CTG.
On March 22, 2016 was the trial date at the CTG. Only On May 26 the CTG ruled against my appeal, which should have been within 2 months (art. 83 Wet BIG). The CTG also concealed important facts and did not assess all complaint components. The only part of the complaint the CTG pronounced judgement on was me being locked up without legal grounds, for which it simply invented that I was locked up with my consent (this was not even claimed by the psychiatrists). From art. 48 Wet BOPZ it appears that patients are only locked up voluntarily if they express their willingness explicitly (which I never did).
Mentrum hasn´t sent my medical file still, whereas the RTG had to the duty to investigate my complaint thoroughly (art. 66 Wet BIG).
Mentrum repeatedly burgled my house, to steal and replace evidence.
From November 2010 on my name was published several times about me being locked up long-term in a psychiatric hospital for a grave mental disorder. Because of this I cannot even get a decent job anymore.
I can still petition to the Procurator-General of the Supreme Court (Procureur-Generaal van de Hoge Raad) to reassess the complaint against the psychiatrists. As for now I have definite proof that in the Kingdom of Netherlands systematically psychiatrists torture political prisoners with complicity of judges, attorneys and journalists.

Re: Brainwashed in psychiatric hospital

Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2016 3:02 pm
by Firestarter
Yesterday, August 25, within 3 months, I petitioned to the Supreme Court (Procureur-Generaal van de Hoge Raad) to reassess the complaint against 3 of the 4 psychiatrists (Hans Sanders, Yan Bijpost and Ans Derks).

Re: Brainwashed in psychiatric hospital

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2016 5:25 pm
by Firestarter
As a child I already knew that corrupt (medical) doctors are bribed by the pharmaceutical industry, with: all-expense paid holidays under the guise of study or money for speeches (lectures).
I sometimes think that censorship in the Netherlands is complete, but I did find an interesting website that (almost) nobody knows about. Information about the money doctors receive from companies: ... ieregister

The first court order that sentenced me to being locked up in a psychiatric hospital in 2005 because I’m oh so dangerous, was based on the medical assessment of psychiatrist Jules Tielens. Without examining me, he decided in December 2004 that I suffer from both schizophrenia and the Asperger syndrome (a form of autism). He also phantasised that it is highly probable that I would set my house on fire.
Later psychiatrist Tielens was asked by “my” attorney Christiaan Oberman for an expert testimony, in which Tielens stated I misbehaved terribly towards my employer ABN AMRO because of being psychotic.

I only first talked to psychiatrist Tielens after I filed a medical complaint, where it amazed me how dumb this piece of shit is. One of the grounds of my complaint was that he had lied in his medical assessment, which I supported with evidence that several psychiatrists (that did actually talk to me) decided that I am not schizophrenic nor autistic. Tielens replied that this doesn’t matter because there is no difference between schizophrenia and psychosis.

These are the highest payments (bribes) Tielens received in 2013, 2014, 2015.
In 2013 Tielens received 32.300 euro from Janssen-Cilaq.
In 2014 Tielens received 18.690 euro from Janssen-Cilaq.
In 2015 Tielens received 20.685 euro from Janssen-Cilaq.

In 2005 they poisoned me with Risperdal (that was even worse than Zyprexa). In the Netherlands Risperdal is sold (imported) by Janssen-Cilaq B.V..
Is it coincidental that the same Tielens that’s paid tens of thousands of euros per year by the pharmaceutical industry is nothing but a walking advertisement commercial for psychiatric drugs?
I’ve seen one of his childish presentations in which he claims that the biggest problems for psychiatry are that patients deny their disease and refuse or stop taking psychiatric drugs. How’s that for a premeditated psychiatrist?

Re: Brainwashed in psychiatric hospital

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2018 9:35 pm
by Yesieyeye194
You are not alone. I was typing a long message here about my experiences in the psycward but then it took me off???

Re: Brainwashed in psychiatric hospital

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:42 pm
by Yesieyeye194
Long story short. I mysteriously woke up at Kaiser permanente without a clue of what was going on and how I ended up here(felt like I was abducted). I never smoked, drank alcohol, illegal drugs, energy drinks, I don't even drink coffee. I was super healthy before I ended up in psycwards and I was a super calm person too. And it felt like they took a healthy person, made her feel guilty, mocked, and in fear prescribed me drugs like resperdal, Zipricsa, and lithium, LITHIUM! (I know I spelled those incorrect but hopefully you know what I meant. It took a huge part of me away. Most of my cognitive health and I gained weight from that injection that I took for 3 months or 4, that was called the invega! I'm 24 and I can't believe this happened to me.

Re: Brainwashed in psychiatric hospital

Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 5:24 pm
by Firestarter
I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner...

Yesieyeye194 wrote:
Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:42 pm
Long story short. I mysteriously woke up at Kaiser permanente without a clue of what was going on and how I ended up here(felt like I was abducted).
I have heard stories of people in Amsterdam getting a bad trip on weed or mushrooms and then get locked up in psychiatric hospital, but you clearly indicate that you don't use alcohol or drugs at all.
In my experience psychatrists and the medical somethings that supposedly give "treatment" do spend time telling you what in their opinion happened before they give you forced "treatment", so have some difficulty understanding how you got locked up.

Yesieyeye194 wrote:
Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:42 pm
And it felt like they took a healthy person, made her feel guilty, mocked, and in fear prescribed me drugs like resperdal, Zipricsa, and lithium, LITHIUM! (I know I spelled those incorrect but hopefully you know what I meant.
I think the correct spelling is Risperdal, Zyprexa...
Part of the problems with being tortured by psychiatrists, they give you the idea that you've done something terribly wrong! If you get psychiatric problems after (because of) being tortured, that is being used retroactively to justify the forced treatment in the first place.

Yesieyeye194 wrote:
Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:42 pm
I'm 24 and I can't believe this happened to me.
I advise you to be practical about what happened. Don't believe those court room dramas where attorneys actually get you some compensation; attorneys only care about themselves. The most you probably can achieve is some sort of lame appology by the psyciatrist that they should have been clearer about what they've done. Those excuses wouldn't help you really...
Another problem, after experiencing psychiatric treatment is that you probably "need" to talk about it, but it's not possible to speak to the people close to you as they don't understand and when you do try they might even ignore you completely as they consider you "insane".

There are internet forums where people discuss their experiences with psychiatrists. Maybe a forum like that could be a good place for you to get some perspective on your own experience.
For example Madinamerica (I used to be an active member but they regularly removed my posts):

Re: Brainwashed in psychiatric hospital

Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:38 pm
by Yesieyeye194
Thank you.