Public Servant Questionnaire question #14

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Re: Public Servant Questionnaire question #14

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IMHO, your “Asservation and Notice”, along with your outline of felonies, may have a lot of value… and it may work well for you. I’m not an expert in all of the right or wrong ways of handling encounters with cops, but I do have experience. In my experience, a strong, positive Christian character and a non-threatening attitude works.

Looking back on my previous response, the word “aggressive” is probably the wrong word. I'm just not a fan of rubbing the nose of cops in their own rules and codes. I think they're trained or encouraged to bend them anyway.

As for video recording… I believe that most cops are just trying to do their job, however twisted it may be. They’ve been conditioned to believe they’re doing the right thing. Unfortunately, there are many cops out there who abuse and pervert their small sphere of power. And, as they get more militarized and develop more “task forces”, police departments are losing touch with the meanings of “freedom” and “protect and serve” which leads to more abuse of power. I think that recording a traffic stop or other encounter is a great way to keep the cops a little more “honest” in their interactions and to keep a record of the event for testimony or exposure if needed. This is probably one of the better ways of exercising due diligence in one's protection against overzealous LEOs.

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Re: Public Servant Questionnaire question #14

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Thanks for the input Thomas.
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