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Full circle ADHD treatment

Posted: Sun May 01, 2016 1:48 pm
by Firestarter
Where it is difficult to invent physical diseases, it is really simple to invent mental disorders.

The DSM panel describes psychiatric diseases. With each new version of DSM mental disorders are updated according to the latest developments. Lisa Cosgrove concluded that most members of the DSM IV and DSM V panels are financially tied to the pharmaceutical industry: ... IV-COI.pdf ... 001190.pdf

The DSM can even describe the effects of the drugs, not as side effects, but as the result of psychiatric disorders. All of these drugs affect the functioning of the brain, body and behaviour and make you stupid, demented (experts describe antipsychotics as a chemical lobotomy). Even if there really is a (short term) improvement in behaviour, this doesn't mean the brain functions better. Not one type of drugs has benefits in the long term.

No child is born a slave and all of them resist to get brainwashed. If children refuse a little too hard, they “need” psychiatric treatment. In the USA schools are stimulated to sentence kids to AD(H)D by a child find bonus, and additional money for each schoolchild with AD(H)D:

In Massachusetts 60% of the orphans and in Texas between 31% and 42% of the foster children receive psychiatric drugs: ... igh-doses/

Ritalin is similar to amphetamine, a highly addictive hallucinant. Because kids get hooked, they could even say that Ritalin is beneficial (so they get their drugs). Quitting Ritalin leads to withdrawal effects, which is used as an argument for Ritalin (look what happens without Ritalin!). Nadine Lambert concludes Ritalin leads to drugs addiction: ... talin.html

It is well known that using amphetamines leads to extreme and aggressive behaviour; because of Ritalin more people will suffer from attention disorders and hyperactivity. A list of (side) effects of Ritalin – aggression, psychosis, depression, bad results at school, stomach ache, headache, seizures, coma and problems sleeping: ... ummary.pdf

The story of ADHD is that some children (especially boys of the lower classes) suffer from a chemical imbalance in their brain (that usually miraclously stops in adulthood), causing concentration problems - when they are boared - and makes them hyperactive. You might know the story that only children with ADHD improve on Ritalin (but others get hyperactive). According to L. Alan Sroufe, professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development, Methylphenidate (Ritalin) was given to radar operators in World War II to help them focus on boring, repetitive tasks (is this an accurate description of school?): ... .html?_r=0

The way to diagnose ADHD is not by measuring the chemical imbalance of the brain, but by studying behaviour. How ridiculous the story really is, becomes apparent when the lack of attention can also lead to exact opposite – really quiet behaviour - ADD (especially for girls of the lower classes). So this attention disorder leads to a whole spectrum of behaviour and psychiatrists can choose at will which (poor) kids are sentenced to AD(H)D.
The MTA study compared different kind of treatments, including a large group that got no drugs, for 579 children diagnosed with ADHD according to DSM and ran for years. In the first 14 months the hyperactive behaviour of the children with ADHD notably “improved”, but from 3 years on the group on Ritalin was just as hyperactive as the group without (drugs). After 8 years: 70% of the group didn’t show hyperactive symptoms. After 6 years the group that got no drugs showed less: 1) depressions or anxiety disorders (4.3% compared to more than 16.4%) and 2) psychotic or manic disorders (0.9% compared to more than 2.0%). Another important conclusion is that the group diagnosed with ADHD was less successful. See Molina et al “The MTA at 8 Years: Prospective Follow-Up of Children Treated for Combined Type ADHD in a Multisite Study” (2009): ... 271449.pdf

Over the years some retired psychologists put their reputation on the line by revealing ADHD as a prime example of a fictitious disease, for example: Leon Eisenberg (who played a part in inventing ADHD) and Dr. Jerome Kagan (of Harvard University). Here an interview with Kagan: ... 47500.html

Giving millions of children Ritalin is like a time bomb leading to a large increase in psychosis related illnesses (according to the DSM these are also caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain ... using drugs of course creates a chemical imbalance). If your (future) work is the treatment of psychotic patients you should read the scientific reports referenced by Robert Whitaker:

1) Psychiatry in the “developed” World is worse than (the lack of treatment) in the third World - Leff et al “The international pilot study of schizophrenia: five-year follow-up findings” (1992): ... y/who1.pdf

2) Antipsychotics (Haldol, Risperdal (Risperidon) and Zyprexa (Olanzipine)) frustrate the recovery of people with mental problems - Lehtinen et al “Two-year outcome in first-episode psychosis according to an integrated model” (2000): ... grated.pdf

3) Antipsychotics have terrible (side) effects like shrinking of the brain - Gur et al “Subcortical MRI volumes in neuroleptic-naive and treated patients with schizophrenia” (1998): ... rtical.pdf

4) Because of antipsychotics patients die younger (murder by prescription): Waddington et al “Mortality in schizophrenia” (1998): ... (1998).PDF

One of the main effects of antipsychotics is Parkinson, so they need anti-Parkinson drugs like Akineton (Biperiden). Akineton is an addictive hallucinant leading to dementia (cognitive impairment) making the treatment full circle. Where the madness started by prescribing the addictive hallucinant Ritalin, the madness ends (or continues) with the addictive hallucinant Akineton. In a recent study by Loyola Medicine and Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine in the journal Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics they concluded that anti-Parkinson agents lead to impulse disorders, like gambling, compulsive buying and sex addiction: ... 161348.htm

Here's an example of the terrible effects of Akineton – addiction, not being able to perform the simplest tasks and dementia - Espi Martinez et al “Biperiden Dependence: Case Report and Literature Review” (2012): ... 949256.pdf

All of these drugs affect the short term memory (cognitive impairment), so the victims of psychiatry get Alzheimer’s disease. Now the rich (psychiatrists) say mental diseases are hereditary and the lower classes are inferior because they suffer more from psychiatry.

You might think: fortunately I’m not crazy so there’s no risk of being tortured by psychiatry. Better think again, there is only one psychiatrist needed to sentence you to a psychiatric disorder and you have no choice. If you think: but I’m not aggressive, dangerous or suicidal, you’re missing the point - the psychiatrist is the expert, so he can say: because of the mental illness there is a high risk.
If you do not believe me: in 1972 in the Rosenhan experiment 8 mentally sane pseudopatients complained about voices in their head and were admitted to institutions. They behaved “normal” but the only way to escape from the claws of psychiatry was to admit they were sick and take the medicine (which they dumped in the toilet). They eventually escaped with the diagnosis “schizophrenia in remission”; one of them was locked up for 52 days.

In January 2008 they locked me up in a psychiatric hospital, where 1 of the political prisoners clearly stood out for being more sane than the people walking in the street. He used to be director of Amnesty International Nederland and told me they locked him up (with his consent) so he could investigate how patients in psychiatric hospitals are treated; of course the psychiatrist didn’t believe him and he had a hard time escaping. After only two weeks he already deteriorated.
In 1943 Ezra Pound was sentenced for treason for his support of fascism in the 1930’s and 1940’s while living in Italy. Instead of standing judgement, he was declared insane and locked up in St Elizabeth’s hospital from 1945 until 1958. Pound has been called a terrible traitor to the USA (“worse than Hitler” according to Arthur Miller), fascist and anti-Semite but completely insane (can you imagine, he wanted to stop the usurping banks?). Judge the transcripts of his radio broadcasts for yourself (EDIT - "new" link): ... _U.S.(C24)_

