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Looking to Find People of Like Mind?

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:56 pm
by editor
This topic, "Looking to Find People of Like Mind", is locked because this is my instruction to Readers on how to use the "Group Contacts" section.

This Section is here to help you find people of like-mind. If you don't know what I mean, then just look at the topic headings on this Forum. If you are interested in these topics, then you are like-minded with other people who enjoiy these topics.

If you are a part of a Group which is hoping to find more members, please post some information here. Nominate a public relations person, and give notice of the Group here.

If you are a man or woman looking for like-minded friends, and groups in your local area, post a message here. Tell us where you're from, so others will know to contact you. If there is already an existing topic with your local state heading, then use that one. Otherwise, just start your own. For example, give it a topic-heading something like:

Texas - Eastern

The Lawful Path does not sell its mailing list, and the Forums are set to not display or disclose the email addresses of registered members. You will not be spammed just because you register here.

On the subject of spam, since we've opened this Forum we've received more spam than genuine messages, at a rate of about five to one. That's why the first few posts by any new member must be approved before they go up on the Board. It helps me to identify and eliminate spam and spammers. So if you're a spammer looking for a platform, please look elsewhere. Your efforts here will prove fruitless.