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Taxes & Jurisdiction

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I'm re-posting this and the following post from the yahoo group

I've corresponded with the owner of the group Eric Williams for about 6 years, and applied what he's taught (free of charge) for about 4.

Eric is about 85 years old and was involved in the freedom movement since 1964.


Hi Group,
In regard to the use of my Notice and Demand by Paytri-Idiots, in conjunction with a court case. I have been in this Freedom Fight since 1964. In the beginning, not knowing any better, I accepted the teachings then prevalent among adherents. During my early years I learned most of what was then prevalent was total nonsense, non-think Paytri-Idiot Rat Poison. Unfortunately, this same nonsense is even more wide spread today than back then.
I suffered through it all until 1970, when I was prosecuted by the IRS for criminally failing to file or pay income tax. I went to Federal District Court in Los Angeles in 1970, all by myself, with absolutely no plan of defense. I had filed no documents with the Federal Prosecutor or Federal Court. I was confident my Creator would guide me safely through the battle, or not, as He determined my situation and outcome would best serve His intentions.
There were only five people in the Federal courtroom - the Judge, Bailiff, Clerk, IRS Prosecutor and me.
The case was called, the Prosecutor stood and said, "Citizens of the United States have an obligation to blah, blah, blah..."", at which time I stood and said, "I object."

Federal Judge, "Why are you objecting? He hasn't said anything yet."

Me: "Well, he said citizens of the United States have all those obligations he was listing and that may be true, but he doesn't have anything in his file to put me in that class."

Judge: "Are you renouncing your citizenship?"

Me: "How can I renounce that which I never applied for?"

Judge: "Where were you born?"

Me: "At the time of my birth I had just gone through a terrible ordeal, I was gasping for breath, I could not read or write, I did not know who I was, where I was, or even what I was."

Judge: "What did your mother tell you?"

Me: "At the time of my birth I did not then understand the child mother relationship, I could not pick my mother from a lineup of one."

Judge: "What was on your birth certificate?

Me: "At the time of my birth I was not then aware of the importance of such a document. I do not know if one was created or not and I deny that any was, and" (pointing my finger at the IRS prosecutor, I said), "He can't prove it."

Judge: "I am taking this matter under consideration and you will be notified."

That was 45 years ago, and I am still waiting. I have never ever filed or paid or been bothered by the IRS.

There was no suggestion during that short criminal trial that I was not born in California. If the Fourteenth Amendment or any of those Federal laws declaring citizenship were meaningful, then why did that Federal Judge not simply declare me a citizen and continue with the prosecution?

A few years later while I was operating my own very successful and profitable furniture manufacturing company in Southern California, as I was walking out of my office early one afternoon, to get in my new Cadillac (paid for with cash), to go call on retail store customers; I was walking past a white car driving into the parking lot, the driver of the car called to me by name, he did not ask me who I was, he said, while flashing his IRS Special Agent Badge on me:"Mr. Williams, may we speak to you a moment?" I looked down into the car and the driver then said, showing me a check: "Would you please be so kind as to identify your endorsement of this check?" It was a $2,000.00 cashiers check that had been paid to me a few years prior, as partial payment for my construction of a room addition on a man's home.

I said to the driver: "You are wanting me to help you prosecute someone for not paying their income tax?" He acknowledged that was the case. I said, "I cannot believe that you would think that I would help you. I do not see the check, any endorsement nor you. Please stay out of my life and leave me alone." I then turned to my new Fleetwood Brougham deElegance Cadillac to continue on my business errands.

The point of this Dear Group, is that the IRS knew where I was, what I was doing, that I was making a ton of money (which my wife spent faster than I could get it), and that I was not filing or paying, and the IRS has never bothered me in any way.

I have mentioned this many times on my radio talk shows and otherwise such as in this writing to you.

The reason I was prosecuted in 1970 was because I had become a very outspoken leader in the anti income tax rebellion of Southern California in 1968-69. During that rebellion I had a partner who was financially very well off, who paid for the thousands of flyers that were distributed all over Southern California advertising our anti income tax meeting, with my picture printed on them, where I gave all of the meeting anti income-tax presentations.

My partner was charged with criminal violations the same as I. He went to Federal court with an attorney. He was convicted and spent 2-1/2 years in Federal prison, with a $10K fine and probation after release. His attorney did not challenge the jurisdiction of the IRS. I was the one the IRS really wanted, but they could not get me because they could not establish political jurisdiction over me!

About six months after my partner's release from prison, I was visiting him at his home, where he showed me a newspaper item recounting a casual conversation at an airport coffee shop between two tax protestors and an off duty IRS prosecutor.

During this conversation the prosecutor was asked why IRS prosecutors asked tax defendants in criminal court if they were citizens of the United States. The prosecutor said that if the defendant was not a citizen of the United states, or did not admit to it, that the IRS had no jurisdiction over that person.

What all those non-thinking persons in the Paytri-Idiot community have missed is the very important, critically important, prohibition of involuntary servitude principle established in the Thirteenth Amendment, which constitutes the codification of Natural Law into the Federal Constitution.

It matters not what you claim Dear Group Member, but making the wrong claim can cause you to lose, so then DON'T CLAIM ANYTHING!!! All that matters in a confrontation with the government is what the IRS or other government entity can prove. So keep your mouth shut and don't give them something to use against you!

