Michigan - NW (Hello from NW Michigan)

We get a lot of mail asking if we know of a group in Texas, or Alaska; lots of places. If you are part of a group that wants to give notice of its existence, so others can find you, please post your info here. If you're looking for a group in a particular area, ask here. If you're just looking to meet like-minded friends, this is also the place.
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Michigan - NW (Hello from NW Michigan)

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Just a quick note to say hello on this new forum and how pleased my wife and I are to have the chance to meet others who are serious about living for Yahweh without ties to Babylon. We believe there is power and safety in numbers amongst our own, and will be blessed as a Nation if we obey His Laws. Our prayer for this forum is that many will be awakened by the truth of His Word as it exposes the lies and deceit of this present world system, thereby freeing them from slavery to enjoy true freedom, here and now, in the Kingdom with their Heavenly Father.

In all that we do, may it always be in the name of Yahshua the Christ.
Yahweh's Occupational Government

2nd Chronicles 7:14
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Re: Hello from NW Michigan

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My grandmother, lived in Michigan for many years with her second husband after my grandfather died.
He is domiciled of Michigan. She lived near Traverse city; a town named Grawn.
I've visited Michigan it is a beautiful state. I crossed the 45 parallel. What took getting used to is that it didn't
get dark till around 10p.m. or 10:30p.m..
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