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Starting point

Posted: Wed May 03, 2017 8:14 pm
by LawfulGuy
I admit it: I've delayed my responses.
I've been depressed - clinically depressed.
It has been almost three months since my hospital discharge.
I had only Medicare Part A Hospitalization.
I now have Part B Medical (got this AFTER this hospitalization.)

The bills have come in from the hospital, the short-term care hospital, some physicians, the ambulance service, some radiologist services, maybe other miscellaneous others. The hospitals did call - I've not returned those calls.

I'm awake to my obligations now.

***Do I start step A1, moving forward as indicated in your instructions?
***Do I need to backfill because of my delay?

Perhaps they are starting the collections process, at this point.

Note: I have no funds whatever to pay these people.
I am on Social Security with Medicare B/D subtracted from by monthly income check.
This leaves me a net $1098/monthly.

Re: Starting point

Posted: Thu May 04, 2017 8:05 am
by editor
Dear LawfulGuy,

It appears your question is in relation to my book, How to Survive Hospital Costs Without Insurance.

The Description for the menu entry for this subsection of the forum reads:
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Please note that specific help and support for Gregory Allan's book "How to Survive Hospital Costs Without Insurance" must be directed to the private Forum used for that purpose.
I offer support to people who actually buy the full version of my book. That support is provided within a private portion of this forum which is accessible only to verified buyers. I searched for your email address in my list of buyers, and didn't find it.

If you purchased my book, thank you. Please realize if I'm to offer any support at all, I can only do it for folks like you. However, if during your purchase you used a different email address than the one you used when registering with this forum, please start over. If you want support benefits, you must register your user account on this forum using the same email address, and request that account be given permissions to enter the private forum.

If you did not purchase the full version of the book, please consider buying it fair and square. It may seem like $49.95 is a lot of money for an Internet book, actually half a book, since I give away the first half-- but if people didn't think it's worth the price they wouldn't buy it. Every single man or woman who has followed my instructions correctly has saved many many times the price of the book. If you've read the first half, you know my procedures work. Your money will go toward supporting this site, and the good works we do here.

Also please note: My book is not about how to avoid paying for your medical care, or stealing services from hospitals and/or doctors. The book teaches readers how to limit your costs to a reasonable third-party standard-- a set of rates which the hospital routinely accepts from other customers, but would not otherwise offer you. You can take advantage of those same lower rates if you know how. My book teaches you how. That doesn't mean you still won't have to pay, it simply means you'll pay less. Much less.

Anyone who believes in socialized medicine should move to a country which practices it, and live with however that works out for you. From what I understand, if you claim to be a Muslim you can get into Canada pretty easy these days. Although it's my understanding that a lot of Canadians come to the States for healthcare, because socialized healthcare is the next best thing to no healthcare at all. Your mileage may vary.

In any case, I don't provide support in this (or any public) section of the forum.