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Edmonston-Zagreb vaccine - mortality

Post by Firestarter » Sat Jun 08, 2019 4:53 pm

Thousands of babies in the Third World were injected with the Edmonston Zagreb (EZ) measles vaccine in an experiment by the CDC and Johns Hopkins University to overwhelm their natural maternal antibodies and replace them with vaccine-induced antibodies. It shouldn´t be surprising that this caused chronic immune suppression.
The experimental Edmonston-Zagreb vaccine was first injected into infants in Mexico, Haiti, Senegal, and Guinea-Bissau.
The measles vaccine caused suppression of the children's immune system for six months up to three years. As a result, the (immunodepressed) children died from diseases in greater numbers than children who had not been positoned with the vaccine (from apparent causes like infections, diarrhea and malnutrition that usually kill babies in the third world). Because African girls were given twice the dose of boys, they suffered a higher death rate.

In the 1980s, the World Health Organization (WHO), had declared measles a life-threatening illness in Third World countries. They recommended that the EZ measles vaccine would be injected - in doses 10 to 500 times the standard - in infants younger than 15 months old. The EZ vaccine studies were sponsored by the CDC, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Johns Hopkins University.
In Haiti, the study was done on a population that included HIV-positive infants, so basically these vaccines could “prove” that HIV causes AIDS...

In October 1989, WHO declared the EZ vaccines a success and recommended the high-titer EZ vaccine to Third World infants from six months of age.
From 1989 to 1991, Kaiser Permanent, the LA County Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), injected more than 1500 six-month old black and Hispanic babies in inner city Los Angeles with experimental vaccines. The parents did sign something for consent, but they weren´t informed paper that it was an experimental vaccine, associated with increased mortality.
This trial included the same Edmonston-Zagreb vaccine that had already killed almost 1 in 13 infants before their second birthday in studies in Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Haiti. At least one baby in the LA County experiment died before the age of 2 years.
The study was halted in October 1991...

In January 1990, the directors of one of the African sites notified WHO and CDC of a link between increased mortality and the EZ vaccine. In April 1990, director of the Senegal site Dr. Goran, alerted the WHO to the problem of increased mortality but was simply ignored.
In January 1991, Goran presented the mortality data at an international meeting of the vaccine team. He expected that the rest of the team would admit, ‘Oh my God, yes, he’s right, the vaccine is causing deaths’. But his data was set aside and the studies continued.
Goran decided that he had no choice but to publish his data. When it appeared in The Lancet in October 1991, the Johns Hopkins team quickly confirmed that Goran might be right. The WHO called for an independent analysis of mortality for a meeting in June 1992.
In June 1992, it couldn’t be denied anymore that children were dying in large numbers from the EZ measles vaccine. The WHO pulled the EZ vaccine off the market.
By then, the EZ vaccine had already been used in about two dozen countries, from Bangladesh to Zanzibar, in “studies” involving at least 15,000 children. Nobody knows how many of those children died.

Because the deaths by the "high titre" Edmonston-Zagreb measles vaccine only started after 6 months and continued until 4 years after vaccination (did it really stop?), it surprises me that they found out at all.
And if similar death-causing vaccines, that start 6 months after vaccination, are given to children now, I don’t see how anybody could ever blow the whistle (maybe call it AIDS)...

If it wasn´t for the brave Dr. Goran these sick epxeriments with the dead causing EZ vaccine, would have continued.
The press hardly covered this, and when they did they only reported on the fact that in the LA study the parents weren´t told that the vaccine was experimental. They only mentioned as “sort of an afterthought” that the vaccine had caused deaths in Third World countries. The CDC and Kaiser even got the chance to tell that there had only been one death, unrelated to the vaccine.

According to Worth Coolie Prost:
We should be very alarmed about this for two reasons in particular, the first being that if the mainstream press hadn’t touched Tuskeegee we never would have known about it. And secondly, we should be alarmed because precisely the same government agencies, research institutions, and very often even the same researchers are... doing AIDS vaccine research in Third World countries and in the United States.
The same folks who did the EZ measles vaccine - this non-story - are doing HIV vaccine research. There’s been no accountability, no disclosure... Why should we expect different behavior now? And if the press doesn’t cover it, how will we know when things go wrong?
(archived here: ... v/ez2.html)
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Vaccines and mental disorders

Post by Firestarter » Fri Jun 28, 2019 4:40 pm

The following study investigated if vaccinations cause obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), anorexia nervosa (AN), anxiety disorder, chronic tic disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), major depressive disorder, or bipolar disorder in children aged 6–15 years, between January 2002 and December 2007.