Re: Full circle ADHD treatment

Posted: Thu May 05, 2016 4:16 pm
by Firestarter
A well-known symptom of schizophrenia is hearing voices in your head.
One night in 1984 when I was 10 years old, I woke up because of a voice sounding like a newsreader on television – to my surprise the sound came from within my head. The same 10 sentences of state propaganda (that I was so fortunate to live in a free country, where nobody dies of hunger, I can get a good education and so on) were repeated over and over again - the next days the sentences were replaced with another 10 of the same nonsense.
I found out that the other kids in my class got exactly the same conditioning at night. Most of the children got hypnotised by and a few got angry, rebellious over it. Naturally the angry kids didn’t want to pay attention at school (with the same kind of state propaganda). These days these rebellious children are sentenced to AD(H)D.
My conclusion: ever since the 1980s the CIA can use radio signals to condition the population in a similar way as the Brave new world of Aldous Huxley. They can also give indicated individuals messages that they must commit crimes like murder. If they do, these crimes are an argument for stricter laws (among others for forced psychiatric treatment and gun control) and ... additional money for the CIA.
If the victims of these radio signals ask the psychiatry for help, they are sentenced to schizophrenia. If the CIA at the time they start taking antipsychotics stops the radio signal, the person can actually think the drugs are working.

An overview on sending sounds into a brain by radio signals (RF hearing) by Motorola (a manufacturer of cell phones) - Auditory Perception of RF Pulses: ... 0FINAL.pdf
The following inventions can be used to send sound to your brain (they require a quiet surrounding): US patent 3647970 (1972):
US patent 4877027 (1989):
US patent 4858612 (1989):
US patent 6052336 (2000):
US Patent 6587729 (2003):

According to John Marks in The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control (1979) - ... didate.pdf
The CIA injected “public enemies” with hallucinatory drugs to induce a psychosis, because: “It's an old technique," says an MKULTRA veteran. "You neutralize someone by having their constituency doubt them."”.
For example:
One leftist professor in a Latin American university who had opposed the CIA says that he was working alone in his office one day in 1974 when a strange woman entered and jabbed his wrist with a pin stuck in a small round object. Almost immediately, he become irrational, broke glasses, and threw water in colleagues' faces. He says his students spotted an ambulance waiting for him out front. They spirited him out the back door and took him home, where he tripped (or had psychotic episodes) for more than a week. He calls the experience a mix of "heaven and hell," and he shudders at the thought that he might have spent the time in a hospital "with nurses and straitjackets." Although he eventually returned to his post at the university, he states that it took him several years to recover the credibility he lost the day he "went crazy at the office." If the CIA was involved, it had neutralized a foe.

When I was locked up and tortured in a psychiatric hospital in 2005 various government official told a lot of people about this. Later a number of publications with my name appeared in the state media about me being locked up in a psychiatric hospital to prevent me from being able to lead a “normal” life.

Re: Full circle ADHD treatment

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 6:13 pm
by Firestarter
I have to consider myself lucky if I compare myself to Garth Daniels: ... h_daniels/
They even gave Daniels ECT (electroshocks), which is known to cause memory loss and confusion; according to this article by Philip Hickley, ECT has no positive effects whatsoever: ... effective/
If you’re not afraid of scientific language you can also take a look at the literature review on ECT by Read and Bentall “The effectiveness of electroconvulsive therapy” (2010): ... entall.pdf
Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway, a protégé of Ezra Pound, committed suicide in 1961 because they gave him ECT treatment.

On January 27, 2005 I was sentenced to forced psychiatric treatment, in the evening the police broke down my door, spraying pepper spray in my eyes, before locking me up. That night I was transported to the psychiatric hospital, where they put me in solitary confinement until February 24. During this period they injected me twice with drugs and three times used a team of 15 agents of the riot squad in full battle gear against me. One of these courageous police officers said to another cop, that he didn’t understand they were called for a sissy like me. I protested against this treatment by stopping to talk and a hunger strike (I lost some 60 pounds of weight). In the isolation cell there was no toilet or running water.
This treatment is very similar to the description of the psychological games played in the Soviet Union to make political prisoners confess to crimes – so they wanted me to confess I got a psychiatric disorder - see this quote from The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control:
“According to the general consensus, the Soviets started a new prisoner off by putting him in solitary confinement. A rotating corps of guards watched him constantly, humiliating and demeaning him at every opportunity and making it clear he was totally cut off from all outside support. The guards ordered him to stand for long periods, let him sit, told him exactly the position he could take to lie down, and woke him if he moved in the slightest while sleeping. They banned all outside stimuli—books, conversation, or news of the world.
After four to six weeks of this mind-deadening routine, the prisoner usually found the stress unbearable and broke down“.

