How to get published on The Lawful Path

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How to get published on The Lawful Path

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November 5th: How to get published on The Lawful Path

From time to time we get emails from budding journalists who want to publish an article with us. Some have already written an article, and send it for consideration. Others are people who recognize the trend I outlined in "Advertising in the Forum" ( ... f=20&t=258). They are offering to write an article on any topic we choose, on the condition they can include one link back to a site they are promoting.

The latter is a curious phenomenon. I wonder how many of them are entrepenuers, and how many are hired by an ad agency? Does anyone have statistics on this?

Here's an example of one such email:
Subject: I'd like to collaborate with you


I hope you are well.

Would you be interested in collaborating with me on a free high-end article for publication on your site

All of my articles are of high-end editorial quality and will be 100% unique to you. I will provide a genuine piece that your readers will enjoy reading and will include one link in the body of the article.

Is there any particular area you'd like to see covered on the site? I have a number of topic ideas that I'd be happy to discuss with you further.
Here was my reply:
Subject: Re: I'd like to collaborate with you

We get offers like yours from time to time. Most of the articles we get as a result do not have enough meat to justify publication.

If you want to give it a shot, here is a topic we're interested in covering:

2012 Presidential campaign. Document statistics and backstory on the various dirty tricks Republicans used in primaries and caucuses to block Ron Paul's nomination. Include statistics on attendance at rallies for other Republican candidates. Reference contextual links to videos available on public media sites such as Youtube and Vimeo.

I've seen a lot of this data, enough to prove conspiracy to defraud, but it needs to be compiled.

Bring me something with some meat in it, and The Lawful Path will publish it.
I'm still waiting for someone to accept this challenge. Show me you're serious, and we'll publish your article.
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