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Re: The horrors of polio vaccines

Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 3:17 pm
by Firestarter
Firestarter wrote:
Fri Sep 15, 2017 4:14 pm
In 1958, incidence rates of over 400 per 100,000 per month were found in Detroit with the polio vaccines, which was swept under the carpet.
I’ve found information on the “polio epidemic” in Detroit of 1958.
This was Detroit's worst outbreak of paralytic poliomyelitis since 1952, with 346 reported paralytic cases in the city, nearly 10% of which occurred in infants under 1 year of age.
The results are very similar to the Des Moines and Kansas City “polio epidemics” of 1959.

MOLNER and AGATE – Final Report of Poliomyelitis Epidemic in Detroit and Wayne County, 1958 (1960): ... 9-0058.pdf

The results show that before polio vaccines were introduced, the “non-white” population suffered much less from paralysis, but after the introduction of polio vaccines in 1955, in the 1958 “polio epidemic”, the nonwhites suffered much more paralysis (see Table 4).
What’s also interesting is that the amount of paralysis was much higher in the central area of Detroit (both for whites and nonwhites).

The writers of this scientific looking report blatantly manipulated the data to reach the conclusion that this epidemic was caused because the “nonwhites” were under vaccinated.
I’ll start with an excerpt to show that the writers of this report have blatantly manipulated the data:
The peak of poliomyelitis cases occurred during an intensive Salk vaccine inoculation drive which was instituted in mid-August following several weeks of sustained high incidence of poliomyelitis cases to raise the antipoliomyelitis immune state in the general population and thus possibly to abort the epidemic. Thus, many persons received poliomyelitis vaccine inoculations at time of onset of poliomyelitis or after onset. Since the inoculations were received too late to affect resistance to infection, these inoculations were considered, for analytic purposes, as not having been received. Statistical tests indicated that inoculations received at time of or following onset of poliomyelitis did not prevent or cause infection or paralysis, nor did these inoculations modify or enhance the extent of residual paralysis among paralytic cases.

For the most part, these inoculations have been verified by a check of health department clinic records and by confirmation by private physicians who gave inoculations to patients. In less than 10 percent of the cases were statements by parents or guardians the sole verification accepted.
The first part shows that they simply ignored the possibility that vaccines couldn’t prevent polio...
The last paragraph shows that at least 10% of the information on whether the patient had been vaccinated was unreliable. This makes the whole report unreliable.
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a better report...

This paper presents the final report of the 1958 poliomyelitis experience in Detroit and Wayne County. The toll of the 1958 poliomyelitis outbreak was similar to that of prevaccine days: 874 cases of poliomyelitis, 462 nonparalytic and 412 paralytic, were reported in population of 2,842,000 (fig.1, table 1). There were 25 deaths (table 2); 177 cases were initially diagnosed as paralytic but on followup were found to have neither residual paralysis nor minor sequelae of poliomyelitis. Those significantly or severely disabled numbered 224; information was not available on 11.
This was the 13th year of high poliomyelitis incidence for Detroit, and almost its worst - exceeded only by the 1952 incidence, when 748 cases were reported with 41 deaths (table 4).
Wayne County had 344 cases in 1952, of which 152 were paralytic; in 1958 there were 225
cases, 66 of them paralytic.

The occurrence of poliomyelitis in epidemic proportions in the nonwhite population of Detroit in 1958 followed the trend of Chicago's experience in 1956 (#). Of the 346 paralytic cases in Detroit, 271 occurred in the nonwhite population (table 1). The specific rate for the Nonwhite population was estimated at 57 per 100,000 compared with 5.2 per 100,000 for the white population. Thus, the rate for nonwhites appears to have been more than 10 times the rate for whites. This apparent increase in the proportion of paralytic cases among nonwhites has appeared since the advent of a preventive vaccine.
About 58 percent of Detroit's population lives in the central area, and about 92 percent of the paralytic cases and 67 percent of the nonparalytic were reported from this population.
In the city of Detroit, 95.1 percent of the patients with paralytic poliomyelitis had fewer than three inoculations of Salk vaccine, and 78.6 percent had no vaccine (table 8). Seventeen with paralytic poliomyelitis had three inoculations; none hadf our. None of thepatients who died had had three inoculations.

A slightly different picture is seen in Wayne County outside Detroit. Here 74.2 percent of the patients with paralysis had received no vaccine, 83.3 percent had received fewer than three injections, and 11 patients, or 16.7 percent, had received three or more injections. One of the fatalities in Wayne County was an 11-year-old boy who had two injections of vaccine in 1955 and a third in 1957. This was confirmed from school records. There were no virus studies on this patient.

If you’ve investigated vaccines than you must have heard about the “herd immunity” myth.
I could argue that based on these results the vaccinated “whites” cause paralysis in the “nonwhites”. Such a claim is less preposterous than the “herd immunity” myth...

