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Re: Starved by the banks

Postby Firestarter » Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:59 pm

Firestarter wrote:Since I bought my new rear wheel on 20 Januari 2017, my sabotaged saddle on 22 January, and the blow out of my rear tire on 9 March, I’ve didn’t have big problems with my bike (that’s almost 4 whole months without bike troubles worth mentioning…).

Then on 4 July, a spoke in my rear wheel broke off; on 7 July I had it fixed.
On 7 July (that’s the same day), another spoke broke; on 8 July got it fixed.
On 11 July (3 days later), another spoke broke; on 14 July it was fixed.

On 17 July (3 days later) another spoke broke, and on 18 July a second one...
I didn’t have this wheel fixed anymore until it was beyond repair, on 10 August I bought a new rear wheel – I almost made it 7 months on this wheel...
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Re: Starved by the banks

Postby Firestarter » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:23 pm

Since I got access to my own savings on my bank accounts on 8 December 2015, staying alive has almost been too easy…
My biggest problems were not the troubles with my bike, but the radiation in my apartment. This has been bearable since 8 August 2017, after I placed aluminium plates (1 mm thick) under my bed and couch.

Since November 2015, I have hardly been poisoned (by either food or drinks) at all.
But it appears that my “easy” life is over.

On 18 August, I bought poisoned water at the supermarket.
On 20 August, I bought a poisoned prefab meal at the supermarket.
On 5 October, I bought poisoned water at the supermarket.
On 8 October, I bought poisoned water and poisoned bread at the supermarket.
On 11 October, I bought poisoned water at the supermarket

Theoretically it should be possible for me to buy “clean” food, if I just succeed in keeping my shopping unpredictable. Unfortunately this is much harder than it seems. I know that it’s possible to taste the poison before swallowing, but I know that this is just too difficult.
From January to December 2014, for example, I suffered from diarrhoea a little more than 40 days.

Theoretically it would be possible to stop being poisoned, if only these filthy supermarket employees start complaining that their job includes replacing articles to poison some Targeted Individual. But these selfish cowards never will...
Of course a few people will get poisoned as collateral damage, but this won’t pose any threat to the government. Most of these people will think they suffer from the flu, and even if they notice that they have been poisoned, they will simply do their shopping somewhere else. They really don’t have a chance to put a stop to it, even I they wanted to.

I have only one advantage here, opposed to 2014 when I was caught off guard, which is that I know now the signs of food poisoning.
When I have eaten poisonous food, shortly after I get very thirsty. After a couple of hours I get a fever. And some 5 ½ - 6 ½ hours after eating I need to go to the toilet with diarrhoea. Then the fever gets less, and the illness recedes. 40 hours after eating the poisonous food, if I don’t ingest any more, I’m well again.
When I drink something poisoned with toxics, it goes more gradually, but basically the same thing happens: diarrhoea preceded by a fever.
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