I abruptly stopped taking the antipsychotics in July 2005, when I was allowed to live in my own apartment again (after being forced 4 mg Risperdal a day). They continued to force me to go to the daily treatment program, which wasn’t really bad. I needed 8 months to recover from the terrible effects of Risperdal.
Later in October 2005 they (finally) tested if I possibly suffered from either schizophrenia or autism. The test showed – surprise, surprise – conclusively that I didn’t suffer from these mental disorders. The psychiatry found this all the more reason that I had to take antipsychotics.
For the first time on June 13, 2006 the psychiatrist decided to taper off Risperdal.
When I was 22 years of age I finished my university degree in physics. Escaping from psychiatry was more difficult than university.

Re: Full circle ADHD treatment

Posted: Wed May 18, 2016 2:19 pm
by Firestarter
In our “civilized” World basically children are sentenced to AD(H)D, for thoughtcriminality (thinking is very dangerous!).
The way they convince us that the psychiatric drugs help, is by manipulating “scientific” research, the majority of these studies do not even bother with a comparison of placebo against the drugs.

Even the state media confirm that people with AD(H)D do not have problems with concentration when they are not bored, which leads to the conclusion that these children do not suffer from a mental disease, but that the state education tries to make children just as brain-dead as the adults.
We are told that we live in a democracy, so we are entitled to have scientific research about the effects of drugs on the teachers to make schools more interesting (compared to placebo). Here are some of the drugs to give to teachers that might make their lessons less boring: LSD, XTC,THC, Cocaine, Heroin, Amphetamines and Akineton.
Of course it is up to the school children to decide if the behaviour of the teachers improves and if their lessons are more interesting.
We should also have scientific experiments to find out if giving antipsychotics to the psychiatrists, instead of the patients, is beneficial to the mental health of the patients.

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Posted: Sun May 22, 2016 12:18 pm
by editor
We should also have scientific experiments to find out if giving antipsychotics to the psychiatrists, instead of the patients, is beneficial to the mental health of the patients.
Perhaps lobotomies as well?

Re: Full circle ADHD treatment

Posted: Mon May 30, 2016 2:13 pm
by Firestarter
I am much too weak to be a psychiatrist, but I think you really got what it takes!
When giving drugs to these psychiatrist I could tell myself it isn’t all that terrible, but with a lobotomy there is blood and scalpels, which makes it messy and much harder to look the other way. Furthermore I’m opposed to treatment that isn’t properly tested in a placebo-controlled trial. Of course it would be possible to give psychiatrists an incision, without actually removing part of the brain, but I believe this wouldn’t be ethically correct.
On the other hand: without any reason I forgot the possibility of administering ECT to psychiatrists...

From my experiences with 10 psychiatrist I conclude they are (correct for all 10): Pathological liars, Sadists that know they are not helping their patients/victims and abuse patients/victims in sick experiments for their own personal benefit.
To illustrate this, once again, a quote from the Mancurian candidate of Marks about psychiatrist Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron that tortured his victims so terribly he created plants:
Cameron's passion lay in the more "objective" forms of therapy, with which he could more easily and swiftly bring about improvements in patients than with the notoriously slow Freudian methods. An impatient man, he dreamed of finding a cure for schizophrenia. No one could tell him he was not on the right track. Cameron's supporter at the Rockefeller Foundation, Robert Morrison, recorded in his private papers that he found the psychiatrist tense and ill-at-ease, and Morrison ventured that this may account for "his lack of interest and effectiveness in psychotherapy and failure to establish warm personal relations with faculty members, both of which were mentioned repeatedly when I visited Montreal." Another Rockefeller observer noted that Cameron "appears to suffer from deep insecurity and has a need for power which he nourishes by maintaining an extraordinary aloofness from his associates."

