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Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 2:50 am
by carl-
Found the forum while researching Maxims of Law, which I found, which then I found a couple of John Quade vids on youtube and was impressed to say the least. I have been on the path for approx. 4yrs now I have taken measures to draw clear lines of separation between Me, the Man and my person. All done through self study with no group which is a state in which I still find myself, this fact is to be expected as the road to selfdom and freedom is, at least, in the beginning a lonely road which I think is a divine test of one's character and determination. I have recently started a site in which it is my intention to assist People I will not submit the site's URL until I receive express consent to do so, as I am unclear as to how this will be viewed. Lastly, my given name is carl-: