Alternative Cancer Treatments

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Thomas Jeffrey
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Alternative Cancer Treatments

Post by Thomas Jeffrey »

Cancer is one of those diseases that probably affects us all in one way or another, whether as one who has been diagnosed or as a friend or family member of someone who has. The past few years of research into “alternative” and natural remedies has led me to become very cynical when it comes to modern “healthcare”.

The book that got me started was “A World Without Cancer”, by G. Edward Griffin. This book opened my eyes to the startling realization of corporate greed and the quest for profit at the expense of the masses. I had been aware of corporate lobbying and the “buying-off” of politicians, but the information I learned in Griffin’s book gave me a physical uneasiness and opened the door to the corporate/merchant facet of this world that is pure evil. I learned that there is no extent to which some corporations will go to make a profit, including the knowledge and willingness to commit manslaughter.

Since then, despising the contemporary state of healthcare, I have tried to handle every minor health issue at home with natural remedies. Having done research on many different health issues including diet, vaccines, fluoride, diabetes, and cancer to name a few, cancer has been my biggest area of research.

The problem in evaluating what to actually buy and try, when researching natural remedies, is that everyone has an opinion on what works without a whole lot of verifiable evidence to back it up. Cancer remedies such as apricot seeds, essiac tea, and frequency generators are all claimed to have helped people by those who are selling these remedies. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, most may in fact help or even prevent the disease, but I haven’t found compelling evidence that any actually cure cancer. Until now.

One day I stumbled across the website and decided to check it out. What I read on those pages about cancer made more sense than the hundreds of pages of books, articles, and other websites that I’ve read on the subject combined. The website offers more than remedies and stand-alone treatment. It offers protocols. The author, Webster Kehr, and the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, have studied, researched, and gathered together a list of protocols that combine most, if not all, of the stand-alone treatments. What makes sense is the synergy that is obtained by combining different treatments. It’s best to read the website which can explain it much better than I can.

Very soon after stumbling onto that website, one of my friends (I’ll call him “Bob”) was diagnosed with cancer. A PET scan showed a sizeable lump between his lungs. I offered some of the treatment information to him and I was surprised that he decided to give it a shot. I had shared some apricot seeds with Bob in the past and we didn’t die of cyanide poisoning, and he witnessed my gall bladder cleanse from Embassy of Heaven’s “Cleansing or Surgery” (actual gall stones came out!) so he must have thought, “why not?”

Bob asked me to sit in with him on a Skype conversation with Mike Vrentas, the Vice President of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, who was extremely helpful in assisting with the choosing of a protocol and fully explained the protocol that my friend had chosen. He chose the Cellect-Budwig protocol. Mike was very down to Earth, a normal guy, and shared some of his personal battles and triumphs with cancer as well as a whole list of recommended dietary changes and supplements to go along with the protocol. None of these supplements appeared to be recommended arbitrarily. They all had a logical and specific purpose. Mike’s knowledge and experience with cancer is astounding.

My wife and I helped Bob buy a juicer and get set up with all the materials he needed for the treatment. Three months later, after following the protocol very closely, and after his second PET scan, the tumor had decreased in size. At the advice of his doctors, Bob opted to go through chemo and radiation (while secretly still on the Cellect-Budwig protocol). Weeks later he showed almost no side effects from the chemo and radiation. The doctors were surprised. When they asked if he had been doing anything extraordinary, Bob told them about the protocol. They actually advised him to stop the protocol because it was not FDA Approved! What idiots. The next PET scan three months later also showed a decrease in tumor size and still little or no side effects of the chemo and radiation.

Unfortunately this story took a turn after Bob’s daughter passed away. He has stopped the protocol and has slipped into a mourning that has really taken its toll on him. The blessing here is that there is a first-hand account of this protocol working to share with others, that they may find an alternative to mainstream cancer treatment that works. My wife and I were there with him every day helping him along with this dietary program. It was working, shrinking the tumor, and even the nasty drugs and radiation that were given to him had almost no ill effect on his body.

I whole-heartedly recommend to any and all who are even the least bit interested in learning about, preventing, treating, and curing cancer. At the top of their new home webpage, there is a link to their “old” website layout that some may prefer. (IMHO, I find the old site easier to navigate.) This is not a corny fringe outfit trying to sell you something. These protocols are offered and explained in detail, free of charge.

This ended up being a lot longer post than original intended. Thank you for your patience and letting me share this with you.

God Bless,
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Re: Alternative Cancer Treatments

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Thank you for sharing your friend's experience. "World Without Cancer" is a great eye-opener. We too helped a friend fighting lung cancer that had moved to his stomach. He had watched his wife die of cancer, through all the conventional methods, and decided he was going to do nothing. We put him on Dr. Ron Green's American Indian Tea, and you could see his skin tone change from an ashy grey to milky white in just a few weeks. In less than a year, his doctor's reported that he was cancer free. They said they must have misdiagnosed him. :roll: While I think a whole protocol like you described is probably the better way to go, any alternative is likely better than conventional pharmacia.
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Re: Alternative Cancer Treatments

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I would like to share a website called That website is one that I recommend to many people. Pay particular attention to the video on the main page. There are other videos as well that deserve your viewing. The evidence is overwhelming of the benefits of eating raw cnnabis and many doctors are now coming on board. There is absoultely NO altered state of high with raw cannabis. Cannabis is truly a gift to us from a loving Farther.