Receipt of any vaccine in the previous 6 months was highest for children with AN (21.4%), followed by OCD (15.9%) and tic disorder (15.8%), and was lowest for children with open wounds (10.3%).

Influenza vaccinations during the prior 3, 6, and 12 months were also associated with diagnoses of AN, OCD, and anxiety disorder.
A vaccination in the previous 3 months was associated with more new diagnoses of autism (hazard ratio (HR) 1.80, 95% confidence interval 1.21–2.68).

Several other vaccines were also asociated with HRs greater than 1.40:
Hepatitis A vaccine with OCD and AN;
Hepatitis B vaccine with AN;
Meningitis vaccine with AN and Chronic tic disorder.

They used for control conditions: Broken bones and Open wounds. I don´t think that these are proper controls. If for example vaccines would cause only a temporarily confusion, vaccines could be asociated with more broken bones and open wounds...

Children also had more broken bones after a vaccination in the preceding period, although the HRs were smaller.
There was no increase in open wounds following vaccinations.
Children with major depression and bipolar disorder were less likely to have had a vaccination in the preceding period.

In Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, England, and France increased incidence of narcolepsy after vaccination with AS03-adjuvanted H1N1 vaccine was observed.
Studies also found a threefold increase in the incidence of narcolepsy following the vaccination after the 2009 H1N1 “pandemic” in China.

Douglas L. Leslie et al. – Temporal Association of Certain Neuropsychiatric Disorders Following Vaccination of Children and Adolescents: A Pilot Case–Control Study (2017) ... 00003/full
(archived here:

A study on mice found a correlation between rates of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and aluminum.

Baby mice were injected with either 550 μg of aluminum hydroxide gel or saline (for placebo) in the first 2 weeks after birth. The injection schedule was intended to mimic the 2010 US pediatric vaccination schedule.

The mice were subjected to behavioral tests at 8, 17 and 29 weeks after birth.
The aluminum injected mice showed:
Diminished social interest at week 8 (p=0.016) and 17 (p =0.012).
Abnormal social novelty at week 8 (p=0.002) and week 29 (p =0.042) compared to controls: ... -behavior/

Firestarter wrote:
Fri May 03, 2019 3:57 pm
Brooklyn judge Lawrence Knipel has dismissed the lawsuit brought by 5 anonymous parents against the mandatory measles vaccination order imposed by the mayor earlier this month.

Judge Knipel called the mandatory vaccination order “a rare but necessary step” and dismissed the parents’ arguments that it violates “individual autonomy, informed consent and free exercise of religion”, medical ethics, “the Nuremberg Code” and that the authorities had not proven a genuine public health crisis.
NYC has claimed that a total of 329 New Yorkers, out of of 8.6 million people, have been infected with measles since September 2018.
On 13 June, New York’s state senate and assembly voted to repeal the exemption, which allows parents to refuse vaccinating their school children for religious reasons.
This was prompted by the supposed “worst measles outbreak in decades”.
According to federal officials this year’s measles outbreak has surpassed 1,000 illnesses, out of a state population of 19.5 million, the highest in 27 years (if measles vaccination rates are increasing this could support the claim that more vaccines CAUSE measles outbreaks)...

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the law into effect immediately after the final vote, which will give unvaccinated students only 30 days to show they’ve had the first dose of each required vaccination.
The bill won´t change the existing state exemption for children who cannot have vaccines for medical reasons, like a weakened immune system (why children with a well-functioning immune system would “need” vaccines is beyond my comprehension).

Mississippi and West Virginia also do not allow religious exemptions.
California removed belief vaccine exemptions for school children in 2015, after a measles outbreak at Disneyland of 147 people that “spread across the US and into Canada”.
Maine ended its religious exemption earlier this year.

Politicians are working hard to introduce new legislation to eliminate similar vaccine exemptions in the 45 states that still allow parents to refuse vaccines for their school going children, for religious reasons.

Some parents are contemplating to leave the state of New York over this fascist legislation in the “land of the free”: ... s-religion
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