God Is love

Land, personal possessions, and self. Not necessarily in that order.
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God Is love

Post by Knubbz » Fri Mar 24, 2017 3:57 pm

First I would like to take a moment and thank God for everything I have been allowed to experience! I have know idea how I found this site or why He even cares about anyone especially me. It's obvious to me that They were once like us resisting and rebeling against the laws and ordinances given to Them. They must've properly repented and humbly turned Their will and lives over to the Higher Powers. How else would They have gained eternal life and learned such compassion for us?
Thy will not mine be done!

I live in a small town and a few weeks ago I had a Dental appointment for a root canal and temporary crown placement. The VA only allows me to be covered financially if I travel up to the city and use their facility and I'm grateful for the blessings I've received from the VA. I was in no way complaining. InFact they had done a surgery prior to this one so I had antibiotics and pain relievers at home so I told the dentist I didn't need more right then. After the dentist we went to see some friends and family while in town. We got invited so we went to dinner and before I knew it my sedative had worn off and I was miles away from home. The pain was excruciating and I was in no shape to drive. My girlfriend wasn't wanting to drive and her licncese was in limbo. I asked her to drive to the motel to get a room for the night and go home in the morning. Finally she agreed. We normally stay at the Hampton inn but they were full at that time. This stress enhanced the mouth stress and pain. We stayed in this other hotel on state street and she agreed to drive there my headache was making tired delirious. She drove down state street and she didn't see the place and turned around and was driving down state street again. I told her "there is a no cruzing zone law on this street" and asked her to pull into the next parking lot to make calls arranging a model stay. As she pulled into park the police lights started flashing so she parked. Motorcycle cop came up to the driver side door yelling and throwing a tantrum about some guy on a bicycle she almost hit. I thought he was talking about the guy standing over his bike fixing his chain on the left side of the drive way entrance she drove around using the exit side to enter the lot. My girlfriend has a mental disability and physical abuse in her past and she got defensive also! He was yelling orders, accusations, and, questions, and everything was yelling with him. When he reached in turned off my car pulled the keys out of the ignition and threw them over my car I turned my phone camera on as he was ripping her out of the car. Then proceeded to slam her into my car with enough force to cause large noticeable dents in several places on the drivers side I have it on film. When he realized he was on camera he looked lost refused to answer my questions and started barking orders at me like I was a criminal. Then more showed up and that cop that had just assaulted My lady then forced her behind a dumpster where she started yelling and screaming like she was being assaulted again. I had informed this officer about her mental status a few times when he told me I had a mental disability and I would be placed under arrest when the other officers got there for not getting out of my car at his command. They accused my girlfriend of being drunk and high on drugs. And that gave them a duty to impound my vehicle I had worked hard to get bought and paid for. I couldn't believe they would allow me to be defrauded steal my car off private property after forcing both of us away from the vehicle to plant beer bottles in it. I don't drink alchobol. They didn't want to give her a breathalyzer. They couldn't get drugs into her system that way. An officer buddy came and "tried" to take her blood behind that dumpster. How is that legal? They kept accusing me of being drunk 3 times and I asked to have the breathalyzer. 3 times I was told they would and it never happened. Yet they went out of their way to prove my abused battered girlfriend was guilty. I let the ranking officer know I wanted that officer away from her and placed under arrest for assault and battery. They didn't do a thing I asked and left me I. That rough neighborhood to rot! I found out later they assumed I already had a room at that motel and it is known for housing outstanding people and they assumed we were two of them types.
It cost me nearly $700 to get my car out the next morning plus cab fare. Not everyone has money laying around to spend on nothing.

I feel like I've been given this trial to do Gods will and build my testimony. I need some feed back Negative positive or both. Can I overturn an unconstsatutional law?
If so where would I start?
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