Dr. Courtney is probably the foremost expert on eating raw cannabis. I am placing a video of his for your edification as well.
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Re: Alternative Cancer Treatments

Post by sandiegobk01 »


My friend was suffering a lot with this disease please guide me what are medicines that he want to take
Thomas Jeffrey
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Re: Alternative Cancer Treatments

Post by Thomas Jeffrey »


I sent you a private message a few weeks ago in response to your request for guidance. I haven't seen a response. If you read this, please check your inbox or simply respond here.

God Bless,
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Re: Alternative Cancer Treatments

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I'm sure Royal Rife is mentioned on For anyone interested an alternative and inexpensive frequency generator is described below.

Royal Rife successfully treated cancer in the 1930's by identifying an associated microbe with a microscope he invented, and finding a specific frequency which resonated with the microbe and caused it to explode. He did this on a lab specimen, animals, and finally human cancer patients. His work was supressed but was continued by various researchers here and there. A good book is The Cancer Cure That Worked: 50 Years of Suppression by Barry Lynes.

An international team got together several years ago and developed software that runs Rife technology on a frequency generator costing as little as $100 from a regular PC. (With basic accessories it might cost $300). They give this software away for free with the hope that everyone can benefit from Rife's discoveries. Their website is (name is based on a quote from Albert Einstein).
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Re: Alternative Cancer Treatments

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Virgin organic coconut oil and kosher apple cider vinegar with the mother are good treatments too.
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Re: Alternative Cancer Treatments

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Very important for cancer patients / breast cancer patients:
"HOW TO STARVE CANCER" by Jane McLelland, IMHO currently the MOST important book for everyone suffering from cancer, please read the reviews at
She also talks about a substance called Mebendazole, the "sister substance" of fenbendazole, an important substance for cancer treatment, see ... tment.html
(see also and mirrored at
Side effects of conventional treatments: ... treat.html ... ptoms.html ... erapy.html
This was written by Paulina Jodestol on Youtube: Am 09.05.2015 veröffentlicht My twenty years’ practice and diagnosis of people coming to me with various health problems indicates mainly fungal and parasitic grounds of various serious diseases including neoplasia. There is an increasing number of diseases which are difficult to cure or the incurable ones. Why? First, people pay attention to the ailments accompanying them at the beginning of the disease too late. Second, incorrect, too late diagnosis and inadequate taking of medication lead to chronic diseases. Third, incorrect diagnosis of tumours, cysts, fibroids, i.e. the parasites, fungi, viruses, bacteria in the organs in which the above parasites had built their “nests” covered with limestone capsule protecting them against the activity of medication. It effectively destroys the immunological system. Parasites and fungi are “intelligent”, they do not kill the person instantly but only slowly and consistently weaken the defences of the human body, destroy immunity in order to multiply suddenly and strike with multiplied forces. My experience indicates that after purifying the system of the parasites the prevailing majority of tumours (earlier diagnosed by the doctors as neoplasms) decreases and then disappears. Important information is that that I DO NOT HEAL PEOPLE but only purify them of the parasites! Human body is constructed in the way which enables self-regeneration if only we support it in purifying of the parasites, fungi, toxins and provide vital vitamins and minerals. Then the diseases retreat, all we need is patience in restoring the damaged organs back to health. I encourage you to the diagnosis before you decide on biopsy. Not each tumour is a neoplasm and frequently it is just a cyst with parasites. Biopsy threatens parasites which transfer to the next organ and then we talk about the so called “metastasis”. What happens next – we know. And it does not have to be the case!

You should also look into geopath(ogen)ic causes for cancer, see
1.) If you have a chronic disease or chronic bad health, THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT STEP to improve your situation is to find out if your sleeping place is exposed to toxins (like moldspores, chemicals etc.), technical (power lines, cellphone tower radiation etc.) or "geopathic" (in german "geopathogen") radiation (water veins, for example) and to eliminate these factors. The reasoning behind this is very simple - if the body cannot regenerate, your health can never really improve, no matter what you do. You can go to a construction biologist to check the "biological" and "technical" sources and to a "Geopathologe" (german term, "dowser" is the appropriate translation, "diviner" might also be possible) to check for water veins and other natural radiation (like magnetic lines). Sometimes construction biologists are also dowsers and can therefore detect everything at once. Please read ... ancer.html
Please note that technical fields can be shielded by technical means (the shield effect must be measurable with technical equipment), but geopathogen radiation CANNOT be shielded, the only way is to move your bed to a different location. Beware of anyone who tries to sell you any "harmonizers" or "black boxes" for ridiculous amounts of money, or anyone who claims to be able to shield geopathogen radiation. I suggest you better listen what this man has to say about the technology:

This is part of my "good health tips" which you can look up here ... pic=1041.0
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