When Lauren G.'s husband delivered her to Cameron, the psychiatrist told him she would receive some electroshock, a standard treatment at the time. Besides that, states her husband, "Cameron was not very communicative, but I didn't think she was getting anything out of the ordinary." The husband had no way of knowing that Cameron would use an unproved experimental technique on his wife—much less that the psychiatrist intended to "depattern" her. Nor did he realize that the CIA was supporting this work with about $19,000 a year in secret funds.[2]

Cameron defined "depatterning" as breaking up existing patterns of behavior, both the normal and the schizophrenic, by means of particularly intensive electroshocks, usually combined with prolonged, drug-induced sleep. Here was a psychiatrist willing—indeed, eager—to wipe the human mind totally clean. Back in 1951, ARTICHOKE's Morse Allen had likened the process to "creation of a vegetable." Cameron justified this tabula rasa approach because he had a theory of "differential amnesia," for which he provided no statistical evidence when he published it. He postulated that after he produced "complete amnesia" in a subject, the person would eventually recover memory of his normal but not his schizophrenic behavior. Thus, Cameron claimed he could generate "differential amnesia." Creating such a state in which a man who knew too much could be made to forget had long been a prime objective of the ARTICHOKE and MKULTRA programs. ... -stop.html

In my opinion the best quote from the whole Bible is Matthew 7:1-5:
Do not judge, or you too will be judged.
For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?
How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?
You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.
I interpret “Do not judge” as that mere mortals shouldn’t judge others, so all judges and psychiatrists are in violation. Unfortunately one of the flaws in my character is that I’m inclined to judge others.

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Posted: Tue May 31, 2016 8:18 am
by editor
...with a lobotomy there is blood and scalpels...
From what I've read, most frontal lobotomies are performed without any incision.

A probe is inserted through the patient's/victim's eyesocket, around the side or beneath the eyeball, and pushed forward directly into the frontal lobe of the brain. Then the psychiatrist/criminal "stirs" the probe around, destroying brain tissue. An experienced practitioner can perform this operation without any outward signs of damage.

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Posted: Tue May 31, 2016 12:27 pm
by notmartha
Nah, who needs an ice pick lobotomy when chemical lobotomies like fluoride and antipsychotic drugs are so much cleaner and cheaper, and so easy even parents and teachers can do them!

Re: Full circle ADHD treatment

Posted: Tue May 31, 2016 1:09 pm
by Firestarter
editor wrote:From what I've read, most frontal lobotomies are performed without any incision.
I agree that when probes can be used, there aren’t any ethical problems to perform lobotomies on psychiatrists. Although I must insist that psychosurgery should only be allowed after approval by an independent body of psychiatric patients.
Maybe we could link the trial to the psychopathological profile of the psychiatrists, so we can find the best treatment dependent on the type of psychiatrist. Now that we´ve come up with an excellent set-up for our scientific study (if I say so myself), we only need some funding (of course: outcomes depend on who finances our research).

I´ve had to check out (you use the word “are”) that lobotomies have indeed been abolished since the late 1970s: indeed no present day lobotomies are performed on psychiatric patients. There are however some psychiatrists that want this treatment to return in all his glory. The Nobel Prize committee once again surprises me (I already discovered that mass murderers have a high chance of winning the Nobel Prize for peace): in 1949 they awarded António Egas Moniz for perfecting the art of lobotomies.
Lobotomies have returned under a new name however, lobectomy, which is only used to treat epilepsy (and other seizure disorders). Here’s a good story on the history (and present malpractice) of lobotomies:

According to Wikipedia lobotomies were especially popular in Scandinavian countries. Of course Sweden, Norway and Denmark are kingdoms (while I’m surviving in the Kingdom of the Netherlands), but I wouldn’t dare to claim that dictators torture political prisoners under the guise of mental health care:
In the United States, approximately 40,000 people were lobotomized. In Great Britain[clarification needed], 17,000 lobotomies were performed, and the three Nordic countries of Finland, Norway, and Sweden had a combined figure of approximately 9,300 lobotomies.[132] Scandinavian hospitals lobotomized 2.5 times as many people per capita as hospitals in the US.[133] Sweden lobotomized at least 4,500 people between 1944 and 1966, mainly women. This figure includes young children.[134] In Norway, there were 2,500 known lobotomies.[135] In Denmark, there were 4,500 known lobotomies, mainly young women, as well as mentally retarded children.[136] In Japan, the majority of lobotomies were performed on children with behavior problems. The Soviet Union banned the practice in 1950 on moral grounds, and Japan and Germany soon followed suit. By the late 1970s, the practice of lobotomy had generally ceased.