In order for the government to prove anything, case law establishes that the government must have a living eyewitness to come forward and testify that the eyewitness saw and heard you claim to be a citizen of the United States, or otherwise volunteer yourself into government servitude, such as having observed you applying for a driver license. And that still would not establish jurisdiction because your responding argument and cross examination of their witness will establish that the only reason you ever complied with any of that (if you did, which you do NOT admit), was because the government had fraudulently indoctrinated you as a child, in its indoctrination centers, commonly known as public schools, to wrongly believe that you had been born into United States citizenship.

Where and when Dear Group Member, did the government ever inform you that it had no authority to require you to do anything, unless and until after you volunteered to submit yourself to its political jurisdiction?

In regard to my incident in Federal Court in 1970, pay attention to what the judge did NOT ask! He did not ask if I had a driver license, a SS# number or if I used Federal Reserve Notes to purchase my food or if I received any manner of benefit which the Paytri-Idiots claim cause adhesion contracts - all being nothing but more Paytri-Idiot BS - Rat Poison!!!

Every question the Federal Judge asked me during that aborted trial, was directly aimed at establishing my United States citizenship. The word "citizen" carries with it a self evident inherent automatic acknowledgment of political subservience to a political superior! Does it take a rocket scientist to figure that out? And how is State Citizenship any lesser of an evil? Get REAL!!!

As an aside, in regard to persons born on this land, in regard to their obligation to pay income tax: citizenship is the primary means by which the government obtains the voluntary submission of otherwise politically independent persons to be politically subservient. However, there are other means whereby the government can acquire political jurisdiction, that do not include or involve citizenship, but are none-the-less, voluntary on the part of the tax-payer.

The reason I mention all this to you Dear Group Members, is because all too many of those who have used my documents in the past, who have been wrongly indoctrinated with Paytri-Idiocy, think they are smarter than me, and have edited my very carefully worded documents in a manner that has caused them to be dismissed by the courts as frivolous.

I have a man in Illinois who has properly used a special version of my N&D to prevent eminent domain access to his property by an electrical power company that has laid out a route for its new very high voltage lethal radiation emitting power line across this man's property, and my properly served N&D has stopped the power company from access to this man's property.

The Illinois Court that handles all eminent domain cases is refusing to do anything against this man until the power company presents proof that Illinois has properly gained political jurisdiction over this man, so that Illinois would have political jurisdiction enabling Illinois to exercise its eminent domain authority over him, which the power company will never be able to present, because Illinois does not any such political jurisdiction evidence in its state files.

My wife, who I met about 2-1/2 years ago. During my explanation to her of my IRS elimination procedures, she informed me that she had at that time recently entered into an agreement with the IRS for her to make monthly payments of $600.00 to the IRS, against an agreed upon previous tax liability.
When she first mentioned this to me she then informed me that she had mailed her second $600.00 check to the IRS just two days prior.
I clarified that, "You mean day before yesterday?" She acknowledged the affirmative. Because it had been only two days it was most likely that her $600.00 check had not yet reached her bank. I then prevailed upon her to call her bank and put a stop payment order on that second $600.00 check, which she did then do.
I then created IRS letter #1, a quickie letter for her to immediately send to the IRS. During the following week or so, I created IRS letter #2 for her, which she mailed to the IRS a week or so later.
A short time after that she received a nasty threatening letter from a different IRS office. I then wrote IRS Letter #3 which she mailed to that new IRS office, including a copy of her first two letters to the original IRS office.
A couple weeks later she received a letter from the state income tax office. (I think this was instigated by the IRS). I then created a letter for her to send to that state office, enclosing a copy of all three of her letters to the IRS. It has now been well over two years and she has heard no more from the IRS or state income tax office. And, she still uses her driver license, SS#, and receives her monthly SS deposit to her same bank account the IRS had previously threatened to confiscate, and threatened to take her SS payments, and put a lien on her house. None of which has the IRS done after receiving the letters I wrote for her, similar to my N&D, challenging the IRS to prove the Federal Government had gained political jurisdiction over her in full compliance with the Thirteenth Amendment.
I had all these IRS letters and my N&D posted on my regular Yahoo whoru group so anyone could copy them down, but as I mentioned herein above, too many Paytri-Idiots were taking them and editing them with Paytri-Idiot gibberish that served no purpose other than to red flag the documents as having been edited by ignorant scoff-laws who had copied the documents off the Internet, who did not understand the Basic Irrefutable Foundation of Political Jurisdiction, as is continually evidenced by their continual blathering of their totally idiotic Paytri-Idiot BS, as I will refer to herein below.

Because of this problem of Paytri-Idiot editing of my documents, I removed my documents from my regular Yahoo Group and posted them on a members by invitation only Yahoo Group, so I have some control over how my documents will be used, with no unauthorized Paytri-Idiot editing.
This country was never intended to be a republic by the commoners who participated in the Founding. There is nothing in the Federal Constitution that declares the Federal Government to be a republic - it is, unfortunately, a republic, but that was not declared to be the style of the Federal Government. A republic is not a form of government desired by a people who purport to be free!!!

How are the meanings of words established? NOT by the information printed in dictionaries! The purpose of dictionaries is to print the meanings of words as such meanings are established and changed or modified by the use of words in the day to day conversations and publications of the general public, or "otherwise". "Otherwise" meaning how certain words are used by those who use those certain words, where those words are not words commonly used in the day to day conversations of the general public. Such as the word "republic". What did the word " republic" actually mean, or refer to in 1787 when the CONstitution was written?

