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Conditioning our Youth to Submit

Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 11:50 pm
by editor
The following article appeared in my local newspaper this week:

School, Students Searched After Threat

Five Year Plan Includes
Further Development
of Response Plans

The need to ensure staff and student safety and campus security prompted a "soft lockdown" and the cancellation of a freshman basketball game at XYZ High School Jan. 30.

Director of Schools, Jim James said a student allegedly saw a gun and heard another student make a threat. Once the threat was reported to the School Resource Officer, the school immediately initiated lockdown procedures.

"Any time such a report is made we have to treat the threat as real and execute lockdown/search protocol," James said, "The searches were conducted by school personnel accompanied by law enforcement officials and included lockers, backpacks, bags of any kind, large coats, etc. Person searches were conducted when deemed necessary.

"All activities on campus were canceled for the afternoon and eening to ensure everyone left the campus so officials and law enforcement personnel could do a final sweep of the facilities and campus for the alleged weapon. None was found."

Due to confidentiality issues, James was not at liberty to discuss anything about any of the students involved. However, he did say appropriate disciplinary action is being taken by the school administration.

Safety, Security Strategies

The Safe and Supportive Schools goal in the system's Five Year Plan includes further development and more comprehensive response plans that include communication strategies. James said lessons learned from this event will be incorporated into those plans.

"As a school system, we do feel responsible for letting parents know something," James said, explaining, "We obviously need to develop and rehearse more comprehensive response plans, to include communication strategies for such events. As we know, the details and events of these situations are all different and decisions have to be made on the ground in the midst of the crisis/threat. Therefore, plans and the execution of those plans are critical. We will develop and rehearse in order to be better prepared as we continue to move forward."

Of special interest to me was the statement,
Due to confidentiality issues, James was not at liberty to discuss anything about any of the students involved. However, he did say appropriate disciplinary action is being taken by the school administration.
What this means to me is that the entire incident might have been fabricated. Why? All the historical reasons for inciting fear: More federal money, more power to control the minds of the people. Conditioning.

I wonder: How many incidents like this are happening all across America? How many reports like this are being printed in local papers everywhere? Was this news story even really written by its supposed author, or was it distributed from a central source, to be tailored to the particulars of a thousand schools across the country?

When I was in high school, lockers and personal bags were considered private property. They may not have enjoyed complete Fourth Amendment protection, but certainly could not be searched unless there was probable cause. A general search and lockdown would have been out of the question.

No weapon was found. I presume this includes knives, box-cutters, and fingernail files? All of which were perfectly okay to carry to school when I was a student. No self-respecting boy went anywhere without a pocketknife. Even today, I don't go anywhere without one.

Most of my life I have known that the purpose of public schools is to indoctrinate children with the "Social Mind." In other words, to make them docile, ignorant, and compliant.

If my children were in school during an incident like this, they would be resisting, and loudly asking questions.
* "If you are searching us all, then we are all presumed guilty. I demand to know the identity of my accuser!"

* "Where is your warrant?"

* "Is this incident real, or are you fabricating evidence for the purpose of inciting fear and kneejerk compliance?"
Of course my children were not there, I have more respect for their minds, and hope for their future, than to send them to public school. It's why I homeschool.

Any children asking such questions would be labeled "a problem" by school officials. Their parents too. But more important is the fact that very few public school children will ask such questions. Contrary to popular opinion, the public schools are very good at what they do.

If you have school-age children and you are not homeschooling them, please take a hard look at the issues. Homeschooling is worth the effort, and frankly the effort is not as large as the establishment would have you believe. In fact, it's getting easier all the time.

I recently found a website that provides homeschooling curriculum here:
I'm pretty sure this program was primarily sponsored and put together by Dr. Gary North, who has apparently partnered with Ron Paul. K-5 is compltely free. This is an obvious ploy to get you hooked, so you'll pay for 6-12. So what? I have no doubt it's a great program; it's cheaper than private school, and will provide a better education; it's also cheaper than many competing homeschool curriculums.