Re: Full circle ADHD treatment

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 3:08 pm
by Firestarter
Missing in the previous are the effects of antidepressants. I only wanted information on the most popular antidepressant Prozac (Fluoxetine), but found information on other antidepressants as well. Prozac is a Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) and for 94% Fluoride, so first some information on Fluoride. Fluoride causes osteoporosis and can induce diabetes.
Fluoride is a highly toxic chemical waste from the production of aluminium (and other metals). Several Americans sued the aluminium industry for their damages (health problems) caused by Fluoride. So they invented practical ways to use Fluoride: rat poison, insecticide and Sarin gas. In the 1950s it was discovered that Fluoride prevents cavities in our teeth (financed by: Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA), Aluminum Company of Canada, American Petroleum Institute, Dupont, Kaiser Aluminum, Reynolds Steel, US Steel and National Institute of Dental Research). So in 1952 a massive advertisement campaign was started, to dump Fluoride in the American tap water and in tooth paste.
The Nazis experimented with Fluoride to discover that their slave labourers in concentration camps became docile (and it can be used for sterilisation).

The following story by psychiatrist Peter R. Breggin is based on scientific reports: ... 77185.html
The following report shows that receptors in the brain of rats diminish because of Prozac. Wamsley et al - Receptor alterations... (1987): ... uxA%2BM%3D
This can explain the effect of Prozac. When receptors are blocked, your brain is effectively blocked (coincidently antipsychotics also block receptors in the brain). The first few days this could result in blocking of all bad (depressed) thoughts and the first few days the patient/victim could get euphoric. Of course not noticing things will result in apathy (docile). Because of missing stimulation they will get depressed and some start behaving extreme to try to get some kind of stimulation. This agitated hyperactivity is called manic, and the DSM has invented the manic depression disorder.
The following literature review concludes that most patients stop taking antidepressants (because it doesn’t help). For Prozac the dropout rate was 40 to 54%. Andrews et al - Blue again: perturbational effects of antidepressants... (2011): ... 16rddQY%3D
The next study shows that long term antidepressants usage results in: Depression, Tardive Dyskinesia and Tardive Dysphoria. Any idea what psychopaths prescribe drugs that induce depression for depression? Mallakh et al – Tardive dysphoria: The role of long term antidepressant use... (2011): ... LNbqJQc%3D
The following literature review shows that even on short term antidepressants are not better than placebo (these studies were even manipulated by the pharmaceutical industry). Kirsch - Initial Severity and Antidepressant Benefits... (2008): ... 050045.PDF

Prozac causes: suicidal and homicidal behaviour, impotence, anxiety, insomnia, akathasia, birth defects and withdrawal effects. Of course whenever someone commits murder this is an argument to convince us that they need psychiatric treatment. The manufacturer of Prozac (Ely Lilly) knew already in 1978 of these effects. In 1988 an intern report of Ely Lilly showed that 38% of the users of Prozac suffered from “reactions”. Not only are studies of the psychiatric drugs manipulated, but also judicial trials: ... -suicides/
In September 2011 the Canadian Judge Robert Heinrichs ruled that Prozac made a teen into a murderer: ... reggin-md/

Robert Whitaker describes that at the beginning of the 20th century less than 2 out 1000 Americans were mentally ill; by 1955 this had jumped to 3.38 per 1000, while in 2003 this was 19.7 per 1000. The number of mentally ill Americans has dramatically increased from 3.7 in 1987 to 5.7 million in 2005: ... llness.pdf