At that time, in 1787, there had never ever been any society in the recorded history of man, designated as being a "republic", where the government was under the control of the common people, which was the purported intention of the form of government intended to be created here, by those persons who had been mere commoners under the English Monarchy.

The true and actual meaning of the word "republic" has not actually changed during the past 230 years, except in the deluded minds of wishful thinking Paytri-Idiots! And it is established in the federal CONstitution, which is why I write it with the CON at the beginning. The meaning of the word "republic", by observation of those who actually use that evil word, indicates a political society with two political classes, (1) those who make the rules, and (2), those who follow or obey those rules.

To verify that, what do we have in "The People's Republic of China", and "The Democratic Republic of [North] Korea", and the now defunct "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics", and the "Republic of Cuba" and about a hundred other totalitarian dictatorships on this planet that have the word "republic" in the official name of their country.

In our CONstitution we have the ruling class, "People of the United States", established in the Preamble and reiterated in Amendments 1(in its second clause); in 2 (citizens have ZERO gun possession rights);in 4 (citizens have no arrest warrant or privacy protection); and in 9 and 10 (citizens have no final authority under 9 and 10).

In our CONstitution we have the acknowledged future existence of citizens of the United States in Section Two of Article One, in the eligibility requirements of such citizens to serve in the House of Representatives and Senate. This subservient class was not defined until 1868, in the Fourteenth Amendment, which most certainly does NOT declare that all persons born in the United States are thereby established as being citizens thereof. Pay attention to the words!!!

No matter the clear and open access to everything I have written here in regard to the word "republic" and how the meaning of words is established, we have multiplied thousands of Paytri-Idiots clamoring to "restore the republic". How brain dead can a person be and still be breathing?

And, the Congressional Act of 1867(?), creating a municipal government for Washington D.C., This Act did not cause the Federal Government to be a corporation and did not change the Constitution. All it did was accomplish the reasonable need of creating a municipal government for the general oversight and governing of the city that had established itself around the Capital of the Federation. In that Act, CONgress retains full ultimate control of that municipal government. Go read it for yourself; I have, several times. There is nothing wrong or devious in this Act of CONgress.

All governments on this planate are corporate. The PTA and the Boy Scouts, and the local Woman's clubs are all corporate, and there is nothing wrong with that. Being corporate does not mean they are incorporated.

And birth certificates are not bundled and sold to investors; and there are no money accounts created in regard to anyone's birth; and the Queen of England does not own the United States and neither does the Pope.

Writing your name in all caps or otherwise has no significance except in the pea brains of non-thinking Paytri-Idiots.

Rescission of documents is not necessary and is counter-productive! Gold fringe on the flag has no impactive significance and the courts are not operating under maritime law. This is all Paytri-Idiot gibberish - Rat Poison!

And, ESQ is most certainly NOT an indication or designation of nobility. Esq is, under English custom, the designation assigned to a vassal or servant of a Knight. An esquire is the vassal who polishes the Knights armor, grooms the Knight's horse and generally takes care of all the Knight's personal laundry. That is, an esquire is a vassal, a person who serves others. Now, is that not what an attorney does? So then, is it not entirely appropriate that an attorney put Esq after his name? Is it not apparent that the "leaders" of the Freedom Movement in this country have not done their homework?


There is only one issue Dear Group Member, the political jurisdiction of the government over the individual. This is true because everyone is born the same way, with no birth imbued authority over anyone. Governments are created by mere men, NOT gods! The men who create government cannot reasonably imbue their creation with any more authority that the authority naturally imbued into any one single individual man or woman.

The one and only way any government can gain mandatory subservience is through the voluntary agreement of each individual to submit himself to such dominion. The Federal Thirteenth Amendment acknowledges the Natural state of every person in its prohibition of involuntary servitude. This CONstitutional provision acknowledges that no government entity in this country has authority to declare any person to be subservient.

The reason our Freedom is under such serious attack is because of the magnetic attraction of the human mind to information for which it has no frame of reference to enable it to discern whether the information is good for the person or good for the teacher, a government agent, known as a school teacher.

Immeasurable evidence of this is observable everywhere by taking notice of the multiplied billions of dollars that are spent on advertising all manner of items and services.

Rest assured, those corporations would not be spending all that money if what I wrote in the preceding paragraph was not true!

When challenging the political Jurisdiction of the government, the individual must not make any claim of his political status. Whoever is making the claim assumes the burden of proof. The Federal Thirteenth Amendment's prohibition of involuntary servitude, totally ignored by the Freedom Movement, is critically important to extricating a person from the government's flypaper!

In every single court case, no matter the issue, the primary and first issue is political jurisdiction, NOT jurisdiction of the COURT; jurisdiction of the court is secondary.

The primary issue is the political jurisdiction of the GOVERNMENT, which is operated and managed by the Executive Branch. This places the burden of proving political jurisdiction on the Executive Branch, NOT on the court!

My Notice and Demand is served on the state government, on the Executive Branch (or Fed. likewise), requiring the official representing the State's Executive Branch to present proof from the State's existing files, that the state has gained political jurisdiction over the Wrongly Accused without the State (or Fed), violating the prohibition of involuntary servitude set forth in the Federal Thirteenth Amendment.

