The Lautenberg amendment

Gun rights vs. gun control. Second Amendment.
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The Lautenberg amendment

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Hello, my name is Gary De Capua and I have read your article Defining Bills
Of Attainder on your web page and it is very well written and researched.
Then after reading Defining Bills of Attainder I read: CRS Report for
Congress Firearms Prohibitions and
Domestic Violence Convictions:
The Lautenberg Amendment

Constitutional Challenges:

The Lautenberg Amendment has been attacked as impinging upon several
Different constitutional provisions. While arguments that §922(g)(9) violates
the Second and Tenth Amendments and operates as a bill of attainder have been
dismissed readily, arguments relating tithe Commerce Clause, the Equal Protection Clause, and the Ex Post Facto Clause have received more measured consideration.

Now I am really confused, how is it that when it comes to the 2nd Amendment
the courts and congress can change the meaning of Bills of Attainder, and
also Ex Post Facto law? I have read other reports and legal reports and
searched the Internet on "No Bills of Attainder or Ex Post Facto". All
are on the same page as fare as the Defining Bills of Attainder, the Ex
Post Facto somewhat little more confusing. The Lautenberg Amendment strips
the 2nd Amendment from persons convicted of a Domestic Violence crime from
pass tense convictions. After this new infringement amendment in title 18
U.S.C. sec. 922(g)(9) 1996 persons that "has been" convicted years before
this law are now victims of the Lautenberg Amendment. Ban from owning or
possessing of any firearm for life.

Thank You

Gary De Capua
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