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Re: Conspiracy Theories

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 1:18 am
by southerntartan
This happens less frequently in the USA than it does in New Zealand. But Cleveland Ohio is another kill zone. Most of the schools in the Cleveland metropolitan area are fake.

Watch this video of a spoof tour of Cleveland heights high school. At 4:47 in the video, they actually say "WELCOME TO THE FAKE SCHOOL." The classrooms have only a small number of students. They are local actors. At 1:47, a student bursts out of a locker and the text onscreen reads "IT'S A NINJA". Kids who enrol at the school get jumped by actual ninjas. At 2:55, a teacher gives the 666 hand sign with both hands.

Cleveland heights high

fake schools

The city of Cleveland was set up by the Connecticut land company. Connecticut is another kill zone.

Re: Moon landing hoax

Posted: Tue May 11, 2021 7:13 am
by Firestarter
In many ways the Apollo moon landing footage that was broadcast "live" all around the globe, was the most important "evidence" that it happened. According to NASA, the tapes of the first Apollo 11 moon landing were erased to safe costs.
Just look at the poor quality of this footage which, makes it difficult for me to understand how anybody could've believed this sh*t...
Firestarter wrote: Sat Jun 30, 2018 4:30 pmAlso see from 0:54 in the video - The astronaut walks in front of the pole, but we can still see the pole through him (why doesn't he leave a trail?)...

The videos of the second moon landings, Apollo 12, got even worse! Now according to NASA, astronut Alan Bean accidentally pointed the camera towards the Sun, making the screen go "black" and then they broadcast "astronauts" doing the moonwalk in a studio!
Fortunately, the TV networks had a back-up plan. While continuing to carry the live voices of the astronauts, CBS switched to a studio where two actors dressed in spacesuits simulate the Moonwalk.
NBC, meanwhile, commissioned puppeteer Bil Baird to build astronaut marionettes. Baird (who would train Muppet creator Jim Henson) operated the puppets from an overhead gantry above a simulated lunar landscape. Despite having the word “simulation” on the screen, Baird is quoted as saying that many viewers never realised it wasn’t real.
Maybe they did this to show contrast to "normal" gravity?
Starting at 5:40 is the "simulation"...

This wasn't the only unbelievable strange thing happening for which they needed a "back-up plan" to make the hoax more interesting for the masses...
After the launch from earth, most electrical systems in the rocket crashed. Then they had some sort of magical "SCE" button to save the day. Are there really people who believe this?!?
“Then this young man from a little college in Oklahoma named John Aaron, who was at that point around 25, I'd guess, made a call,” says Griffin.
“He says: ‘Tell him to try SCE to Aux’ – I had never heard of the switch and I said, ‘What?’”
Aaron repeated the instruction. Griffin turned to the Capcom (capsule communicator) responsible for talking to the crew, Jerry Carr.

“So, I tell him to say. ‘Try ‘SCE to Aux’ and Carr said ‘What?’…at that point, Aaron said ‘Try SCE to auxiliary’, so that’s what he transmitted to the crew.”
But Conrad had never heard of the switch either. “Try FCE to Auxiliary?” he says to the ground, and then to his crewmates: “What the hell is that?”
Fortunately, Bean knew the switch – it was right in front of him. SCE stands for Signal Conditioning Equipment, the system that processed spacecraft sensor data for transmission to the ground. ... m-disaster

Some "conspiracy theorists" have argued that wires were used to make it appear that the astronuts were really walking on the moon in low gravity.
The poor quality of the films would surely make this easier to fake. In contrast the photos were of a high quality, showing how easy it would have been, if there were actually astronauts on the moon, to make high quality video...

It doesn't make much sense to me to have the astronuts wired in to simulate one-sixth gravity as preparation for a moon. It does however make sense that they needed to train for moon landing videos that were made in a studio, using a wire system to simulate low gravity.
See Alan L. Bean preparing for the upcoming Apollo 12 lunar landing movie, strapped into a one-sixth gravity simulator in Building 29 at the Manned Spacecraft Center.
Image ... hotos.html

Here's a video of low-gravity simulation using wires...
This really looks like slow motion, just like the Apollo moon landings videos that were sold to us as the "real thing".

If somebody would have fallen down on the moon, because of vacuum, a tiny hole in those magical suits would mean instant death. Those suits would severely hamper movement.
If somebody would fall down in a wired one-sixth gravity simulator, it would look something like this...