The court HAS NO STANDING to interact in the examination, establishment or determination of the political jurisdiction of the Executive Branch over the Wrongly Accused.

Once a challenge to political jurisdiction is asserted (served upon the States or authority claiming entity), no further action or proceedings of any manner can take place until proof of political jurisdiction is presented on the record!!! This is in accord with 45 appellate case citations that I include in Exhibit "A" to my Notice and Demand.

The problem with my N&D is its unquestionable POWER!!! It confronts the State with an issue that the State cannot win and dares not lose. It removes all government authority over the challenging person. In truth, my N&D establishes that the government never ever had proper political jurisdiction over anyone!!!

However, the judges are well schooled in their trickery, and are well aware that the vast majority of persons that present any manner of challenging documents, most likely copied them off the Internet and do not properly understand the content, and can easily be tricked because they will answer seemingly innocent questions, such as "State your name for the record", which, if complied with, will cause any N&D of mine to be negated, and the silly ignorant victim will claim my N&D does not work.

If you, for some unimagined reason, must present yourself in court, and you are called upon to state your name for the record, you should have a copy of the birth certificate with the name you have been led to believe and think is yours (but is NOT), entered thereon, so when the court asks you to state "your name" for the record, you stand up and, while holding the rolled up BC in your hand, extended out fully to the court, you say, "This here in my hand is the John Smith that you are concerned with; I am here to speak for him".

If they ask you who you are, you say, "It matters not who I am, but for the record, I am simply me."

If they ask you your name, you say, "What is a name and how does a person get one? And why would a person need or want one? It matters not who I am, however, I am simply me. It is my understanding that you are concerned with John Smith, I am here to speak for John Smith who I hold here in my hand."

If they ask you what it is that you hold in your hand, you say,"I hold here in my hand the John Smith that you are concerned with; for the answer to your question, you can determine that for yourself by looking hereon.", while you are extending the BC out to the court in your hand. You do not ever say that the document is a birth certificate.

It is important Dear Group Member, to understand that no one on this planet has any jurisdiction over anyone else, unless and until a submissive person volunteers himself to be under the dominion of another.

If they ask if you are a citizen (of any variety), you respond by saying, "What is a citizen, and how does a person become one and why would a person want or need to be one?" You do not ever deny being a citizen or claim to be any manner of citizen or claim any other manner of political status. (I can't imagine why any right thinking person would want or claim to be a State Citizen). If you claim a status, you assume the burden of proving it. You do NOT make any manner of claim!!!

The government is the entity claiming jurisdiction over you. In accordance with their rules, the claiming entity (being some manner of government entity in a criminal or civil matter; or a private entity in a civil suit), has the burden of proving political jurisdiction; first of the state government over the Wrongly Accused (to establish that the Wrongly Accused is under an obligation to conform to the statutes enacted by the state); and second (ONLY AFTER number ONE has been established!), of the court's judicial jurisdiction (that in accordance to the rules of the state, the accused is within the jurisdictional boundaries of that particular state (or federal) court.

Additionally, in response to their, "Are you a citizen question", you say, "It is not for me to establish or claim one way or the other what my status is. The moving party (government or private entity), has the burden of proving the state has gained political jurisdiction over me without violating the prohibition of involuntary servitude imbued into the Federal Constitution in the Thirteenth Amendment thereto.

As I am sure you realize Dear Group Member, I did not write all this in fifteen minutes. The reason I took the time to write all of the above is because I understand the susceptibility of the human mind to magnetic indoctrination, and, the difficulty in reprogramming a person who has been deeply adversely programmed into Paytri-Idiocy.

I hope, Dear Group Member, that you discerned on your own, that nothing I wrote herein above was any manner of my mere opinion. Everything I present is based on Natural Law If someone else informed you that 2+2=5 and I then informed you that 2+2=4, you would immediately acknowledge I was correct, nut not because you needed my evaluation or because I provided the correct information, but because your own intelligence has the ability to discern that 2+2=4, no matter that prior to my mention of it you had never before had occasion to think of it (if that were the case).

My point here is that I contend that everything, get that, everything, promulgated in the Freedom Movement is worse than worthless - it is serious Rat Poison, getting no one anywhere except in trouble!

The reason for the universal failure of Paytri-Idiot "solutions" is the failure of those involved to go to the Basic Foundation,which is the self evident fact that as everyone is born the exact same way, born with no authority over anyone, it is not reasonably possible for anyone, or any combination thereof, to properly create any manner of authority over any one who does not freely agree to conform.

What this means is that no matter what anyone comes up with about the Queen of England, or the Pope, or The Congressional Act of 1887, or Maritime Law or the bundling of birth certificates or gold fringed flags or all cap names or anything else; none of it is properly enforceable on anyone because all of it (if true), was perpetrated behind closed doors, with no manner of disclosure and no intentional voluntary submission of anyone. And, could only properly apply to those persons who intentionally and knowingly volunteered themselves into some manner of subservience to whatever entity is claiming jurisdiction over them.

Everything I present is based on these simple self evident truths. None of it is my mere opinion!!! My work is perfect in its reasoning and cannot be improved via Paytri-Idiot editing.

I do not want you, Dear group Member, or anyone else to compare my impeccable work with the excrement of others. I contend that my work stands alone in its veracity. If what you read from me raises questions, then present them to me and I will answer, but do not take my Creator Inspired documents and pervert them with Paytri-Idiot Satan laden Rat Poison.