People who complain about the public schools need to wake up and stop participating in them.

Re: Conditioning our Youth to Submit

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2014 12:04 am
by editor
I just read an article posted by Prophesy, in our "Politics and Government" section, under "What are They doing to us?" He links to a document at:
Coincidentally, this article makes the same point I made in my post above, only on a larger scale. Please read the article posted at the link.

The school administrator in my post has used the same legal reasoning that Obama uses to decide in secret which Americans should be targeted for assassination.

Re: Conditioning our Youth to Submit

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2014 3:41 pm
by scott
I basically assume 'everything' I see or hear from main stream news is a lie. The question is, what, if anything, has any truth or merit to it.

We homeshooled all 9 of our children back in the mid 80's. We didn't even know any one else doing it. Personally, nowadays, I don't see any alternative if you don't want them brainwashed with all sorts of unGodly hogwash. And as much as I hate to say it, I don't think private and Christian schools are meeting the mark either. Just my ten cents worth.

The following are three rulings of our court system. There is definitely an attack on children today.

A verbal prayer offered in a school is unconstitutional, even if that prayer is both voluntary and denominationally neutral. Engel v. Vitale. U.S. 1962

Freedoms of speech and press are guaranteed to students and teachers – unless the topic is religious, at which time such speech becomes unconstitutional.

It is unconstitutional for students to see the ten commandments since they might read, meditate upon, respect, or obey them. Stoner v. Graham U.S. 1980

Is this where you want your children learning truth?
Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children's factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial indoctrination. Tenth Plank of the Communist Manifesto

American public school advocates, "imported three major ideas from Prussia. The first was that the purpose of state schooling was not intellectual training but the conditioning of children 'to obedience, subordination, and collective life.'... Second, whole ideas were broken into fragmented 'subjects' and school days were divided into fixed periods 'so that self-motivation to learn would be muted by ceaseless interruptions.' Third, the state was posited as the true parent of the children." Sheldon Richman "Separating School and State."
The same principles' plots and pandoric social control that created in the individual minds of immolated children a reverence for the political fathers of a given nation are now turned to a more global union of man under the elite few of a planet devoid of the character of the Father in Heaven who created it. Now, "Every child in America entering school at the age of five is mentally ill because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our founding fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, and toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It's up to you as teachers to make all these sick children well -- by creating the international child of the futre." Harvard psychiatrist Chester M. Pierce, speaking as an expert in public education during the 1973 International Education Seminar.

From Websters 1828
"The Holy Scriptures are the perfect standard of truth, and as such should be given the highest place in education. To obtain an education worthy of the name, we must receive a knowledge of God, the Creator, and of Christ, the Redeemer, as they are revealed in the sacred word. ...

Higher than the highest human thought can reach is God's ideal for His children. Godliness -- godlikeness is the goal to be reached. ...

He who co-operates with the divine purpose in imparting to the youth a knowledge of God, and molding the character into harmony with His, does a high and noble work. As he awakens a desire to reach God's ideal, he presents an education that is as high as heaven and as broad as the universe; an education that can not be completed in this life, but that will be continued in the life to come; an education that secures to the successful student his passport from the preparatory school of earth to the higher grade, the school above."
Thanks for helping me start my day of right.


Re: Conditioning our Youth to Submit

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2014 1:11 pm
by notmartha
Glad to see other home educators here.

Henry Ward Beecher said,
“A child is not educated who has not physical education, social education, intellectual education, industrial education, professional education, spiritual education.”
Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language defines education as:
“Education comprehends all that series of instruction and discipline which is intended to enlighten the understanding, correct the temper, and form the manners and habits of youth, and fit them for usefulness in their future stations. To give children a good education in manners, arts, and science, is important; to give them a religious education is indispensable; and an immense responsibility rests on parents and guardians who neglect these duties.”
The purpose of public school was never to educate, it was to indoctrinate and conform young minds and bodies to be good little slaves. And this whole "common core" scheme is the icing on their fascist cake - a leveling of the masses, total lack of parental control, increased surveillance, and blatant propagandizing. No thank you. Unfortunately, many homeschoolers will gladly take these oppressions in return for some free baubles, and they will criticize you up and down if you don't.

