Operation Vampire Killer 2012

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Operation Vampire Killer 2012

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March 9th: As many of you know, almost from the time we opened our site in 1996, we have suggested reading Jack McLamb's book Operation Vampire Killer 2000. The hardcopy book has been available for sale in our catalog for most of this time, and a stripped-down version has been available in our Reading Room.

About a year ago, when we were close to selling out of the hardcopy books (as has happened many times over the years-- we bought them by the case, and had trouble keeping them in-stock), I called to order another case. The nice lady (Carol) told me they were no longer publishing this book, and she had none to send me. It was then I asked permission for The Lawful Path to publish the full book digitally, and it was agreed.

To my shame and embarrassment, it is only now that we've finally been able to make the time to present it. I'm pleased to announce that you will now find in our Reading Room, the complete, revised, (http://lawfulpath.com/ref/vk2k.php) Operation Vampire Killer 2000, together with all the original illustrations, photos, posters, and maps.

We also wish to announce that Jack McLamb has written a new and very much updated Operation Vampire Killer 2012 which is now on-sale. We are not offering it in our own catalog at this time; only because we have temporarily suspended handling all hardcopy books. I've personally read this new book, and highly recommend it. Ordering information is found at the end of the OVK2000 book on our site. Please follow the link in the paragraph above.
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