Rat Poison is information that sounds good, has some degree of accuracy, but will cause the demise of those who eat it.


I am Eric Williams, The Radical In The Twilight Zone
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Re: Taxes & Jurisdiction

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2nd post from


Hi Group:

It seems that many of us in the Freedom struggle are so befuddled by simplicity that we simply cannot accept the simplicity of how we got in this mess and insist on making everything we can as complicated as possible in our efforts to figure a complicated way out, instead of simply reasoning out how we were scammed, which I will explain again herein below, as I have already in many previous articles.

However, due to actual personal experience I contend that our government has NOT turned against and refused to recognize individual Freedom, at least not the individual Freedom of those who are truly free, and who have properly asserted such.

Which does NOT include those who have allowed themselves to be conned into "voluntarily" entering themselves into a condition of servitude, known as citizenship, as defined (but NOT established) in the Fourteenth Amendment, and who now fail to understand how they were fraudulently duped, so that they can extricate themselves by simply opting out, and most importantly when doing so, to understand how they were defrauded into volunteering themselves into subservient citizenship and, to understand that according to the defrauding government's own rules, the exposure of this fraud vitiates any and all obligations of those who were defrauded, while at the same time enabling the invocation by those defrauded, of the Law of Necessity, enabling their continued limited use of the tools used by the defrauding government, to implement their former involuntary servitude satus!

Now, I suggest you re-read that previous paragraph until you "get it", and dump all the complicated nonsense so prevalent among Freedom seekers.

If you volunteered yourself into a condition of servitude then why do you complain when you are treated like a servant? Oh, you didn't realize you volunteered?

Have you ever stopped to consider the extent (or limit), of the authority of any one individual man or woman? Do you, as an individual, have any Naturally imbued authority to command the subservience of another individual? Are you aware of any other individual who has been Naturally imbued with any such commanding authority? Are you aware that zero plus zero still equals zero, no matter how many zeros might be added together the total sum will always be zero? So then, how can men who have zero individual Naturally imbued authority to command others, combine their zeroed authority in order to cause their added zeros to become more than zero? Voting is a crime any and every time the outcome purports to command the subservience of the otherwise unwilling! Zero+zero=zero! Any other outcome enables a police state!

If you have to re-read the foregoing in order to "get it", then you are the reason we are in the mess we are in!

If you "get it", then you realize no one had any authority to command you into citizenship, so that means you must have volunteered, so then, when did you volunteer? The reason it is so complicated is because it is all hidden right out there in plain sight, while all the enslaved keep turning over rocks searching for the complicated key. In order to "get it", all you have to do is pay attention to the words.

The word "People" and the word "citizen" are not even close to having the same meaning, except in the minds of the unthinking. So, are you a "People" or are you a subservient "citizen"?
I understand that there are case citations and some statutes that are cited by those who insist on making Freedom complicated, wherein such case cites and /or statutes seem to establish that the government is a corporation, however, some of those cites are simply explaining or establishing that the government functions as a corporation (especially in court), where there is no intention to declare that the government is in fact, a corporation.

Then there are those Pay-Tri-Idiots who contend that what they refer to as the "Organic"Constitution would govern differently than the corporation they claim has supplanted the original "Organic" version. However, I have no where read their explanation as to how things would be different under the purported "Organic" version; other than their mentioning that under the corporate version everything is under contract law.

What is amazing to me is their failure to understand that contractual obligations would be the same no matter what form the government might be operating under. Moreover, don't these "Organic" advocates understand that the wording of the Preamble establishes that the purpose of the Constitution was/is, to Secure the Blessings of Liberty to the People of the United States and THEIR posterity? Can't they discern that the wording of the Preamble is both limiting and exclusionary? That the Blessings of Liberty are only secured to the People of the United State"? To the exclusion of any and all other classes? That the purpose set forth in the Preamble does NOT apply to citizens of the United States, and neither do the protections set forth in the so called "Bill of Rights", where the word "citizen" is glaringly absent!

Does it take a rocket scientist to discern that the word "citizen" conveys an inherent recognition and acknowledgment of political subservience to a political superior? While the word "People" has no such inherent political meaning, but that "People" can be imbued with a political meaning if the context in which it is prominently displayed and set forth has that clear intent, such as the manner in which the word "People" is flaunted in the Constitution's Preamble, and in the Bill of Rights, to the total exclusion of the subservience acknowledging word, "citizen"?
Is it not clear in the Preamble that the intention was to establish the People of the United States as the Superior political status, over all others? Including over citizens? Including over free born People who volunteer to give up their birth acquired superior Free People status by applying for a government issued franchise to use a government owned name? So that they can then claim they are subservient citizens, eligible for government benefits, such as being issued a driver license, that they otherwise could not be required to possess? Not to mention the privilege extended to them of paying all manner of taxes and having their lives totally micro-managed by government bureaucrats?

I agree that in order for anyone to be contractually obligated the individual would have to agree to the contract. As everyone is born politically independent with no political obligation to any other or to any entity, how then did you, Dear Reader, enter into your agreement (contract), to be a citizen of the "Organic" Constitution? Or to be a citizen of the presumed Corporate Constitution? How would your contractual obligation be any different under one or the other?
How would a citizens' Freedom be any more enjoyed under an Organic Constitution purported to be the Supreme Law of the Land? If the purpose of the Constitution was to secure the Blessings of Liberty to the People of the United States, and the Constitution was written to effect that purpose by the same men who wrote the Preamble, then why would a Bill of Rights be necessary?