Re: Conditioning our Youth to Submit

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 1:52 am
by editor
For years, we've hosted an article in our Reading Room by John Taylor Gatto, called Against School.

I just realized that when I did some revisions of the site's code a few months ago, this article somehow got lost in the shuffle. It is now re-instated.

Re: Conditioning our Youth to Submit

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 2:24 pm
by notmartha
John Taylor Gatto's writings are fantastic. I highly recommend his Weapons of Mass Instruction.

Another I enjoy is Charlotte Iserbyt who worked for the DOE under Reagan. She offers her Deliberate Dumbing Down of America free as a download, along with many other free downloads here.

Re: Conditioning our Youth to Submit

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2016 12:41 pm
by ConcernedCit
Scott, were you able to homeschool your children past the 8th grade? :o
If so, how? What state were your children located in? California?

Where did you find this communist manifesto?

Re: Conditioning our Youth to Submit

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2016 5:52 pm
by editor

When you ask if Scott was "able to homeschool... past the 8th grade" are you referring to local laws? Some States, such as Michigan for example, have no regulation whatsoever. Other States have various hoops through which one must jump, if you care about local laws. If your concern was over the quality of education, you should know there are many resources available, most are inexpensive and many are free, which will help you instruct children higher than eighth grade, even in subjects with which you yourself are not proficient.

The issue with most parents is the piece of paper, the diploma, without which they think their children will suffer a disadvantage. My wife and I homeschool our children, and we also personally know dozens of families who homeschool. Some of the parents use accredited services which provide a diploma, but many do not. In my experience, the diploma has become a dead letter. Much more important to employers than a diploma, is when they meet a homeschooled student who looks them squarely in the eye, has a firm handshake, speaks in complete sentences, can demonstrate literacy and math skills, and are willing to show up on time and do the work.

These students rise quickly to management positions. When my son got his first regular job as a salesman in an electronics store, he was promoted to floor manager three weeks after hiring in. He wasn't even officially off of "new-hire probation" yet. The first time he'd even seen the inside of a school was about the same time, when he attended a friend's graduation ceremony.

Most colleges now take students based on entrance exams, and could not care less about a diploma. They compete for homeschool students because those students raise the college's success statistics.

Oh, and the Communist Manifesto can be found with any working search engine. I won't link to it here, because it might cause me physical and emotional damage to do so :-)

Re: Conditioning our Youth to Submit

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2016 4:45 pm
by ConcernedCit
Wow! So home schooling is superior to other options.

And, Whoa, on the manifesto: Physical damage???? Now I'M afraid to look.

And then, if my registration is blocked by a spam catcher, and if you need my username, then my posts are rendered non-anonymous.

Also, when I use the Bold, Italicise, or Underscore options on this webpage, it zaps me backwards to the logon page, in which it forces me to re-logon. You need to control your IT functions, better, on this forum.

Re: Conditioning our Youth to Submit

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2016 6:40 pm
by editor
Yes, I believe homeschooling is better than other options. At least it has been for my family, and I know many other families who would agree.

Your posts are anonymous with regard to the public, in varying degree depending on how you configure your settings. As to the administrators, we insist on a working email address before an account is activated. This is true whether you use the automated confirmation, or your account is manually activated. In either case, an administrator may still access your email address. I asked you for your username, because how else would I know which account to activate?

As for the bold, italics, etc., I've never experienced the problem you're describing, nor has anyone else ever mentioned it to me. I have to believe the problem is specific to your system. One thing which may help you-- if, at the login screen, you check the box that says "Remember me" (or "Auto Login", or whatever it actually says), the system will seldom if ever ask for your login again, and you'll be less likely to lose very long posts that take you a long time to type in.

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