Re: The horrors of polio vaccines

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:24 am
by editor
Isn't that phrase supposed to be "herd immunity"?

Re: The horrors of polio vaccines

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 5:40 pm
by Firestarter
editor wrote:
Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:24 am
Isn't that phrase supposed to be "herd immunity"?
I have just corrected “heard immunity” in my previous posts.
My English has improved since I began posting in English here, but I still make obvious mistakes...

Bradford Hill, Knoweldon - Inoculation and Poliomyelitis

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 4:53 pm
by Firestarter
Of 340 cases of reported “poliomyelitis” investigated from Melbourne, Australia, 31 had received an injection of diphtheria toxoid or pertussis vaccine, within three months of the onset of the paralysis.
The paralysis was significantly more frequent in the limbs in which they were vaccinated.

In the 17 of them younger than 3 years that had been vaccinated in the preceding 35 days, the severity of the paralysis was greater in the last inoculated limbs than in a comparable group of children not recently vaccinated.

The site of paralysis frequently coincided with the site of injection at given intervals.
Table IV shows that, of the children who had been vaccinated in the month preceding the paralysis, 81% had paralysis in the limb of injection. This proportion is much higher than for children whose last injection was 1 to 6 months before – that involved the limb of injection in 25%, and when it was longer than 6 months before 15 %.

Table V shows for the 7 older children with paralysis a similar significant difference.
Four of these children (57%) had paralysis in the limb of injection, but for the large group whose vaccination was more than 6 months distant only 10% showed an association of the sites of injection and paralysis.

In the 1949 epidemic of polio in Australia, paralysis was associated with inoculation procedures in the month preceding the recorded date of onset of paralysis. But no such effect was observed for vaccinations 3 or more months before the start of illness.

A. Bradford Hill, J. Knoweldon – Inoculation and Poliomyelitis (1950):

Re: The horrors of polio vaccines

Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 11:38 am
by herrybraun
Polio vaccination horror, I only heard that pierce injection in bone which cause issue. Rest of this, I do not heard any bad effect of Polio Vaccination in my whole life. I thinks, we have to take this vaccination time to time as per stated by health advisory to get rid of Polio and never miss any chance for our kids sake.

Vaccine-derived polio

Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2019 4:52 pm
by Firestarter
The oral polio vaccine (OPV) is the most used polio vaccine around the world in the “global polio eradication efforts” (which for some reason increases paralysis). The OPV contains “live but weakened” polioviruses that can cause polio.
Researchers have found that an OPV virus “can very rapidly regain its strength if it starts spreading on its own”, acquiring “mutations that make it basically indistinguishable from the wild-type virus”. In other words, there is no real difference between a “wild” and “OPV-derived” poliovirus, and the OPV-virus causes polio...

The OPV vaccine used to be trivalent, containing 3 vaccine serotypes corresponding to the 3 wild polioviruses (types 1, 2 and 3). In 2015, after global public health agencies declared wild poliovirus type 2 eradicated; in 2016 they decided to oversee a 155-country “switch” to a bivalent oral vaccine (without type 2).
After this “switch”, vaccine-derived polio outbreaks have emerged in numerous countries.

You´ll never guess what solution they proposed for these polio outbreaks caused by vaccines – more vaccines!
They specifically had the third world population poisoned with a “judicious use of a new live vaccine… effective against only type 2”.
In a strange twist, this has caused even MORE type 2 vaccine-derived outbreaks that far exceeded “projections” since mid-2017.

Outbreak investigators have been documenting an uptick in vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 infections in: Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, and Somalia.
On 29 September, a polio outbreak in the Philippines was reported, caused by “vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2”. This is a classic example of fearmongering, the “outbreak” counted a total of 2 children. But this is 20 years after the WHO declared the Philippines polio-free.
In other countries ranging from Myanmar to Indonesia to Papua New Guinea, also cases of paralytic polio resulting from vaccine-derived poliovirus type 1 are reported.

Of course this won´t mean to stop poisining children with vaccines...
They plan a “novel” genetically engineered oral vaccine supported by the Gates Foundation.
The second planned polio vaccine, is an inactivated vaccine hypothesised to be “powerful enough to end outbreaks”.
There are even plans to stop poisoning children with OPV and switching over exclusively to inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) administered via injection. While the theory is that IPV doesn’t cause polio, it has been observed that “Even children who have received IPV… can be infected by and transmit the vaccine viruses”.

In Pakistan, some citizens in poor communities are refusing the oral polio vaccine, questioning the public health charade that does nothing against more pressing health threats, like lack of running water and sanitation. Instead of responding to these reasonable concerns, the government has started jailing uncooperative parents.

Even a CDC virologist has admitted that due to the stop-gap use of the new type-2-only vaccine, “We have now created more new emergences of the virus than we have stopped”.
Another vaccine expert concluded, “if you just keep trickling in with a little bit of [monovalent] vaccine every time you think you have a problem all you’re doing is reseeding [more transmission chains]”: ... ese-years/