However, what is of more importance than any of the foregoing, is understanding that none of that makes any difference what-so-ever! What makes a difference is understanding how you / we, have all been subjected to indoctrination to lead us away from the simplicity of the solution to all of what we have been and are being subjected to, at least those who are still suffering under their inadvertent "voluntary" submission to servitude through their "voluntary"presentation of "their" birth certificate in order to be accorded a franchise to use that government owned name entered on that birth certificate as their "true legal name", Thereupon we are also issued a driver license, which the government could not and would not have issued until after the "person"applied for and was granted that franchise, mentioned herein above, to use that government owned name as his "true legal name".

So there it is, the agreed to contract that no one seems to comprehend, not only agreed to by all those multiplied millions who presented "their" birth certificates, but who presented them on a totally voluntary basis, without comprehending or even considering that the government had no authority to require any of them to procure a driver license prior to driving their own motor vehicle (there, did I use enough of the wrong words to totally enrage the Pay-Tri-Idiots who are hung up on minutia that means nothing?).

Here below is the email that moved me to present this writing. After reading this item, read my considered opinion of the total irrelevance thereof:
"Subject: Original Private Corporation Documents Of The IRS Signed In 1933.”

"Below is a link to the copy of the private IRS Corporation document that was to be set up as a volunteer program to pay back Bankster War Debt to secure our freedom from England. That debt kept growing and was eventually made mandatory (without the proper Congressional votes) and the monies ended up going to the Vatican Bank of England for all these years. We need to stop agreeing to these contracts (W-2, W-4 and 1099 forms) by Corporations forcing them down our throats (i.e. Obamacare is another one) Corporate contracts are not binding without a 2 party signed agreement. All branches of government are now corporations. Look it up if you don't believe it.

"All Wars are started by Banksters and keep the costly Industrial Military Complex wheels turning. Hopefully, our service people will soon see this truth and stop sacrificing their lives and limbs for these demonic crooks.

" ... ration.pdf"

Eric's Response:

Hi Richard,

None of what you wrote, even if true, makes any difference what-so-ever. The only contracts that are relevant are the contracts "everyone" "volunteers" themselves into when they voluntarily present "their" birth certificates to be issued driver licenses, and it has nothing actually, to do with the driver license, the driver license is merely the bait used by the government to induce young adults to volunteer themselves to apply for a franchise to use the name on the birth certificate that has become owned by the government under the state's abandoned property laws.

This is a contract initiated and voluntarily entered into by the applicant. The government forces no one to apply for a driver license and the government has no authority to require anyone to procure a driver license prior to driving their own (or anyone else's) motor vehicle, recreationally or for hire, commercially.

All anyone has to do to get their self off the government flypaper is to understand that they were born free and politically independent, and that they did not knowingly volunteer their self into government subservience. And then stop using the government owned name, government issued driver license, SS# or other "what-ever", except when such might be reasonably required in order to function reasonably in this corrupted society. It is known as "The Law of Necessity".

As things now stand, due to the overwhelming prevalence of government control over employers, employees must, in order to keep a job, go along with the filing of whatever IRS documents might be required by their employer. What the employees need to do is apply the Law of Necessity, enter enough dependents on those IRS forms to stop any deductions.

When it comes time to file their income tax form, they need to send the IRS a letter (which I can provide at no charge - more on this herein below), together with the "blank" 1040, setting forth their political status to the IRS. Those that have done so have heard no more from the IRS or the state tax office.

However the content of such letters might vary; depending on what interaction the individual has previously engaged in with the IRS (if any).

Here is an excerpt from one of my articles, with some background information:

I became a leader in the income-tax rebellion in Southern California in 1969. In 1970 I was criminally charged by the IRS with willful failure to file or pay income tax. I went to the criminal trial in Federal Court in Los Angeles, California, all by myself, without an attorney and without filing even one piece of paper with the court or IRS in opposition, prior to the criminal trial.

I walked out of that court less than five minutes later when the IRS was unable to respond to my challenge that the IRS prove I had volunteered myself into United States citizenship (to the best of my knowledge I was born in California - however, no one knows when or where they were born, or who their mother is).

The Federal Judge in that criminal prosecution said he was taking the matter under consideration and that I would be notified. That was forty-four years ago, I am still waiting. I have not since ever filed or paid income tax or been bothered in any way by the IRS, even while I was operating my own furniture manufacturing company for twenty-two years in Southern California. I have mentioned this in considerable detail, many times on my talk shows and as a guest on other shows, and I have never ever been bothered by the IRS.

I and some of my followers, have had some considerable success in court, in stopping the proceedings when challenging the court or the prosecutor to present proof that the accused; having been born politically independent as a condition of Nature, has volunteered himself to be politically subservient to the government of either the United States or to the government of the state where he is then domiciled. And similar success by simply sending letters to the IRS or state tax board.

I have done considerable research into monetary systems, particularly the Federal Reserve. I understand where its flaws are and how it needs to be changed to eliminate and prevent the rampant corruption enabled under its current organization. The Fed is actually owned and totally controlled by Congress, and is regularly audited (Ron and Rand Paul are total idiots).

