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Posted: Fri Sep 12, 2014 2:44 am
by notmartha
1. ARTERY DISEASE (coronary & cerebral).

I must begin by stating that the biggest contributing factor for these three killer diseases is greed. Greed - the worship of profit and wealth, when people are not satisfied with “enough.” They always want “more.” This has undermined the business of modern medicine. We see the “more” mentality in the extremely wealthy, in hoarders, in obsessive compulsive workaholics, in megachurches where riches and wealth are celebrated, and in narcissists who can't get enough adulation, power and control. The desire for limitless more, the idea that MORE is always a good thing, as something desirable, is a disorder, perhaps a character disorder, perhaps a personality disorder, almost certainly a societal disorder.

For today's medical industry the “more” motive has replaced the Hippocratic motive of healing and caring for people. When profit, rather than healing, became the main motive, the medical industry began losing its soul.

In a culture that equates happiness and success with whatever produces the most wealth, the welfare of people is no longer considered important. This is what has happened in America, and it has left millions in ignorance, ill health and early death. In its pursuit of wealth, western culture has lost sight of the most important values in life… like health and moral integrity.

Today I see people who are wealthier but sicker, proud but distressed, and ambitious but less secure. Greed and the pursuit of wealth is creating a culture that is lost.

That being said, let us step away for a moment from today's conventional wisdom concerning health issues. Let us put some rather simple facts on the table and see if we can draw some sound conclusions. We’ll look in random order at three of my current favorite subjects.
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