Simply put, the Fed should be Federalized, owned by the People (NOT CONgress). Its loaning ability limited to private sector borrowers (no government borrowing permitted). All interest collected on private sector loans should be credited to the four levels of government, (city, county, state and federal), allowing for the total elimination of all taxation at all levels of government.

I can explain, in considerable detail, why gold and silver coins will not work well as money in an electrified society, due to the refrigeration of food and the general mechanization of society. If we were to return to a Constitutional gold and silver coin money system, it would not be all that long before the private bankers became the owners of everything and everyone.

On political status; The Preamble to the Federal Constitution establishes and explains that the purpose of the government created under the Constitution was/is, to secure the blessings of liberty to the People of the United States and THEIR Posterity - NOT relevant to mere citizens of the United States.

This is why I was able to beat the IRS in Federal Court in 1970, because the IRS nor the Federal Judge could establish that I had volunteered myself into political subservience as a citizen of the United States.

Citizenship by birth is a violation of Natural Law and a violation of the prohibition of involuntary servitude set forth in the Federal Thirteenth Amendment. The Fourteenth Amendment does NOT declare that persons born in the United States are citizens due to such birth. Pay attention to the actual words, not to the fraudulent indoctrination so prevalent in what is promulgated by the government and instilled into children in the government indoctrination center schools.

The reason why so many in our country have given up hope is because everything taught to them by the current and past leaders of the Freedom Movement is either so complicated that it is impossible for most people to grasp, and for those who do, it does not work anyway because such arguments are not founded on the Basic Fundamental Natural Principle that the government of a free people cannot be imbued with any more authority than the authority Naturally imbued into any one single individual man or woman. (Zero plus zero = zero).

This is the principle underlaying the Federal Thirteenth Amendment - "Involuntary servitude shall not exist in the United States." So when did you volunteer?

It is as simple as this: Everyone born in the United States can properly claim to be of the Posterity of the People of the United States as established and proclaimed in the Preamble to the Federal Constitution.

That is the long and short of Freedom from tyranny! It is simple to understand and simple to apply. There is no need to file any manner of rescission documents with any government agency (in fact, doing so is a big mistake).

The government lies to everyone, especially school children, fraudulently indoctrinating them to believe that they are born into citizenship, and that they must present "their" birth certificates to be issued a driver license, required by the government before they can drive their own car.

This is nothing but one lie after another! The simple truth is the government has no standing to require anyone to do anything (as restrained by the 13th Amendment), until the individual "voluntarily" surrenders himself into a condition of subservience to the government (again, as restrained by the 13th Amendment).

The prevalence of motorized vehicles has provided the government with the means of devising a way to entice all free born individuals to volunteer themselves into government subservience. How would this be any different whether operating under a corporation Constitution or an Organic Constitution?

When children are born the parents conjure up a name for their newborn child. The parents (or a hospital administrator), enters that name on a birth certificate which is then filed with the state. It is important to understand that as that name was conjured up by the parents that name would thereby be property owned by the parents (the name, not the child). As the child was a new born infant, there is no possibility that the child had anything to do with conjuring up the name or entering that name on the birth certificate or filing the birth certificate with the government. And, very important, the parents did not set forth any ownership claim of the name on the birth certificate or enter any contact information thereon, enabling the state to contact them later, in regard to the state's disposition of the ownership of the name on the birth certificate.

Please understand, the foregoing paves the way for the state to become the owner of all names entered on all birth certificates, but not quite yet, there is a little more.

Every state has a statute for the state's disposition of abandoned property. In Arkansas where I live, it is under Arkansas Code, Title 18, Chapter 28, Section 202. Section 202 is a catch all section providing that all property deemed to have been abandoned that was not specifically mentioned in the preceding Sections, will become owned by the state five years after such property's last known access by the original owner, whomever that owner might be. That is, under this Arkansas statute, Arkansas becomes the owner of all such names five years after such names were recorded with the state.

Please here understand, that there in no information entered on any birth certificate that indicates who it was that conjured up the name. Just because the names of the mother and father are also entered on the birth certificate, that entry does not in any way indicate or proclaim that it was the parents who conjured up the name, and certainly does not in any way constitute a claim of the ownership of the name by the parents. Guess why! And one more important point, there in no information on any birth certificate that can be used to connect any specific birth certificate to any specific individual.

Next, please understand, as previously stated, that as the child whose birth was recorded on the birth certificate had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of the name entered thereon, or the filing of the document with the state, there is therefore, no possibility that the child can have any ownership interest in either the birth certificate or the name entered thereon. Remember, the state became the owner of the name under the state's abandoned property law just a few years after the document was recorded with the state.

When the child whose name was entered on the birth certificate becomes a young adult of sixteen years, the young adult has been indoctrinated by the state through the young adult's attendance in the state's indoctrination centers, euphemistically referred to as "public schools", to believe that he was born into U.S. citizenship (a total lie), and that in order to operate his own automobile he must apply to the state to be issued a driver license (another lie), and that in order to be issued that driver license he must present his birth certificate (it is true that the state will not issue a driver license until after the birth certificate has been presented but the presentation of the birth certificate actually has nothing, per se, to do with the issuing of the driver license. However, neither the birth certificate or the name thereon is the owned property of the driver license applicant - another lie).

Please understand, that at that moment of time, that young adult is a free born individual with no birth acquired obligation of political subservience to any artificial political government. That he is and can claim to be of the Posterity of the People of the Preamble, totally outside and above the political authority of any state government. The state has no authority to require the young adult to procure a driver license prior to driving. Remember, I totally beat the IRS on this issue in Federal Court in 1970.

Understand that at this point of time, the young adult has not yet, initiated any "voluntary" ceremony wherein he has intentionally "voluntarily" agreed to give up his Naturally acquired political independence and "voluntarily" and intentionally agreed to enter himself into a condition of servitude to the government of Arkansas (or any other state), by his presenting of a document wherein is entered a name owned by the state, where it is the known intention of the young adult to apply to the state to be granted a franchise to use that state owned name as the young adult's "true legal name" for the rest of his life, so that thereafter, whenever he engages in any activity while using that state owned name, he must conform to all the rules made up by the state for his use of that state owned name. Understand that what you just read is known as fraud in the inducement, as the young adult has no idea that his act in presenting that birth certificate is being construed by the state as the young adult's intentional voluntary submission of himself to a condition of political servitude to the political dominion of the State of Arkansas (or whatever other state). This is the manner in which the state avoids a violation of the prohibition of involuntary servitude provision of the Federal Thirteenth Amendment, and likewise avoids a violation of Section Twenty-seven off Article Two of the Arkansas Constitution. (Check your state's constitution for a similar provision).

It is also important to understand that until that young adult presents that birth certificate and is issued that franchise to use that state owned name, the state has no standing, no authority, to require or to issue that young adult a driver license prior to operating his own automobile.

It is properly known as fraud in the inducement.

My purpose here, is to explain to you that all anyone has to do to get themselves off the government's flypaper, is to understand that they did not knowingly volunteer themselves to be under the government's dominion. That, according to the government's own rules, fraud in the inducement voids any and all obligations of those who were fraudulently induced. It is as simple as that!

I believe that if this information were presented to all those in the Freedom movement, that it would enable them to understand that there is hope, that they can beat simple driving citations and beat the IRS by simply challenging the political jurisdiction of the government.

I can provide generic documents for them to file in their local courts, and or letters for them to send to the IRS, that will force those entities to back off. More on that herein below.

And, on another issue, everyone who is issued a traffic citation is entitled to a trial by jury, if they but knew how and when to demand such. I have done so and I know how. It is actually simple, as is most everything once the details are worked out. The point here is not that such accused would actually want a trial by jury, but can you imagine the problems caused in the county when the county is required to call hundreds of county residents to appear for jury duty?

If you would like for me to provide you with a copy of a letter that has been used against the IRS, where the IRS has failed to further contact or harass the individuals who have sent such letters to the IRS, please send a request for a questionnaire which you must fill out so that I will be able to advise you as to how I would proceed if I were in a similar situation as you.

I am Eric Williams,
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Re: Taxes & Jurisdiction

Post by Adam »

With all due respect to the information in this thread the jurisdiction for income taxes can be simply explained.

1. The income tax legislation has jurisdiction over all corporations.

2. All living souls have been duped into claiming they are corporations. This is done via the name you claim you are which is in fact the name of a corporation. That name is prima facie evidence of identity in the law and as it is evidencing a corporation it identifies you as a corporation.

3. Taxing authorities do not rebut your claim to be a corporation and so your claim becomes the judgement in law.

4. If you go to court and continue to claim you are the name you have demonstrated acceptance of your corporate status.

(See: Strawman, Name, Birth Certificate - The final Deception Explained at for evidence for points 2. 3. and 4.)

The solution? Well there are many to choose from. Assuming your legal name was John Henry Doe -

How about when the judge asks you if you are the name you respond by saying "it is my will and pleasure that I may be known, styled and called by the name John Henry (which is the Christian name) and I and my children may be known and styled as the House and Family of Doe". Why this wording? If it is good enough for the unsurnamed Queen of the United Kingdom it is probably good enough for you.

Or how about saying "I have been known by that name and the name is prima facie evidence of identity, but I am the living fact that rebuts the presumption - I am a living soul, in contradistinction to a body corporate". Now the name is irrelevant as it was only ever being used to identify you as a corporation in order to grant them jurisdiction.

The above video presents all the evidence to back this.

An earlier video: Income Tax - You do not have to pay at demonstrates how the tax statutes only apply to corporations - and whilst the focus in the video is on Australian tax codes the same premise exists in the US, Canada, the UK and NZ all of which are examined - and probably others.
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Re: Taxes & Jurisdiction

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Aren't we all just talking about the problem of money? Why do taxes exist except as a control on inflation, and to collect 'the king's interest'. Who have you made "king" in. your own "court of record"? Have you made your calling and election sure? There are so many references that could be shared here, but lets' start with the most important:

Why has it been said that "love" was the currency of the 21st Century? ... net/?p=118
Did this article go far enough, or is there a bigger picture regards how "love" can overcome all of men's bankrupt traditions of church-state-money (i.e. religion-politics-banksterism)? What if "love" was/is the effect/cause of Kingdom Banking for turning the world Right-Side up again?
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Re: Taxes & Jurisdiction

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Really appreciate your contribution and sharing your mentor Eric WhoRU Williams articles. I am wondering if he is still alive and if you have contact info to connect with his group. None of the links you shared are still working. I searched and found some more content from him, but nothing current.
Thank you
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